The ROGUE FBI Oswego County, N.Y, "TH...

The ROGUE FBI Oswego County, N.Y, "THRILL" military scumbag George Lundy..

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Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#1 Apr 2, 2013
From scumbag recruit George Lundy former Oswego, N.Y, Police Chief who was fired in 2006 ending his 31 year the recruit of Beverly Davis and her swan daughter Valerie Bill McCarty and dorothy Mills to how Oswego DA Nickelson worked that part of the set up on me for them..the clue was Nickelsons name and the threat on my son if he did not set the 6-29-12 "CARRIE" "scene" up on how his 2-25 birthday was to soon be the link to a "friendly fire" shooting of a Fed inthe NACO Rhymes with WACO "OFF NEXICO" location..Rhymes would clue again on 3-14-13 with the rape of a 10 year girl one day after the HERKIMER (HER OR KIMER) shootings on 3-13-13) all part of the DEVENEY family set up on me and a broher of theirs off all of it also..
These are the MILITARY scumbag recruits in all of this right down to Aftin Deveney AND her mother at the "reverse" Margaretville in Oswego location (off where NYS Trooper David Brinbkerhoff was shot dead on 4-25-07 just after FED Barry Lee Bush was shot dead on 4-5-07 my fathers how Agent Nichola's Ivies "OFF NEXICO" NACO rhymes with WACO "friendly fire" death who's 0225 badge number is link to my sons 2-25 birthday ...Now what does all this mean? the names of the FEDS and other cops who were shot dead narrates the ROGUE plan behind it all as a clever way to cover it all up by disbelief of my claims..Barry Lee Bush="bury the lying bush" clued again on 4-5-12 my fathers birthday as the NYS ROGUE influenced LOTTERY ran the slain Brinkerhoff's 4531(yes an "encryption of my fahers birthday also) badge number in "reverse" that day as 1354 in that order after all ROGUE money payoff ofers to me were rejected...
That is why these specific military scumbags were used..NOT the cream fo the crop of they defected..and talked about the plan to get their "gain"out of all of it from each ongoing role they all had..George Lundy gave me the You will be another one that mysteriously dies in police custody" warning in 2003 as he used Deceased Oswego Co Sheriff Bill Cromies name to sway me as to who was behind the issues I was facing then..that is the link to the FBI HERKIMER shootings..HER OR KIMER..Fulton, N.Y. POSTAL worker Kim Raponi Stevens..who linked me to Bill Cromie in 1996..Cromie was then her "ace in my pocket" ticket to setting my family up now for what she knew all along..Her Meryl Streep movie role.
To pull this off my posts that will "find" medical care has to be compromised over and over and that is in motion again now at NORTH MEDICAL center off Dr Joshu Coppola(Shoeless Joe image character)who played the "money" and "truck driver" charade on me link to a 3-23 drawing..
Confusing as it the preplanned as part of the "THRILL" HERKIMER,N.Y shootings took place off all of was an ultimatium message a choice to be made..The money went to a Hispanic truck driver VIA the LOTTERY..JOshu Coppola played hat charade on me..of how input at NORTH MEDICAL as to how my medical care is to be viewed now..The pulmonary appt was supposed to take place just like the nuerology appt was..I want to talk tothat Dr..the migraine meds will not cover the entire issue..I want to understand my sinus issues now that showed on the MRI..was it a result of the forced upon me on 3-19-12 sudden enviornmental change? I believe it was...So as "HE" images all this in another direction.."Non complaiance" with my Drs I did NOT have my oxyegn concentrator of over 7 months off an Oswego DA Nickelson whp was unable to do his job right who pressed upon me to take the "offer' that he had intentions of taking to trial anyway to protect scumbags Dorothy Mills and Bill MCcarty.
Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#2 Apr 2, 2013
If Oswego County DA Nickelson HAD taken the issue set up on me to trial..Dorothy Mills would have lost regardless of her scumbag "witness" Bill McCarty and they all know was the audio of BOTH of thwm that night on 3-19-12 the night the might the JONH HY military scumbag plan coming off all of this linked to HERKIMER was also set..

So from there like in motion now at NORTH MEDICAL though my Dr who "did my job" there unlike Fulton Health Center.

Now if Owsego DA Nickelson(who's name is the clue to why my son set the 6-29-12 "CARRIE" "he's just like his mother" false image "scene" up on the 213 West 2nd St Fulton slumlord GEORGE home..the "scene" could not have taken place if a trial had taken place..So DA Nickelson violated my fair and speedy trial rights to assist in pulling it off..City Judge Ludington assisted in covering DAS Nickelson's ass..Then months later sent me the TEACH HER A LESSON dated "dismissed" letter..By then Federal Agebt Ivie was already clue me "HE" and his "THRILL" scumbags future plans..

That is why scumbag recruit Dorothy Mills bragged ot her friends and fmily of how successful she would be in all of this before she set me up on military scumbag JOHN NY link clue 3-19-12..JOHN NY wife's birthday...It waould be logical that JOHN NYs wife plans to cuase issue between me and her father his father in pressures put on her by BAD scumbags..or inner knowldeg all aong. JUNE is the time frame it could begin...The WHY MAN time frame.

So my DR JOSHU (shoeless Joe character image) Coppola would now have to begin the image of me in medical care..My heath was effected some by the issues forced upon me by Bill McCarty and Dotte Mills...Bill was planning his payoff in VEGAS.

This is all part of how "HE" covers the image of hwo and why he cleaned up and rebuilt scumbag recruit "erfect' "COINCIDENCE" Valerie Dedich daughter of scumbag Beverly Davis and the "GOOD WOMAN" image Val was going to front off blaming her mother in all of this..while living at her 115 Oneida Village in Fulton Maureen Levea(11-5 birthday) address clue..and scumbags and Fulton was supposed to be to "stupid" to know better as they had been though all of it..While BAD scumbags were "makin fools" of all of you..all l part of the planned outcome Sue Levea can explain also.

All BILL M has to do is "swears" and bullshit everyone who likes to be bullshited and lied to that he saw me "hit" Dotie first? BUT did NOT want her to call police?..He's a drunk asshole.."HE" had already connected to HUHTAMAKI for Bill M. to keep BILL M safe though BILL M. whines another image off it all(part of thr later plan these scumbag military recruits have off how he public hated then so off my posts BOO HOO!..McCarty knows exactly what he's doing it's called the BILL 8-11 VICKERY plan..JETTY /MONEY)..and his ALBERT "TEACH HER A LESSON" clue brother..It's why the 8-11 Bill Vickery BIRTHDAY is the closing date on his VEGAS plan payoff house.

Right now it has worked it deadly way to Aftin Deveney and is now in another deadly miliary scumbag direction called JOHN NY the DEVENEY family doings in all of this..while my medical care is under attack again now off it all by "HE" behind it all..

"HE" wants to cause a MASSIVE POWER nuclear disaster(The money is already in place-Hispanic..the offer was made to ME first) and meeds an image of fear as to why on this community..and will do it anyway..regardless.

"HE" just metheodicly set up the shootings of 20 6 and 7 year olds..and the rape of 10 year old girl..You think "HE" cares about your children when YOU don't?
Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#3 Apr 2, 2013
It would make no sense if
HE" did not do it..I was ssupposed to take the monay offers and leave town..he money si nwo someone elses hands,,Hispnaic truck driver..clue back to the 'reason" behind this part of the "bury the lying bush" plan... What I know to FACT about the Hannibal, NY accident that killed the first child on how easily "He" used NYS POWERS to do so and continues to do so.."makin fools" out of more and more to get there..

Francesville, IN

#4 Apr 5, 2013
are they related to the jews ?

Since: Mar 13

Livonia, NY

#5 Apr 5, 2013
Hey everybody in Boston if you want to hear Diana Vickery tell.her story on th radio.Go to :
A petition to have Diana Vickery go on Coast to Coast A.M.(Under the Utica NY forums).
If you do not know Coast to Coast A.M. is a national late night call in radio show that specailizes in alternative theories,conspiracy,and non mainstream issues.
Please please please go to the Utica NY forums and vote.

Francesville, IN

#6 Apr 6, 2013
? I thought the mainstream media was all conspiracists ? Like MSNBC Rachel Maddow and Chris Matthews Lying about what was said by Texas Representative to Dianne Feinstein the Jewess ...I could go on but fox does the same and cnn already been busted many times . Its the Jews behind all the problems . 667.

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