who that girl laura that was on paran...

who that girl laura that was on paranormal state.....

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Winchester, KY

#1 Mar 25, 2009
any one known laura she was on paranormal state ...........
guess who

Scott, AR

#2 Apr 9, 2009
tina wrote:
any one known laura she was on paranormal state ..........
Yep the gal is strange anyway
Rumor has it her dad has had the same symptoms
since the candle lighting
So any time your finally ready to talk to me
It sure would be nice

Winchester, KY

#3 Apr 13, 2009
wow so sad
she is fake

Hope Valley, RI

#4 Sep 6, 2010
I saw both episodes and have mixed feelings. While I love the show and how the team helps most families overcome their fears of the alleged supernatural/paranormal activities, I think they really missed something on this case.

Laura's parents are definitely feeding into this girl's delusions. And, by the looks of some of her injuries, they appear to be co-conspirators. It's a shame that parents would do something abusive to their child, but you see it all the time in the newspapers.

I would look into sexual abuse. The mother sure seems to have some pent up anger toward her daughter. Someone needs to ask why.

Smithville, TN

#6 Apr 8, 2011
laura cant remember her last name.....the house is 1416 spring i think


#7 Sep 10, 2011
This is a strange case that has MANY facets.

I have NO doubt in my mind that Lara/Laura is mentally ill...she may even suffer from DISSOCIATE DISORDER - Multiple Personalities...BUT there are 'other' issues. While many in the Scientific field refuse to believe in ANYTHING Paranormal, there is definitely someting very bizarre and unexplainable paranormal phenomena going on here.

Another issue is that Lara/Laura doesn't really seem to want to get rid of whatever is tormenting her - whether it be for her to get attention that she craves or maybe to 'SCARE' her Father from sexually abusing her and prevent her mother from physically, verbally and emotionally abusing her.

I believe Lara/Laura is suffering from:

PHYSICAL AND SEXUAL ABUSE by either one or both parents. I suspect that maybe the Father is not coming clean about his personal relationship with his daughter and the mother chooses not to believe her daughter that this really happened, but instead abuses her either physically, emotionally and mentally.

I also have NO DOUBT - that Lara/Laura has invited this thing in. There always seems to be some kind of trauma in the past when dealing with cases of true Possession.

In any case, this is a VERY dysfunctional Family with lots of deep, dark secrets that they don't want to come to the surface and see the light of day. Professional and Objective Intervention is needed IMMEDIATELY or this young Woman will lose her life.
Knows from experience

United States

#8 Nov 26, 2011
No one knows if shes telling the truth unless you have been around a possessed person.........be careful.....she might not be lying....and you could make her feel worse by saying that

Springfield, IL

#9 Dec 27, 2011
I am from Quincy il I just recently saw this episode for the first time dec.27,2011
I believe it completly I have seen some wierd things in this town. our High School is named the blue de..ls quincy has a large wicken following
and a "church" dedicaded to witchcraft
do not blame the parents
God is our hope quincy also has the very famas
"Jesus tree" believe in Jesus as our savior
in GODS name amen
palsms 23 Amen

Salt Lake City, UT

#10 Dec 28, 2011
I no longer live in Quincy, but grew up at 1610 Spring st. Would be very interested in learning more.


#12 Jul 30, 2012
I'm not saying that she's lying - speaking from PERSONAL EXPERIENCE - I was a victim of Incest, Sexual Abuse, Physical Abuse, Rape and having constantly betrayal by Relatives, that in itself, can make one VERY VULNERABLE TO Psychic Attack, Attachment, Oppression and finally POSSESSION. I KNOW from very bitter and horrific experience, what it's like to not only undergo all that I have mentioned above, but to be Psychically attacked as well. And HERE IS THE KICKER: It's NOT MENTAL ILLNESS in most cases, as the so-called Experts would like you to believe.

What better time/way to psychically attack someone when they're at their weakest and have practically no defenses?! Need I say more? I TOTALLY EMPATHIZE with Lara/Laura. But she needs really powerful, strong and pure of heart, objective people to intervene in this very serious life or death situation!


#13 Jul 30, 2012
NOT all Witches/Wiccans are evil or have evil intent. It is mostly a Nature Religion. There is always good and evil in everything. You can't judge one group and blame it on them. There are a lot of factors at work here.

Brooklyn, NY

#14 Oct 27, 2012
Well if anyone that knows her reads this tell her that I would be there for anything if she needs it I well do my best to help her she is not alone

Brooklyn, NY

#15 Oct 28, 2012
Everyone need a protected

Everett, MA

#16 Jan 24, 2013
First off when an exorcism is performed there is always more than one preist. They need to fast for days also entering a state of grace is not lighting a candle..chip interuppted the exorcism several times even touching lara at some points which would never be allowed due to the effects it would have it would diminish the strength of the person performing. Also watch the exorcism of emily rose "I am six".. Denomic possesions r very real and this was not a demon of another realm this girl needs help in every way possiable. Its TV it needs ratings. Totally fake..

Highland Falls, NY

#17 Feb 1, 2013
I have seen the first episode but I really want to see the second part but I cannot find it. Can someone give me the name of the episode?


#18 Feb 1, 2013
It's actually a 2 stories episode. It's called
The Return of Six.
Good Luck!
Kirby Robinson

Archer, FL

#19 Apr 11, 2013
There is a book out on the case called NEVER MOCK GOD

United States

#20 May 26, 2013
First of all, yes I believe in the One true and MIGHTY GOD!!! But, I'm not an idiot or new to demons!! Also, you can not blame a certain religion/belief because of a few bad apples.
As to the comment that this could not have been a true exorcism/deliverance, the show was an hour long, how much do you expect them to show you up to said exorcism/deliverance??? This SHIT IS FOR REAL!!! I deal with it personally! Certain things can be faked, take the MOVIE The Exorcism of Emily Rose! That was not even the name of the girl that happened to!!! It was a movie, BASED ON A TRUE STORY! Please look things up before you quote them as facts!
As far as Chip touching Lara, please remember 1, Chip is a religious man and 2, they were working with Father Bob Bailey. Who if you watch the show regularly, they work with a lot!! He knows what Chip's beliefs are. And if they were doing anything wrong with the exorcism/deliverance, don't you think Lorraine Warren would have said something. Come on people!! She is a WORLD RENOWN deamonologist!!! I would say she knows a thing or two about how an exorcism/deliverance is done!!!
And to those of you who think that Lara is either mental or seeking attention, let me paraphrase Ryan, If they didn't do something, SHE WOULD DIE!!! She was in a literal fight to the death! And I don't care if you think she's faking it, or it was done for ratings, that is no joke!!! Ryan would not pull a stunt like that for ratings. It opens you up to personal attacks and he wouldn't risk the client or his crew!
In closing, be open to what is out there, so that you are aware. But be cautious too!!! Please DO NOT ever play with spirit boards (unless you know what you are doing, and what you are risking!) Trust your gut, it normally will not steer you wrong. And last but not least, keep Lara and her family in your prayers, how ever you pray. That she will come out of this whole!!!

Carlisle, PA

#21 May 27, 2013
Knows from experience wrote:
No one knows if shes telling the truth unless you have been around a possessed person.........be careful.....she might not be lying....and you could make her feel worse by saying that
If a demon is willing to try to trick people into believing that it was a little girl, lies and deception, why wouldn't it try to make her seem mentally ill? Or a facade of physical and mental abuse by the parents? Think outside the box.

United States

#22 May 27, 2013
QCPRS wrote:
<quoted text>
If a demon is willing to try to trick people into believing that it was a little girl, lies and deception, why wouldn't it try to make her seem mentally ill? Or a facade of physical and mental abuse by the parents? Think outside the box.
Exactly! That is what deamons do. They lie, play tricks, and are excellent at deception. But people are still playing ignorant to what is out there. I pray that they never have to learn the hard way.

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