Joseph Monahan " Whats the story"

Joseph Monahan " Whats the story"

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new comer

West Chazy, NY

#1 Jul 28, 2010
Looking for the story on this guy. LAWSUIT Does anybody know???
Got suckered

Maricopa, AZ

#3 Aug 9, 2010
Sorry... Goto this website and type in Joseph Monahan in the search catagory. Then look at the recording date 5/28/09. It will say judgement. You will see that he owes over 500K...

You can also type in Daron Clares name too. You will see that his house went back to the back. If these guys are so successful then why do they owe all this money? Can you say Fraud..

Now if you look at the new company Joe and Daron have. The company is US Gizmos, LLC. You will notice Joe spells his last name differently.... I wonder why he does that???
Got suckered

Maricopa, AZ

#4 Aug 9, 2010

This is the website to see Joe Monahans Judgement. Type his name and you will see it. Or you can google Maricopa County Recorder too.
Joe is a Fraud

Phoenix, AZ

#5 Aug 20, 2010
Joe Monahan is a crook. My friend was the control of one of his companies that I worked for. Larry told me that Joe was using the company credit card like it was his personal credit card. He purchased furniture, TV's and his landscaping for his house with the company money. He screwed over so many employees.
Daron Clare follows Joe Monahan around like a little puppy dog. Both of them will someday end up in jail. Joe owes allot of people money.
Joe Monahan Crook

Dallas, TX

#6 Aug 22, 2010
This is all so true. I know Larry too, who was the controller at EDI. Larry told me, that Joe took 171,334.12 out of Enterprise Direct checking account for her personal down payment for his home. Joe lost that house in foreclosure by the way. Its no wonder why all of these finance companies are suing Joe now. He committed fraud. I would not be surprised if Joe once worked for Enron in accounting.

Daron Clare is just as bad. For some reason Daron doesnt have a mind of his own. He believes what Joe tells him all the time. Joe has created nothing. He rides the coat tails of everyone looking for a free rides. Bob Parker even fired Joe because Joe was full of BS. Bob Parker is in business with Eric Crown who is Joe Monahans Cousin. You will find Joe in jail with Daron someday.

The other guy that wrecked Enterprise Direct was Matt Tornetta. He is nothing more then a used car salesman.
Daron Clare Fraud

Maricopa, AZ

#7 Sep 7, 2010
Daron Clare is just as bad in my opinion. Joe Monahan and Daron Clare owe everyone money. Joe Monahan is being sued by Midland Funding, LLC and New England Technology Finance, LLC. This is from the Justice Courts website. Lets see if Eric Crown and Tim Crown will bail him out of his mess.

Case Number: CC2010-436286
MIDLAND FUNDING, LLC Plaintiff N/A Barry Bursey
JOSEPH MONAHAN Defendant N/A Pro Per

Case Number: CV2010-017963
New England Technology Finance L L C Plaintiff ANDREW FEDERHAR
Joseph Monahan Defendant Male Pro Per
Lori Monahan Defendant Female Pro Per
Joseph Monahan Fraud

Dallas, TX

#8 Sep 9, 2010
The word on the street is that Joe Monahan and Daron Clare are not paying the commisions there employees have earned with US GIZMOS, LLC. Those guys are doing the same thing all over again. Very Sad if you ask me.
Joe Monahan Fraud

Phoenix, AZ

#9 Sep 14, 2010
Finally everyone is seeing Joe Monahans and Daron CLares true colors. They have reuined many families lives due to there greed.
Joe Monahan AZ

Maricopa, AZ

#10 Sep 18, 2010
Joe jumps on the band wagon. Insight never promoted him, and his cousins owned the company. In fact, Jeff Gibbs wrote the business plan for Joe to get the job for Quepasa. He got fired from Quepasa for non performance in sales. He started a company called Zooya and that was a bust. He got into a multi level marketing and failed at that. EDI wasnt even his idea. It was Kevins idea. Kevin is the guy that brought the sales people and the sales to the company. After Kevin left, the company went under. He got fired from Intelease, and his cousins have clout in that business. Joe Monahan is a looser if you ask me. I checked and he Joe Monahan and Lori Monahan owe allot of money to finance companys. The guy will file Chapter 7 again, watch and see.
US Gizmos LLC Fraud

Dallas, TX

#11 Sep 23, 2010
I would becareful doing business with this company. The owners are Joseph Monahan and Daron Clare. They do not have a good Track Record as owners. They owe people and companies money.
Joe Monahan Daron Clare

Phoenix, AZ

#12 Oct 21, 2010
This doesn't surprise me at all about those guys.
Joseph Monahan New York

Maricopa, AZ

#13 Oct 27, 2010
new comer wrote:
Looking for the story on this guy. LAWSUIT Does anybody know???
Joe Monahan has several lawsuits againts him. I would be really careful doing business with him. He is a very dishonest person who owes many people money. Also, becareful of Daron Clare.

Oh rumor has it he is living in NY again trying to start a new life with his old family.

Good Luck
Joe Monahan

Leicester, UK

#15 Jan 14, 2011
Bloody hell! I just googled my name and all this stuff came up! I'm not the same Joe Monahan by the way - I'm from England!
I hope they don't come knocking on my door for all that money!

Phoenix, AZ

#16 Feb 3, 2011
That's right, my real name. Kevin and Joe started EDI. They were both embezzling but Joe caught Kevin 1st and caused him to leave the company. Then Joe was the lone embezzler. The sales team soon lost the ability to buy product for their customers as the money their clients sent to pay for previous orders was in Joe's personal account rather than EDI's. Throw in dealings with Arbitech and they lost their HP loc id and mass business, then all their good techs left but 2. Finally he was removed by an intervening company and so far as I know, started running.

As far as Daron, I don't know him to be dishonest, just a bad judge of character with misplaced loyalty. Matt Tornetta? I don't know how involved he was in Joe's dealings or if he was at all so I'll hold my tongue rather than make ignorant statements.

Joe totally screwed every employee he had there and I'd advise against anyone working for him in the future. I'd say I wish him the best but I'm afraid I don't.

Mesa, AZ

#17 Feb 10, 2011
Joe Monahan, Daron Clare, Kevin Angeliri,and Matt Tornetta are ALL Lying criminal losers who deserve to be in prison!

They are dishonest and Nobody should be in business with them or work for them unless they want to be part of some future fraud and help them steal from others.

Further, you will probably be hurt financially yourselves. This site/post is great and a fair warning to anyone who was thinking of doing business with these losers--DON'T they owe me and a lot of others money.

They all appear to be great people when you talk with them or meet them, but they are unscrupulous con artists. Daron and Matt are more stupid than Joe and Kevin, but all are shady characters and should only be trusted behind bars.
Matt Tornetta

United States

#18 Mar 4, 2011
Matt Tornetta, Christine Tornetta, Eryke Mudd and Tim Benson were granted the Enterprise Direct business by the finance company Global Technology Finance after the fraud was committed by former ownership. I know this because I am Matt Tornetta. Don't believe me, do a records search. We changed the name and are currently doing business as a proud member of the better business bureau for over 2 years.
Hey Clint Cates...don't you owe about $20K+ in back child support you should be more concerned with paying? I mean who doesn't pay for their son? We were garnishing your check before you were terminated about $500 every 2 weeks. That's sad.
Have a great weekend!

Phoenix, AZ

#19 May 20, 2011
I worked for Enterprise Direct pre and post Joe Monahan/Daron Clare. Everyone that worked there now knows the lack of ethics and integrity Joe is capable off. Many of us watched it first hand, for us there isn't even a debate. Christine Tornetta and Eryke Mudd pulled this company from the ashes and began turning things around the minute Joe stuffed the last of the fake plants in his car. Matt Tornetta, love him or hate him. He speaks his mind from his heart and I respect him for that. Lumping him in with a criminal like Joe would be a mistake. I know with the new crew manning the ship the company will do just fine. Good luck guys!......oh almost forgot, of all the people to open there mouths! Clint? Are you serious? Guess reality still hasn't been kind to you.

Phoenix, AZ

#20 May 31, 2011
Kelly, I really couldn't agree more. All I know is Joe Monahan decieved many people, from employees to suppliers. This person looked everyone in the face and lied right to there face. He would never accept the blame, but passed it on to everyone else. I still could not believe he brought his imbecile cousin into the company. London was full of nothing but hot air. I completely understand why the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

Maricopa, AZ

#21 Jun 5, 2011
This is Joe Monahans and Daron Clare have a New Company. bi/?page_id=89 They are saying they are partners with all of these Fortune 500 companies... LOL What a joke this is. Who is going to believe these snake oil salesmen. They are giving Bernie Madoff a run for his money.

Maricopa, AZ

#22 Jun 5, 2011 bi is the website.

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