Adultery at the Copper Basin YMCA
Everyone knows

Phoenix, AZ

#247 Jun 3, 2009
There is a group of people both guys and girls that go to the gym at a certain day at a certian time to flirt with each other in hopes to lure the other sex to the "family bathrooms".. you people are reporting old news, it may have started with the people who work there but has turned into a large underground sex ring... Everyone who spends more than 1 day there knows it. All you have to do is wear the right color as a "singal", if your lucky your in the club..

United States

#248 Jul 29, 2009
I move to copper basin may 2004, and was so happy
to hear we had the ymca coing to town. for the most part employee's are nice, I won't mention any names , but there is one lady about 45 yrs. old who is very rude..everytime my wife and kids go there, and today my daughter flew in from Portland and will be here for a few days, this lady at the y was rude, and wanted to charge her $10.00 to use the pool. I don't understand WHY the y allow employees to treat their residents in such in unfreindly manner. JC
Potential Y user

Glendale, AZ

#249 Aug 7, 2009
Wow! I do a search to find my local Y and I find Peyton Place! Who are you people? This is the 21st Century! Are you all SOOO displeased with your own lives...that you have to cast stones at two people who found something fulfilling in eachother? Life is NOT a dress rehearsal...if you're unhappy in your choices you are the only one who can change them. What grade are you in? This is reminding me of JR HIGH...jealousy was ugly and hurtful's more damaging when you are actually supposed to know how you're effecting someone's's slanderous for you to blab all this PRIVATE information in public...I deserve to form my own relationships and experiences not be ambushed with gossip when trying to introduce myself to this gym facility.

To the former directors...I apologize for invading this issue with my comment and I have NO judgement about your lives...I don't know you. But, as a Reverend I can speak with authority about the comments regarding the Y organization is made up of people, lives. Many of the members I am certain, are also NOT above reproach. NONE OF US ARE! And if you're going to challenge Christian doctrine then I'll challenge you in return...JUDGE NOT!...Lest Ye BE JUDGED! No one stands lofty enough in this human form to judge another...perhaps you'll feel compelled to argue and protest this post, but, in the quiet and private space within your honest with's're not perfect, either. Now look around your life and see how many people love you and care about you and tolerate you anyway. Now try to do the same for these folks and stop the HATE!
hey potential y user

Phoenix, AZ

#250 Aug 8, 2009
your a reverend? what would you think if married (not to each other of course) employees of your church were gettting it on with each other at your church during the business day. wouldn't look to good huh?

Scottsdale, AZ

#251 Aug 26, 2009
i bet you idiots listen to glenn beck
Still going

Phoenix, AZ

#252 Aug 31, 2009
This YMCA thing just keeps getting better and better. Turns out there is ANOTHER instructor having an affair at the Y. Sad thing is I know the girls husband. So what would you do if you were forced to make the decision to possibly trash a family or bite your lip when you think its wrong???

Scottsdale, AZ

#253 Aug 31, 2009
just spill it online, it will never get out ;)

Chicago, IL

#254 Oct 12, 2009
I thought the magic underwear protected Mormons from adultery and diabolical, overweight vixens. What am I missing here?
lol at nuts

Queen Creek, AZ

#255 Oct 29, 2009
The magic undwear is really just a cloak to disguise the lies... All the mormons I know like to drink, watch r rated movies etc... There is a great joke I heard once... If you want your party wild; invite a mormon, if you want your party boring, invite two...

Seven Kings, UK

#256 Nov 24, 2009

Seven Kings, UK

#257 Nov 24, 2009
Single guy

Georgetown, CA

#258 Dec 4, 2009
Do you have to be married to hook up at the Y? Just asking because I'm single and might go there if there is a chance of hooking up with a hot babe. Milfs are OK also. I'm having a hard time meeting people down here, I don't do drugs or drink.
hook it up

Phoenix, AZ

#259 Dec 6, 2009
married and morman

Since: Sep 08

Queen Creek, AZ

#260 Jan 17, 2010
Former Director wrote:
Anymore Takers????
You know, prior to moving here I ran into this thread....I thought, OMG, is there that little to do in QC that this situation has to be so widely discussed and judged??? Was this thread started by someone involved on the peripherals in this? Good gawd, get lives people!

What these individuals do/did is no ones business. NO ONE can break up a happy marriage...NO ONE. Remember that when passing judgement. I hope ALL the people involved have found peace and happiness.
San Tan Valley Girl

Queen Creek, AZ

#261 Jan 26, 2010
Was just trying to find the phone number to Copper Basin YMCA. WOW!

Goodyear, AZ

#262 Feb 1, 2010
I was just looking for the phone # or website to my local YMCA and found a discussion board that is 2 years old still going strong. I am amazed that people would continue complaining about other peeople cheating when we as humans are not perfect. we watch movies that show people have pre-marital sex, doing drugs, HAVING AFFAIRS. We read books that contain sacraligious content and immoral story lines. We are always and will always be bombarded with imorality in fiction and in life. It does not mean we have to join in the crowd. and that also involves gossip and sharing info that is not our place to share.

We as humans will judge but we have to also remember that what you offer WILL be returned. If you give love then love will be returned to you. If you give hate then all you will be given is hate.

I feel pity for the families that will be broken due to the immorality of the people that commited the sin but it is their sin to make, not ours to judge.

I am born-again christian and know the forgivness given to me by God and His loving son Jesus Christ. I have had sex before marriage. I have done drugs and gotten so drunk i have no reckoning of what I may have done. But I also have HIS love and forgiven and have found healing through my brokenness. Because of Him I can say I'm free from my burdens and chains but that does nto give me the right to judge anyone that may have fallen. I am here to give them a hand to help them stand again.

Show love and compassion to those who sin. Love the sinner hate the sin. Show them the right way to go. Lead the way and they shall follow.

sickofbible beaters


#263 Feb 1, 2010
its precisely people like the previous poster why this has been going on for two years. it is peopel like that , that "commit sins" and think that if they beat their bibles hard enough, they will be forgiven. not so, just hypocrisy. It is people like him/her that are the ones that are screwing around and giving the Y a bad name all in the name of Jesus Christ, their Lord and Savior. bunch of hypocrites. Think that if they forive themsleves and pray to god that their ups will be ok? well what about the other spouses and the cvhildren in the mix of all this? its jsut not that easy. you can forgive but it is never forgotten no matter how hard you beat the bible. and you say you dont judge and it is not for you to judge. thats good and well but if you truly bleive that you can get stinking drun, do drugs and have sex and then as for forgivness and that you will be "saved" you are full of it. becoming a "born again" dosnt absolve you of screwing around with another persons spouse just cause you said you were born again.

Tempe, AZ

#264 Feb 10, 2010
she's concerned about Christian beliefs? How 'bout
“Judge not, that you be not judged. For with the judgment you pronounce you will be judged, and with the measure you use it will be measured to you."
sickofbible beaters


#265 Feb 11, 2010
and you all using bible quotes to justify bad behavior doesnt absolve you or "save" you. onlhy goes to show your ignorance because and quote from any source can be taken any way you want. i dont need no stinking bible quote telling me that if i think you suck cause youre breaking up a family that someone will "judge me". dont give a crap cause im not beating them with bible quotes and make sure ilive my life riht so non of you sorry suckers have any reason to judge me and if you still want to and do, so what. you dont pay my bills and i dont give a crap what your measurements are of me. that is what is wrong with that communithy. they throw bible quotes at you to justify unbecoming behavior and think its ok as long as they have memorized a book. BFD. kids memorize their ABC's at a young age that doesnt make it ok for them to screw around when they are 30.
Queen Creekian

Queen Creek, AZ

#266 Feb 14, 2010
Former Director is that you? Arguing with yourself eh?

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