Adultery at the Copper Basin YMCA
NOT a Resident


#186 Nov 15, 2008
I'm not even from Queen Creek, but I got to hand it to "former Director".

If more people were interested in finding their own happiness in life instead trying to create unhappiness with others, this world could be paradise.

Gilbert, AZ

#187 Dec 1, 2008
Wow...all I wanted was a phone number so I could check out some kickboxing.
I live in QC and I for one don't give a damn what other people do. That's life- you live, you love and you get hurt--deal with it.
Hell, how do you think I feel, I'm gay and live in the land of the mormons!! That was my choice though, and I dont' judge them for their beliefs as I hope they don't judge me for mine.
How bout that kickboxing?
greatest thread ever

Glendale, AZ

#188 Dec 11, 2008
Now that's what I call going balls deep in your workout regiment. I need to quit wearing my headphones and start paying more attention while I am working out at this brothel.
BTW...Don't let all the Mormons fool you, I have gotten pretty hammered with a few of them.. They are what I like to call the tolerable ones.

Gilbert, AZ

#190 Jan 13, 2009
tell tony to calm down! just once i would like to workout without hearing his loud mouth
Straitupcowgirlt mp

Tempe, AZ

#191 Jan 15, 2009
Wow ...
Still going.. And going .......

Thought you would've of allready found another
topic to talk about. Lol

still Straitupainting threw out east valley
Need your house painted

Prescott, AZ

#192 Jan 19, 2009
katie is a stuck up bitch that thinks she can get away with anything, i'm not just saying this cause i don't like her. but most of everyone here at the ymca see's this, and know's what a bitch she truely is!

United States

#193 Jan 20, 2009
Those who forget the past are condemed to repeat it.....with that being said I think it's safe to say Jamie, you're safe. It's all the woman here slandering and carrying on. Those who judge will be condemend. Hold your head up high and always remember if ya did it, hold that letter up high for this was your 'lesson". If you didnt, then pray for those unfortunate that feel it appropriate to badmouth through their own insecurities. No one is perfect. You slander Jamie for her actions, but yours are excused? How low. I would like to encourage Jamie to feel the power and control of the "outsiders'. Amazing, I could have sworn she was a house wife looking for a part time position to help her family. That's all. Nothing more. Nothing else. Whatever Jamie takes along her journey is just that. Whatever you take from Jamies journey is just that. Sharing is our gift, being misrable is a choice. Jamie chooses a life of happiness and love. For that your envious. For that you feel the need to share. To have others "Jump on your bus". Thriving for that validation you lack in another area in your life.
My suggestion? Invest less time on a lame site talking about some lame girl and her firefighter squeese. Perhaps enfoll in college, contact the Y and see if your time spend there could make some cash. If your intentions regarding the Y are ligite, you need to address them to the proper chain of command, otherwise stop excercising your fingers and start getting a life. I heard they have some great clearence sales this time of year!

Chicago, IL

#194 Jan 26, 2009
Hey Preach, might I suggest that you exercise your right to proofread before clicking submit? Not only is your prosthelytizing almost as comprehensibly incoherent as a drunken schizophrenic at a speed dating meet-up, but your mechanics are more elementary than a chimpanzee typing with oven mitts on.

Everyone loves good gossip, and adultery at an overly religious, hyper-suburban gathering place is about as good as good gossip gets. The only thing that would make this better was if these idiots were politicians or celebrities as well.

But alas, we're bound by pedestrian gravity to emotionally masturbating to the simple carnal goings-on at the local Y.

United States

#195 Jan 27, 2009

Almost had it right on.......but no, it's AMBIEN.

No oven mitts. Ha!

Your last statement is perfectly!

Goings-on's are great....especially at the local Y in Queen Tuckey!

Thank goodness your comment was able to shed some light on an otherwise heavy last post...fheww, I allllmooooost got sucked in.

Thanks, Nuts!

United States

#196 Jan 27, 2009
What happened with the Chef at the Gym Bar and Grill?? Heard somthin went down?

Dallas, TX

#197 Jan 28, 2009
Areyoukiddingmer ightnow

Phoenix, AZ

#198 Feb 2, 2009
LOL @ you all.... from the religious slams on mormons... like they are all the same... to caring about typos like we are submitting college papers... to threatening to meet at a bar to settle it.... to naming names.... to changing your names but the location and font tells on you... to the unsolicited advice that nobody is probably taking... I wanted to find the number to the Y and got sucked in.... WOW, just wow... at all of you... don't even know why I am commenting this except the idiocy is running rampant on this thread and wanted you to know that you all sound like you need a life!! Every last one of you... might I reccommend "meetup" .com to get yourself into something constructive and less petty then judging folks on the computer?

Avondale, AZ

#199 Feb 10, 2009
Former Director wrote:
Anymore Takers????
Sounds like someone hit a nerve. Adultry is bad because it destroys families - I know this first hand as my now ex-wife couldn't keep her legs shut. And no...I wasn't abusive, I NEVER cheated, I gave every last ounce of energy to my family. Some people are just able to talk themselves into doing things they would normally bash other people about. Somehow, in their minds they are "special" and it's is OK for them to do wrong (this is scientifically or medically called Sociopathic behavior). There is no good reason or excuse for adultry and anyone who engages in it is a complete scumbag in my book.
Sounds like the good Director here is a sociopath and has justified his/her behavior to himself/herself in order to lessen the feelings of guilt. News flash: The guilt will not lessen but will get worse and worse until it is unbearable. It might take many years but this will happen and you will have to answer to yourself for the evil you commited and lives you destroyed.

Since: Mar 09


#200 Mar 20, 2009
I totally agree with former director. i have personally been affected by these bible beating so called "christians" . they commit the sins they are so against and justify it by going to church thinking they are full of God but in reality they are full of poop. Thankk goodness you are not there anymore for whatever reason. that Y is so full of toxic people, codependents that hide behind each other. and i have never worked there but i can assure you that i will note expose my family to them. You have mentally ill people working there and our children are safe around them? they are rude and if you are not part of the little clique they make your life miserable. from the snotty kids they have working there, to the child care providers especially one moody blond chick. from the recetionist to especillay that bipolar business manager. just walk in and see if you see anyone smile, they wont because they are so miserable. they may smile as they are talking about someone behind their back but it is their evil smile. and what they dont realize is that they are all so codependent on each other they dont even realize what a sorry outfit they are. you go girl/guy director! be thankful you were able to wipe that dog doo doo off your feet

Since: Mar 09


#201 Mar 20, 2009
adultery happens for several reasons. the most important is that if a spouse cannot get what they need at home they are going to go get it somewhere else. be it the Y or the gorcery store. quit feeling sorry for youself.and blaming others for what you are incabable of doing.

Since: Mar 09


#202 Mar 20, 2009
Witness wrote:
katie is a stuck up bitch that thinks she can get away with anything, i'm not just saying this cause i don't like her. but most of everyone here at the ymca see's this, and know's what a bitch she truely is!
not just a bitch but a sociopath! you have no idea how nuts she is. has she ORDERED you to do something and if you refursed did she PITCH A FIT? then if she didnt get what she wants did she got revenge some other way? im telling you. our kids are in danger. that girl needs some help. and by the way, this CHRISTIAN girl is teaching morals to our chilren? pregnant, not married,. thank goodness no one likes her enough to wanna be like her. otherwise we'd have a good crop of pregant teens. what is wrong with the directorship. we should take a katie survey. see how many people truyl destest her

Avondale, AZ

#203 Mar 22, 2009
this is still going
A REAL Good Parent


#204 Apr 12, 2009
Former Director wrote:
I absolutly agree with " Mormon Mommy" I love the quote "resist the urge to verbally battle with those who have hurt you. Opinions will never be changed by force." Sometimes it is hard to resist...when you want to stick up for yourself...and I also dont agree with adultery..that is what no one on this site understands. I dont feel that I need to explain on my part any further. This is what was so frustrating that people wanted and felt the need to make up their own conclusions of my life. Without the whole true story. And as for " The Teacher" I have tried to let it go. Yes, I did write "any takers"...because as to my surprise, I was trying to move on with my life and when I stummbled across this we site I was mortified that people felt it was their business to post my life on here as a topic they felt they needed to make public. I am asking you... is this right? Of course I commented back in my own defense...this was so unreal to me as I WOULD never butt my nose in anyones business. So I have let it go...I am just amazed on what I see or hear on a daily basis....and yes this site does have comments from 8 months ago...but did you not see the recent ones? I was ready with my dukes up waiting to finally have the chance to defend myself....I DO HAVE THAT RIGHT. So I dont appreciate that comment of letting it go. I felt that I finally could explain my part and not let the community of gossip talkers felt they could bring down my spirit. I do though appreciate "Mormon Mommy" you seem to be very wise and I appreciate you not judging me. I do think I am a good person and I think I am an excellent mom. Thank you for your kind words. Happy Mothers day to you.
Good mom?? Are you kidding?? Mom's tell their kids the truth and put their kids feelings first!! And BTW - It WAS brought into the Y and the Main Director new it and gave them her own home as a place to do their indescretions.
Tony sucks and is gross


#205 Apr 13, 2009
tonysucks wrote:
tell tony to calm down! just once i would like to workout without hearing his loud mouth
I would like to not have to look at his boogers in his mustache ALL the time too!!

Prescott, AZ

#206 Apr 14, 2009
its very odd that stuff like that happens there.

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