Jennifer Winter wrote:
I think it took maybe 15 minutes before the salon phone rang to tell me that someone wis once again starting havoc on topix. While I use to be an avid poster I no longer read this forum because of the overwhealming amounts of foolishness this board has become. It tends to dwell in negativity and rarely offers a positive solution to the issues our small town faces.
To address the situation. I did not post the above post. I do not nor have I ever had it out for Amanda. I see now she is married. I wish her luck in her life and career. I am sorry she was not happy with time she spent her at my salon. We have parted ways 4 years ago and really wish we cound move on from the situation.
I also want to say I have no problem with Salon Devalle or any other salon in the area. I have many salon owners as friends and work professionally with them without a problem.John is known as a talented stylist in the area and I would gain nothing by putting down anothers accompolishments.
If history repeats itself then my salon is about to be slammed by a bunch of false stories and I am about to be wrongfully slandered.
I care very much about my bussiness. It is my passion and I am 100% dedicated to it. Have a made mistakes? Of coarse I have ! I learned from them and changed things for the better. If you are ever unhappy in my bussiness or with the service you get at my salon. Please tell me. I will do all I can to make it right. I stand by the work that walks out
I don't know you and you don't know me,but you as a business owner should know better to even be on here or comment on this forum,shame on you!Do as you must all I ask is please keep my wife's name from your lips.Thank you.