Small town sees first homicide in 100...

Small town sees first homicide in 100 years

There are 142 comments on the The Seattle Times story from Feb 2, 2007, titled Small town sees first homicide in 100 years. In it, The Seattle Times reports that:

The last time police in Buckley, Pierce County, were called to investigate a homicide, the streets weren't paved and residents traveled by horse.

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tomatich family

Wenatchee, WA

#1 Feb 2, 2007
He was a really good friend of the family... And yes it was his ex girlfriend and I hope she rottes in jail were she belonges, expecially because she did it with her 4 year old son with her.. -Amanda

Seattle, WA

#2 Feb 3, 2007
Paula has distroyed so many lives. She waited outside for him for more then 15 min. she had more then enough time to think about what she was about to do. She chose to distroy so many lives! I hope the memory of Thurs. is in-bedded in her mind forever. I wish I could put it behind me however, I don't think I will ever forget that night. She has changed so many lives. I will never forgive her for what she put me (as well as countless others) through. I hope you ROT IN HELL!


#3 Feb 3, 2007
As the cousin of Paula Marshall, you don't know the whole story. I however, do. He may have seemed good to you, but he wasn't. Battered wife syndrome plays here as far as I know. Also, I am sorry for the 4 year old son, I know him very well. Sweet boy.

United States

#4 Feb 4, 2007
We knew chris, paula and travis. This is a devestating thing that just happened, but hate and angry words won't help the little boy who has been left without any parents! We loved Chris and are in shock that Paula could ever do such a thing. Not one of us really know what was said or done between the two of them this last year!( he said she said) So what pushed that tiny little thing over the edge is only for her to know. We hope Chris will find peace with god,for Paula,peace with herself.( however unlikely)We hope everyone's top priority is Travis, not just Paula rotting in hell!


#5 Feb 5, 2007
I don't think that Paula was in her right mind. Something pushed her over the edge and Chris will certainly be a part of her life forever now. If she would have planned this out, I think she would have been on a plane to Mexico, Travis in tow, not easily found at her parents' nearby. This is really sad for Travis.
Eric Petersen

Maple Valley, WA

#6 Feb 5, 2007
Chris was of a friend of mine and a co worker. He will be missed very much.. He was a great guy that never had a bad thing to say about anyone. He would do anything he could to help a friend in need.
I didn't know Paula but I hope she spends the last of her day's trying to decide if she wants a rope around her neck or a needle in her arm!!
Grade School Friend

Seattle, WA

#7 Feb 5, 2007
I have'nt talked to Paula since we were very young. I know her family life growing up was'nt the best, this by all means does not make what she did ok. I think Paula needs medical/mental help and I feel sorry for her. Most of all I feel sorry for her son and Chris's family though. It's just such a tragedy and I will pray his family as well as hers.


#8 Feb 6, 2007
I'm on Paula's side of the family. Everybody's problem here is that you all hear one side of the story and that's what you believe. You don't care about anything else or what was actually going on. Yes, Chris was a nice guy and didn't deserve what happened to him. You didn't know what was happening behind the scenes like immediate family did, so grow up or go to hell.

Seattle, WA

#9 Feb 10, 2007
Justin wrote:
As the cousin of Paula Marshall, you don't know the whole story. I however, do. He may have seemed good to you, but he wasn't. Battered wife syndrome plays here as far as I know. Also, I am sorry for the 4 year old son, I know him very well. Sweet boy.
I was in a relationship for over 5 years and was mentally and physically abused through all of it! I was hospitalized 3 times. Theres help out there. NO ONE HAS THE RIGHT TO TAKE ANOTHERS LIFE!! Please realize this act of violence was very public and has affected more then the families involved. Befor you stick up for Paula, hold the hand of a dead or dying person. Tell me how you feel the next day. Infact please help how to stop hearing the gun shots, help me erase the memory of Cris trying to escape the MULTIPLE shots fired at him, or how about the sound of him choaking on his own blood. You are right there is two sides to every story. There was more then one way to end this story!


#10 Feb 10, 2007

If you read this, I'm sorry for what you went through. Really I am. Believe me, I am more upset at Paula than angry. She should have just waited to see what was going to happen at the March custody hearing. Chris didn't deserve to get shot, nobody does. Paula should have thought about what she was doing. So yes, this could have ended very differently. Paula WILL suffer the consequences, I have no doubt about that. But I am now way in favor of what she did.

Issaquah, WA

#11 Feb 12, 2007
"way in favor of what she did."
That's a pretty strong statement.
Care to elaborate on your reasoning?
I suspect there's a lot to the story that the press and the community are unaware of.


#12 Feb 12, 2007
I mean to say no way

Seattle, WA

#13 Feb 24, 2007
I wish this would not be the end but sadly it is... Rest in PEACE CHRIS. You will forever live in my heart. I will never forget you! God Bless Your family and your friends they still love you so much! Thank you Gus for being so strong, I know that Chris is with you ever day! So long friend may we see each other soon!
some one

Bonney Lake, WA

#14 Mar 22, 2007
Chris will be very missed, none of this should have happened. He was the best dad ever, it is a shame the both couldnt just be happy. Now chris is dead, paula is in jail, and there son has to suffer, no matter which family member he is with, this is all too bad. We will see him again in heaven
Kellie Newnom

Seattle, WA

#15 Apr 2, 2007
Christopher was my brother, and for anyone to say that Paula was abused by him doesn’t know anything. My brother was the kindest man I have ever known, and he would never hit a woman, let alone the mother of his Child. Chris loved Travis more then anything in the entire world, and he loved Paula because she brought Travis into this world. He would have never taken Travis away from Paula, even though he knew she wasn’t a good mother to him.

She was the abuser in the relationship. She Emotionally abused Travis, and emotionally and physically abused Chris. She knew Chris was a good father and that Travis loved him and that she couldn’t do anything about. So she did the one thing she could do, she waited out side for my Brother and shot at him until she had no more bullets, then hit him in the head 22 times until she decided she had done enough. She then got into her car and drove away with the gun sitting next to Travis in his car chair. She is no mother, and she is not a human being. I wish every day that she would have had the guts to just kill her self if she was so unhappy with her life.

All my brother wanted to do was be a good dad, and now he is dead. Shot like an animal by a woman that he at one point loved very much. a woman that we let into our family, and treated like a sister. And this is how she repays our family.

Honestly I don’t care what happens to her, I know there is no way any court will believe she was abused, and if they do then so be it. Our family is only concern now is Travis. We want him to grow up to be a productive adult like his father was and not a manipulative, murdering bitch like his mother.

Seattle, WA

#16 Apr 8, 2007
Kellie- Everything you said--is so true. Travis needs to be with your family!!! I pray everyday for you guys. It disgusted me to hear he was with Paula's brother, what the hell are these courts thinking. Apparently, her family already raised one mentally challenge individual (Paula).
I know Chris is going to pull the family through all of this...he is up there and he is finding a way to help out the family and the love of his life..Travis. Hang in there. Travis needs all of you and so does Chris.


#17 Apr 16, 2007
If anybody would like to challenge my 35 years of law practice, please be my guest. Your more than welcome to, you will lose. I never lose.
Kellie Newnom

Seattle, WA

#18 Apr 17, 2007
Justin ~
What does your law practice have to do with anything? This case isn’t about you… it’s about my brother and a poor little boy who now has no father, and about my parents who no longer have a son, and my sister’s and I who no longer have a brother.

Get a clue… you think you know so much about what is going on, but you don’t know anything.


#19 Apr 19, 2007
I lived out there for five years. I just came back three months ago. Don't tell me what I know and don't know.

Lynnwood, WA

#20 Apr 20, 2007
All of this is a shock/was a shock. Its hard because things of this degree rarely happen in our small neck of the woods, and as many people as this has devastated, would it get the attention it has gotten had it happened in the city of Seattle or Tacoma?
After reading these posts i feel that everyone has a common thread, feeling that Chris's death was wrong, and could have been prevented. I don't believe you will find anyone, friend, family or stranger who would agree that Paula made the right choice. But it is nice to see that there are others who understand that each situation and scenario have actually three sides, his, hers and the actual truth. Of course his sisters and family members want to believe in him, and for his legacy to be that of a great father, son, brother, etc. but you can all bet that even those of you who were closest to each party never heard the complete truth of the actions and words and struggle between Chris & Paula.
It is amazing to me that the victims family has taken to slandering the Marshall family. The family members had no part in pulling the trigger, and while you have every right to be upset and angry because of your loss of Chris and the way he was abruptly taken from you, your actions have not made it clear that your best interest is that of Travis. You are making it clear that your intentions are to play up the victim role, bad mouth the Marshall family and publicize this tragedy.
Take a step back. A step back from your hurt, your anger and your gauntlet of emotions and see that even though Chris is gone and Paula is being charged with murder, Travis is still here. At such a confusing, emotional, difficult time for such a little boy I would hope that as adults both families would be trying to make this transition period as easy for him as possible. Easy doesn't mean fighting for who gets him, or where he is going to live, or telling him that his mommy is bad. Easy is listening to him to know what he needs, and then each and every one of you doing your best to provide him with just that. He has a very long road ahead of him, being 4 now he has the opportunity to have a good life, but only if eyes can be opened to see the best thing for Travis is not to be plastered all over the internet, and flyers with his face to be shown all over a small town. For a little man it is best that he continue to hear that all of his family loves him, both Chris's family and Paula's.
Move beyond your emotions to see the needs of the one you say is your only concern, and start acting as if that is true.

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