who defends landmark wrote:
where are all the voices defending the college? hiding? you can't hide down river road, across from the graveyard or the beer cans or what i know happens in the dorms becuase i am called night and day to investigate.
as far as im concered you can all fuck yourselves i am a student at the college i will agree with the fact that some of the things are rediculious the fact that people walk around thinking there entitled pisses me off but let me tell you somthing not all of us are rich dissrespectful arogant little fucks i work my ass off for my education i pay for it with student loans and i do all this so i can be the future of this world and actualy do somthing good this is why i dont partake in the stupidity or drug use i honestly think the people who take advantage of the police and town officials should be fined cause that is a crock of shit and the fact that people disrepct the town pisses me off to but it doesent mean landmarks an awful place its helped me alot the administrators are to blame not the teachers because ive had nothing but positive expieriences with most of them who actualy work there asses off for there money and are always there to help when its needed the real problem is simply the administration

a student