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Detroit, MI

#1 May 18, 2006
We are thinking about moving to Poolesville with our two children (both under 5) so that my husband can be closer to work in Leesburg. Does anyone have any thoughts about raising a family in Poolesville or commuting via the White's Ferry to Leesburg?


Toronto, Canada

#2 Jun 15, 2006
Sandy wrote:
We are thinking about moving to Poolesville with our two children (both under 5) so that my husband can be closer to work in Leesburg. Does anyone have any thoughts about raising a family in Poolesville or commuting via the White's Ferry to Leesburg?
I think that's a reasonable idea. I don't go near White's Ferry during the rush hour, but I suspect it's pretty busy. I'd advise you to check out the traffic at White's Ferry during the planned commute times. Just a heads up, that occasionally the ferry closes due to water levels or other unforseen circumstances. Overall, sounds like you have a pretty good plan.

Washington, DC

#3 Aug 14, 2006
Poolesville is deffinetly unique. The only thing that I see thats becomming a major issue is the drug problem that knowone wants to see! At night you see teenagers and kids walking the streets of Poolesville with nothing to do. Drugs and drug related items HAVE been found in parks and other areas where kids play. There has been theft of private and personal property from vehicles and drug overdose deaths!

The parents of Poolesville do not know how to police their own children and it's quite sad! Now, most people will argue that Germantown, Gaithersburg, Silver Spring towns/cities like those have a bigger issue with crime and drugs but look at the population differences. I would think that a small community will be easier to police rather than a huge community like Germantown.

I do not see it getting better!

My opinion!

Washington, DC

#4 Aug 14, 2006
Oh, I do not speak of all families when I stated "The parents of Poolesville do not know how to police their own children"

United States

#5 Sep 24, 2006
Alex, you are completly right in both your posts. There IS a major drug and crime problem in Poolesville, and while not all families have teenagers who participate in these activities, there are many who do. As a Senior (Class of 2007) at Poolesville High School, I've seen the denial from parents, school administrators, and law enforcement, about the threat of this problem. From what I've witnessed among my peers, is that due to the fact that no one seems to want to give the teens in Poolesville something to do that is clean and wholesome, the turn to the drugs and crime. I've tried to explain this to school sdministrators, and the on-campus sheriff's deputy, but they don't see what's right in front of their eyes, because they don't want do so would admit that they are at least partially responsible for the problem, and no one seems to want to take that responsiblity (or any for that matter). It's really sad.....I've only been at PHS a short time myself, but I've seen what has happened to the students. Poolesville one of the small towns, where sometimes three or four generations will be raised in the same town. If things continue the way they are, I will really hate to see what the town will be like at my graduating class's 10, 20, 25, 30 year reunions.

Washington, DC

#6 Oct 3, 2006
Raven....very well said! I am glad to see a High School Student who is aware of whats going on in todays Poolesville. I wish there were more Students like you in Poolesville.

I see it everyday. Drug deals behind Selby's, on the corner of Hoskinson and Wooton. I also did a little research and come to find out that there is a huge drug problem in Tamma 1 (spelling?) Although still quiet and low crime rate, I would also hate to see what this town might become in the next few years! Poolesville needs to do something for the teenagers immediately, I would gladly pay extra on our taxes to build something constructive for your peers!

Cockeysville, MD

#7 Jan 2, 2007
I agree that there is a problem in Poolesville that is not being addressed. I am pushing to have a Skatepark build in Poolesville to give kids something to do beside organized, traditional sports (soccer, football, baseball). This will kids something to spend their time and energy on.

Dearborn Heights, MI

#8 Jul 26, 2007
I'm sure that Sandy, who had started this post some time ago has already decided whether or not to move to Poolesville. My family moved to Poolesville seven years ago after living in Germantown, where crime was on the rise. I live in TAMA II and our cars have been broken into at least eight times (one last night), our mailbox has been removed from its post along with three of our neighbors, and we have seen kids coming and going along a path between the two neighborhoods (TAMA I & TAMA II) in broad daylight with cases of beer and other items. We thought Poolesville would be a great place to raise our five children ranging in age from 16 to 3. I am so disheartened by the crime and the lack of parental supervision that I regret moving here. For the most part - Poolesville is great in the daylight, but when the sun goes down it is a different story all together.

Secaucus, NJ

#9 Aug 1, 2007

We were thinking of buying in TAMA II (I assume that's the same as Woods at Tama). Sounds like the crime isn't too good. That's surprising since it seems like such a nice area with very nice homes.

We were looking at the house up at the other other end of the cul-de-sac where the owner passed away. I think her name was Greta Dicus. If you check back on the forum, could you tell us how she died if you know. Just curious.
Angry Resident

Washington, DC

#10 Aug 8, 2007
Thank god that someone in a beautiful neighborhood such as Tama II can see what is going on in Poolesville. The teens here are little wannabe gangsters! They are nothing! Complete trash. It is ashame that they are destroying this town little by little! The drugs are still here, underage drinking and I wonder where they are getting there alchohol from ::cough, cough:: Beer and wine in town, and I am not talking about the one next to Curves! I am a firm believer that the Police should serve and protect but this is not a police issue we are having, the police did not create these problems, there is so much they can do to help. It is the trash families with there trashy ways raising thier trashy kids to grow up just like them, trash! I laugh everytime I see the teens walking through Poolesville with thier jeans to thier knees sucking on a lolly pop or smoking, or when I see them hanging out at Hoskinson and Wooton right on the transformer, or selling drugs behind selbys or when they drive around in thier piece of crap cars with a stereo system that cost more than thier car itself. Poolesville is very funny......they honor a guy who has been in bussiness in this comminity forever but in turn, he sells drugs, kids are losers and sells alchohol to minors and his business smells like complete crap! You walk into his business and next thing you know your bringing that smell home with you. What Poolesville should do is not shop there anymore, get him the hell out of here, he is no good and neither is his family! Drugs and underage selling of alchohol to minors, yeah, thats a good thing to have in this community! I cannot wait to leave this shit hole! From the rich driving around acting like they own the roads in Poolesville, ignoring stop signs and the speed limit while on thier cell phones to the low life parents with thier low life kids walking around like they own Poolesville. Well guess what, things are gonna change because you do not own this town!
Angry Resident

Washington, DC

#15 Sep 12, 2007
Every DAy HUSTLIN wrote:
yes i do own this town bitch. wuts ur name u pusy? u shuld meat me up at SUbway and it will b on. you jus a loser wit kno friends. i got this town on lock. n dont talk bad bout the beer n wine stores. they dont sell alchhol to minorns n i would know that b cuz im a minor n belive me ive asked the sons n they bout beat my ass jus 4 askin glad i didnt ask the old man n im cool as shit wit em too u fagoot
You gotta be kidding right? You don't own Poolesville! I will drag your ass out in front of your boys and little girls and embaress you! Your what they call an E-thug! Meet me at Subway....hahaha! I don't play that high school b.s. Your a punk, your friends are punks and eventually you will be older without a pot to piss in living with your mom or your two dads!

Jackson, MI

#17 Sep 15, 2007
seriously u bitch u the one whos trash ur making false claims about a prominent buisnees owner. u oughta b lynched
Angry Resident

Washington, DC

#23 Sep 18, 2007
Ahahahahah-our a joke and all your little Poolesville thug wannabe gangster punks! You are useless!
i feel like dying

Jackson, MI

#26 Sep 26, 2007
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hate wannabees

United States

#32 Feb 27, 2008
every day hustlin who the hell do u think u r , ur from poolesville. dont even say meet me by the subway cuz i bet you never even got in a fight. y dont u come over here in gburg and say that. u get ur ass kicked in about 2 seconds. u guys think ur all hard just cuz u got a bunch of drugs and low life no life rednecks. come to gaithersburg and see the crime. and gburg isnt isnt even close to cities like Detroit so lets not even bring up poolesville. I'm bout to meet u by the subway and kick ur ass. tell me ur name son i'll see u anyday even if u werent talkin to me. Dont even try ur wannabee ghetto shit cuz i could get u jumped
hate wannabees

United States

#33 Feb 28, 2008
u think ur all ghetto. poolesville is a redneck town. u barely got any crime mayb a few car breakins but look a the gaithersburg crime website
or just type gaitheburg crime and google and its the first site. yea u see murder armed robberies and all that shit. wwow i would love to see these poolesville wannabees in gburg. i bet if PHS and GMS gburg middle school fought, GMS would win. cuz Poolesvile is full of scrawny ass little skater punks. "See me by the Subway" I'll beat ur ass down w/ a knife bitch.
Jeanne Garber

Lanham, MD

#34 Mar 23, 2008
Poolesville is a great place to raise you kids we love unfortunatly we are trying to sell our house there as it has gotten to expensive for us but if you are interested please feel free to write me at our house is in a cul de sac and there are other children on the road. I have always felt safe here and we are still planing to live here we just need to rent. Hope to hear from you, feel free to ask any questions, Thanks

Gainesville, VA

#35 Mar 25, 2008
How did one womans' question about this great little town devolve into taunts between "punks and bitches"?
We moved to Poolesville almost 18 years ago, our children completed all their schooling here, from PES to PHS, with great success. The quality schools are small enough for anyone to get involved in myriad activities. I think it's Montcos best kept secret as a place to live and raise children.
Are there some 'bad apples'? Sure. Every place has them. Is it crime/drug ridden? Not at all! Crime/drug free? Show me a place that is. Aimless teens/clueless parents? Again, what's new about THAT?
If it's uptopia you're looking for you'll be wandering the country a long time. If you want something close to it, try Poolesville.

Gainesville, VA

#36 Mar 25, 2008
*Question for the operator of this forum: how is the location of the poster generated?
I live in POOLESVILLE, MD. Not Arlington, Va.

Washington, DC

#37 May 31, 2008
I live in Poolesville and have lived here for 19 years . I love it I love the small town feeling of it and I love how everyone knows everybody. I feel its very close and tight knit. And thats an amazing quality. Becuse if something out of the ordinary happens everyone bonds together ro help eachother to the best of their abliltys.
So i defanitly think you should move here. and when you need someone to babysit call me . i will

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