Tell Mel: Don't cross Honest Ziggy's ...

Tell Mel: Don't cross Honest Ziggy's in North Fort Myers

There are 80 comments on the News Press story from Sep 15, 2009, titled Tell Mel: Don't cross Honest Ziggy's in North Fort Myers. In it, News Press reports that:

If you have ever been a day or two late with your car payment, it's a good thing you didn't buy from Honest Ziggy's Car Deals in North Fort Myers.

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United States

#42 Jun 4, 2012
Technically the day you're late on a car payment it can be repossesed. When you buy a car from a buy here pay here they can reposses the day you're late and thy don't need "paperwork" that takes a few days to prepare. Maybe a few mins lol plus I've dealt with ziggy and never had ANY problems with ANY OF THE 3 VEHICLES I've purchased from him. And yes payments are made by the week or month to ziggy. As far as being behind 200 on a deposit yes they will work with you. So to the person saying its not possible it is. But I don't believe ziggy repoed it after 3 weeks for non payment that's just a load of crap

United States

#43 Jun 4, 2012
Yernogood if you believe someone that can't speak english properly and says she's a soccer mom then your a bigger idiot then she is. Secondly not all "normal" people buy from car dealers such as ford or nissan. I'm sorry I'm not going to pay 14k for a 2002 explorer with over 100k miles on it. I've had lessproblems with buy here pay here then I have had at toyota and lexus of kendall're an idiot and arrogant as hell. I have perfect credit and money like you've. Never seen and I've bought 3 vehicles from ziggy because I got good deals low miles on the vehicle and he made sure they were in tip top shape before I took them off the lot. Last one I got even got a brand new transmision before I took it off the lot =)

Plano, TX

#45 Jun 4, 2012
Mocks You wrote:
<quoted text>_yernogood-: 6,300 post in five months. Nothing OCD in posting forty two times a day on four dozen different papers and hundreds of different topics is there.
How many times have you been banned now yernogood? Must be up to a little less then a dozen times hasn't.
You have used the same amount of yernogood variants names as well.
Just break the neurotic, psychotic, OCD habit by getting back on your meds.
Don't feed this poor troll soul people. Rather if you want to post a responce, just offer your pitty. -
Ron Jon

Hixson, TN

#48 Jun 8, 2012
suckafat1 wrote:
<quoted text>
LMFAO!!!! good#!Home/mainPage

United States

#49 Jun 13, 2012
Lmao! Yernogood you are a FOOL! You're response to me was so hypocritical its not even funny. There are some people who work hard for what they have and can't afford to go to a dealership. Some people have hard times. Some are their own fault and some are not. But who are you to judge anyone? You aren't god. And I can guaruntee you are no better off then I am. Believe that. I myself went to a dealership and you know what? They're assholes. They're sharks and after the 7th one I said to hell with it. I hate the way they are and their attitudes. Ziggy is a sweetheart yes he is very impatient but besides that he's cool as hell. I am a very blunt person and speak my mind. Ziggy can deal with it. Dealerships can't. They also hate the fact that they can't sucker me like they can most women. Just because I have money doesn't give anyone the right to take advantage. And again as for you being better off. Honey unless you own 5 houses in coral gables 4 in pinecrest and 4 in cape coral then I truly believe you do not and cannot compete on my level. I didn't only buy from ziggys. When I lived in miami before I moved here I bought a 2011 mercedes s550 cash. Like I said I will never deal with a dealership again. Find out how much they are. I got mine for about 15k below what they usually start out at. Do the math then come back and talk your ying yang.

United States

#53 Jun 26, 2012
Ron Jon wrote:
<quoted text>Hhahahahaha...when you finance a car it can technically be repossessed one day late? slay me.
I said it can be. But most places give you leway lol I'm. Just saying when you're a day late you're late. I don't write the rules. I just state them lol

Dallas, TX

#54 Jun 26, 2012
yernogood wrote:
<quoted text> crack me up man.
good to know. And my name is karla not "man" ugh men smh
Mad buyer

Lehigh Acres, FL

#55 Jul 13, 2012
This guy is nothing but full of Crap!!! I Bought a vw bug from him and traded a car that was worth as much plus gave him cash for it. It was having problems before we did the deal, he said he would fix it!!!!! Well he calls me the next day and tell me everything is fixed, I come in and he rushes me to do the paper work and sends me on my way... With in a few hours I call him and tell him the Ac has stoped working again, he said my guy will fix it..
4 hours later I am driving on the highway and it slow down to 5 miles per hour, then it starts jerking, then want get out of 1st geat. I call him up and he says he will fix it.. I take it to the guy that did the tranny work and he says it is the speed sensor, 300. so we call Ziggy to get him to fix it, he says it has nothing to do with his work so no! When it came time to fix AC he says same thing It is not my fault and it is an old car and things happen... All things that were suppose to be fixed before I left... Not so honest!!!! beware !!!!

Cape Coral, FL

#56 Jul 23, 2012
QUOTE who="Johnny"5
some of this advice is ok but most is not a buy here pay here does weekly because they hold there own paper,no finance co there is big profit here,in the contract she might have signed the ok to repo on any late payment FMLA only lets you have the time off you only get paid if you have sick or vacation days if you do not have benefits nothing and this girl may have to pay the dr or hospital up frout.
do not follow this guys advice go to the state of fl consumer protection at the agriculture dept web site for the legal if any remedy by he pay he dealers are for people with bad or no credit
that cannot get financed any regular way so defaults high interest is high so they repo fast before the car gets hidden
nice place to viset

United States

#57 Jul 29, 2012
Mad Mother wrote:
My daughter bought a car from honest ziggy's about 3 weeks ago. paid her entire tax return down on a car. She had the car 2 weeks, still owed a small deposit $200.00. why he let the car go when the deposit was not paid in full I don't know. Daughter had unexpected surgery and would be off work for a few days. Daughter asked HONEST ziggy for a few more days to pay deposit he would have it by Friday. She never missed a car payment. he repossessed the car by Tuesday of same week. She had the car for about 3 weeks, paid over $1500.00 to HONEST ziggy for a car she used no more than 3 weeks, he has her money and the car and will sell it to another unfortunate person who is forced to deal with this predator. Consumers be aware.
what exactly did your daughter do wrong?
nice place to viset

United States

#58 Jul 29, 2012

Fort Myers, FL

#59 Oct 4, 2012
I have been done well buying cars from Zig , my first car bought there was a 1995 Toyota Corola this was in 2008 paid $1800 cash drove for 1 year sold it for $1500 as soon I put a for sale sign on it .I used the $1500 to put down in a newer car a 2005 dodge ram wich runs great , 2011 I purchased a 1996 honda odisy for my son to go to college is running like a chanpion but I told my son to save some money to sale this car and get a newer one , when you buy an old car you are taking a chance .to buy my sons car I went all over the place , went to zig a couple times did not like what he had untill I found the honda van....zig did not ever pushe me to buy anything every time I went there he was very nice.

North Fort Myers, FL

#60 Oct 25, 2012
Not for sure where u got your law degree? FLMA is only required for employers with 75 or More employees. And it only protects full time employees, your pay only continues if u have sick/vacation time to cover your time off. It does NOT pay u while your off. As are as only Monthly payments go, Ziggy is a buy here/pay here place, and Florida 's laws on these rip offs is pretty sloppy. So as always, it is buyers beware. Remember u can not state definite answers, because there are way to many unknown s
Johnny5 wrote:
<quoted text>
First, when you finance a car (make car payments) you make them once a month. not every week. Second, a deposit is money put down on a vehicle as a "good faith" payment before financing. No Auto Dealer would accept payments for this. You don't make payments on a deposit. Third, a repossession order comes from a financial institution and takes way more than a couple days to execute. Fourth, IF the car was repossessed, she has an opportunity to pay all back payments and money owed on that title, and by law, is legally responsible for the money still owed until the financial institution closes the account. Fifth, IF your daughter did in fact have surgery, then her days off would be covered by the FMLA Act which would not impact her pay. Sixth, no one is "forced to deal with this predator." No one dragged you or your daughter there and forced you to enter contracts and hand over money under duress.

United States

#61 Jan 4, 2013
What were you thinking buying from a place like that? I'm sure honest zingy laughs every time a car leaves his lot . "Got me another one " !! Lol! Lol !!!!
donald johnson

Cape Coral, FL

#63 Feb 17, 2013
i think fox 4 need to do a story on him for srewing people with nothing happening to him if my car goes am going to say somthing with my fist i dont care what people say

Ocklawaha, FL

#64 Feb 19, 2013
I wouldnt buy anything from a buisness that had to name their buisness honest.Honest companys dont have to market honesty it comes from word of mouth.
DAvid McCarter

North Fort Myers, FL

#66 Jun 11, 2013
Very Honest and They put everything in Writing

Laid out the terms of the loan and made it easy for us.

Always made our payment on time and had no problems.

Would Recommend to Anyone
Fred Durst

North Fort Myers, FL

#67 Jun 11, 2013
Vey Happy with my Car
and Even Happier with ZERO Interest.
What other used car lot has that!
Stephan Paige

North Fort Myers, FL

#68 Jun 11, 2013
Let your mechanic inspect it
zero interest
added paperwork to explain terms
what else could i ask for?

United States

#69 Jun 11, 2013
Stephan Paige wrote:
Let your mechanic inspect it
zero interest
added paperwork to explain terms
what else could i ask for?
Stephan Paige wrote:
Let your mechanic inspect it
zero interest
added paperwork to explain terms
what else could i ask for?
He tells you 0 interest to make it sound like a deal. Check your paperwork and see that added "finance charge" he hit you with.

A lot of them do this to make themselves sound like angels. My brother worked for 2 Buy Here Pay Here lots. You know that down payment figure thats different from car to car? It's the price they paid for the car at the auction. They get this from you so that if you stop paying or the engine blows, at least they got their money back out of it before you roll off the lot.

Then they just wait for you to be 1 day late on payment. They want you to be so they can repo it and do the same thing to the next guy with the same car that they now own for free. Most BHPH dealers sell half of their inventory 2 or 3 times over, sometimes more.

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