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Review: Today's Dental - Alfred M Fairbanks DDS

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Malden, WA

#1 Dec 13, 2009
In February 2006 the Dental Commission suspended the license of dentist Alfred M. Fairbanks (DE00004076). He must also pay a $5,000 fine. Fairbanks extracted a patient¿s teeth without consent and failed to update the patient¿s health history prior to the extractions.

Apr 9, 2009
In March 2008 the Dental Commission entered into an agreed order with Alfred M. Fairbanks (DE00004076). He failed to obtain consent from patients before extracting their teeth and billed for restorations that were not needed, not performed, or done differently than billed. He must comply with terms and conditions set against his license.

Malden, WA

#2 Dec 13, 2009
This was the worst dentist I have EVER been to. I went in for a cleaning when Dr. Fairbanks said my teeth looked great. I had no pain, nothing to say I needed anything done then he proceeded to tell me that I needed to get ALL of my (already refilled with porcelain) teeth refilled again - by him. I did not understand this because he told me I had "great" teeth and I had no pain on top of that. But I TRUSTED him because in all of my 33 years of seeing dentists, I have NEVER had to distrust a dentist. So I went in for my first quadrant to get worked on. He refilled three teeth and wanted me to come in a week later for the second (of 4) quadrants. I thought it was strange that he prescribed me vicodin for a refill - except for the fact that I was almost 100% sure he nicked a nerve despite the 3 novacaine shots he submitted to the area (I nearly jumped out of my seat). 3 days later I was in severe pain and was in pain for a month. I went back into his office and he immediately was "defensive" (made me believe he was used to this) and then prescribed that I push fluoride into my tooth for 6 weeks and take 4 250mg Ibuprofens 3 or 4 times a day for 6 weeks!!!!! who does that? That would toxify my liver/kidneys for that much for that long. I found many more people who had work done by him. One woman had the same issue with a "refilled" tooth and had to get it pulled. Red flag: he has his DENTAL HYGEINISTS work on your teeth and fill them wih the porcelain fills which must be done PERFECT or bacteria can get in. Another woman I spoke with mentioned that she was allergic to aluminum and he insisted on putting it into her mouth and DID, despite her pleads not to because of her severe allergy. He said that she wouldnt have a problem. She has had rashes on her face and head/scalp ever since and had to get the aluminum taken out (and paid for it too). After I got a second opinion on my tooth, the dentist was shocked at Fairbanks practice and said that it looked like my tooth was dying. Now I have to have a root canal or extraction because of Fairbanks dug "too deep" into my tooth, nicked my nerve and then claimed "defense" all the way to the bank. Be WARNED!!!! He has a bad bad rap and for a good good reason. he had 19 year old girls doing the work and even the idaho smiles has dropped him from their program. Some people have tried to sue him. I know that my teeth were in good condition (I floss, etc). He got "money happy" and convinced me that my teeth would be better if he worked on them. Thank god he didnt do my whole mouth (like he wanted), or I might have had to have complete dentures at 33! Today's Dental should be shut down. Dont let his "kid friendly environment" fool you. He is out for the money and least of all your health. And he doesnt care if you have teeth in the end or not. Besides, he's not even the one doing the filllings!

Coeur D Alene, ID

#3 Dec 18, 2009
I would like to let everyone know what a great dentist Dr. Fairbanks is and how wonderful his office is. I have been a patient for over five years and have never had an issue! The reason I started going to him was because he was the only one in the area that would take Idaho Smiles. Now that I am not a student anymore and have real insurance, I have chosen to stay with this very trustworthy doctor. Unfortunately my daughter is still enrolled in the Idaho Smiles program and will not be able to be seen by him anymore. But I know for a fact that the reason is not his performance (he is still able to take Idaho medicaid patients, just not the special program of IDS)!
I would also like to correct the review posted that porcelain is not a filling material, Dr. Fairbanks uses a white composite material. Also, being a person who has had to have large fillings, there are times that the decay gets so deep into the tooth that it reaches the nerve. I had a tooth worked on many years ago, by another dentist, that had decay so deep that it went into the nerve, i had to have a root canal.
After doing some research, I must add another correction of the previous review is that all assistants in the state of Idaho and Washington are able to place sealants. I have had assistants place the sealant material in my tooth a few times, which is totally acceptable, but never the actual composite material.
I would never listen to the opinion of someone who just likes to find others to blame! Dr. Fairbanks does a wonderful thing by taking state assisted patients and does a wonderful job with all of his patients! I am so grateful that he has taken such good care of my dental health and I will always have my teeth! I wish the other reviewer good luck in her dental future, but please remember what service he tries to give the people that need state assistance.

Saint John, WA

#4 Mar 12, 2010
Known Medical Malpractice....and be very afraid

Moscow, ID

#5 Mar 25, 2010
A complete charlatan and his son also...... You are advised.

Pullman Resident

Pullman, WA

#6 Nov 8, 2010
He only takes patients with state insurance because his practice would not survive without their business. His son is a very kind and gentle doctor, but I wouldn't trust Fred to work on my own teeth. He told me I had 11 cavities that needed filling. This was a great surprise, as I have always taken very good care of my teeth. When visiting my parents, I went to see my old dentist and he could not believe Fred wanted to fill all those "cavities." My old dentist took care of my teeth and only had to fill 3 small cavities. I have talked with many of Fred's other patients and we all agreed that Fred wants to do more work than necessary. I also have heard stories of him pulling the wrong tooth, and then having to go back and pull the correct tooth when the patient was still in pain...
There are plenty of other good dentists in the area to choose from.
Pullman Medicid Patient

Moscow, ID

#7 Nov 17, 2010
My dentist in Spokane had done a silver filling (covering 3/4 of the tooth) on a molar and Dr. Fairbanks stated it needed to be re-done (along with three other fillings). On recommendation from a friend, I got a second opinion (out of pocket). The filling was perfect. Nothing wrong with it or the remaining tooth. If I could go somewhere else I would. I'm stuck with Today's Dental because I am on a fixed income and have state medical for my medical/dental insurance. No one else in the area takes state insurance. I still go see him for cleanings, but anytime he says I need ANYTHING else I get a second opinion.

Fairbanks, AK

#8 Apr 5, 2011
The people have spoken and I will not get my filling done by Dr. Fairbanks.

Thank you so much for taking the time to let people know.
pullman resident

Pullman, WA

#9 May 30, 2011
I had a broken tooth. The stub of the tooth was not enough to put a crown on, so Dr. Fairbanks used a post. He shoved the post very deep and unsealed my root canal which was previously sealed by a root canal specialist. Then he placed the crown on the post, but not very tight to my gum line. As a result, food traveled into the root canal and root canal got infected. The tooth had to be removed completely and I had to get an implant. Dr. Fairbanks has several actions taken against him by Washington Department of Health: If the link does not work, just look him up under provider credential search on Washington Department of Health website. Unfortunately, I did not know about Dr. Fairbanks' record when I went to him. On top of that, when I told my physician about him, my physician's reply was,"Oh, yeah, when I moved here, I was told not to go to him." Apparently he is the dentist NOT TO GO TO in town.

I really feel bad for people with state insurance who are stuck with him. Simply not fair that if you are on a fixed income you don't get adequate dental care.

Palouse, WA

#10 Jun 8, 2011
Fairbanks has to pay his employees to post good reviews.....
Andreas Roth

Moscow, ID

#11 Aug 7, 2011
I went to him a couple of years ago. Wanted to sell me caps for my near perfect teeth. Also, claimed I needed fillings redone, one which he did, I did not know anything about him at the time, In retrospect he might have been lying at the time. While he and his assistant did the work he had a computer screen right in front of my with the tab of stuff he was done. Seemed really greedy. He also would not shut up about "all the people on welfare" etc etc. Honestly he is the worst dentist I have ever been to.

Queen Creek, AZ

#12 Jan 31, 2012
I will go to Dr Fairbanks every time I need some dental work done! He is always very kind & professional. I have NEVER had any experience like the ones posted above! They sound completely exaggerated & written by those without knowledge in dentistry. I have gone to another dentist (my fiancee's dentist) and came back to Dr Fairbanks so he could fix the crap that other guy did! I will not be going to any other dentist besides Fred. He is very considerate and does take many poorer patients whose teeth need more work than they can pay for. He is just as good with them as he is with patients like me! Today's Dental has 2 wonderful & competent dentists: Fred and Jon.

United States

#13 May 31, 2012
We've been going to Dr.Jon for 12 years, and are very happy with his work. We moved out of town 8 years ago, but still come to Pullman for our dental care, even though there are 4 dentists here in Colfax. My 6 kids love going to the dentist, and we have been very happy with the care and service we've received. I often recommend Dr. Jon to others. Don't know what to say about Dr. Fred, as we've been Dr. Jon's patients.

United States

#14 Jun 25, 2012
I saw Dr. Alfred Fairbanks in the summer of 2009. I've never had a bad dental experience in my life, so I guess I was naive to think they are all gentle and good. I was in the waiting room, and could hear screams coming from the back room from a young child. A mom was in the waiting room also, looking very distressed. I asked her, "aren't you allowed to be with your child?" She said no. And if that wasn't disturbing enough, when I had my exam/filling done, Dr. Alfred Fairbanks did not inform me of anything he was about to do before hand. He put a rubber dam in my mouth without even telling me or asking me first, and then I could not speak to tell them anything. It was a very scary experience. Later that year, the same tooth hurt again, I went to another dentist and found out he had not done the filling properly and it had to be redone. I would never take my children to him, I would never go back, and I honestly wouldn't wish that kind of treatment on anyone.

Recently a friend I really trust as a parent said she had a good experience with his son, Dr. Jon Fairbanks. We are going to try seeing him soon. I'll report back here how it goes.

Montrose, CO

#15 Jul 23, 2012
I went to todays dental about 5 years ago for a cavity. He ended up doing 6 root canals on all my upper front teeth. I had to slowly crown them as it was about 800$ a tooth. Now two of them have broken off at the gum line. I have to constantly go in and have them repaired. One of them didn't even have a post, even though I paid for posts for all 6 teeth. It only took him 1.5 hours to do all this work and now I'm told if it had been done by a legit dentist it should've been an all day procedure. My current dentist, who is actually a real dentist since I no longer live in imbread hillbilly eastern washington, recieved a copy of my xrays from todays dental and he saw NO reason to have any root canals done. It looked like I needed two fillings. So here I am. I listened to that con artist and it ruined my teeth for the rest of my life. The only way to permanatly fix them is to have all the root canals redone by a real dentist. I plan on going after him. I have all the recieptf from what he did and what I paid for. I also plan on going to the washington state dental board because something tells me he committed fraud against them and the portion they paid for. PLEASE DO NOT GO TO HIM....ALL HE LOOKS AT IS THE MONEY....HE IS A CON AND A FRAUD
Pat Pullman

Pullman, WA

#16 Oct 20, 2012
I was astonished at the above. I have been with Dr Fred for over 20 years with no problems. In the beginning he did a lot of free work and saved my smile. Then I inherited some money and was able to
let him cap my teeth and they are still in excellent condition, well past the time they should wear out. He has always been kind and gentle and considerate. I just don't understand the above at all.

United States

#17 Apr 9, 2013
I moved to the Palouse about five years ago from Southern California, and I had bad dental experiences while I lived there. My dentist, who I had seen in CA for 17 years, never remembered my name and always took 2+ hours to clean my teeth, and not because I had bad teeth. He would have full-on conversations with other patients about the basketball game while I was sitting in the chair waiting to get out of there. My parents went there, too, so it is not like I could've gone to a different dentist. Anyway, when my family and I moved to Moscow in 2008, we started seeing Dr. Fred, and all three of us were and are very happy with the service we receive. Not only does he remember who we are, but he is always very careful with procedures he has done. I had my wisdom teeth pulled last year by Dr. Fred, and I came out of the procedure not drugged up, which I loved, and he made sure to stay in contact with me to make sure that they were healing as they should. I am really surprised from reading the bad reviews on here, because I have not had one bad experience with Dr. Fred, and neither have my parents. In my personal opinion, I would recommend Dr. Fred to anyone looking for a dentist in the Moscow/Pullman area.
No more thieves

Moscow, ID

#18 Jan 28, 2015
Well Dr Jon left the practice and went to Utah while Dr Fred was just convicted today 1/28/15 on four counts of Medicaid fraud. He will probably lose his license again and hopefully this will be the end of his practice for good.

Lewiston, ID

#19 Feb 11, 2015
I have been Dr Fred's patient for over 20 years he is sweet and caring so all you haters can just go whine somewhere else

United States

#20 Feb 18, 2015
Julie wrote:
I have been Dr Fred's patient for over 20 years he is sweet and caring so all you haters can just go whine somewhere else
You obviously work for him. He is a fraud and a crook. He commits insurance fraud. He ruins peoples teeth because he is absolute scum.
He is a horrible person. If he lived anywhere else he wouldn't make it

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