I guess I should explain a little more - the "strings" are driven into the area between the gums and where the new crown will sit. He believes this is the only way that the crowns will fit well. The gums bleed and HURT and this destroys their integrity! The strings are removed when the crown is set. My cousin had other previous crowns done in Denver with no strings driven in beforehand and those crowns are snug to her gums and fit perfectly and always have. The new crowns that Schulz put in will need to be removed and implants (according to her new dentist) will be the only alternative to dentures that she will have because the front teeth (crowns) are falling over from lack of gum support and the posts have broken - her gums have receeded so much that nearly the entire roots are exposed. I can't see that any alternative will be very sucessful as I would think that she will need to have tissue grafted on with some sort of cartilege to hold it up??? She can't be the only person to be unhappy with what he has done to her gums - is everyone afraid to let him know??? She said he made her sign a release stating that she was very happy with the way her new crowns fit and looked while she was still under abesthetic and still laid back in the chair and still undergoing the rest of the procedures - DOES THIS SEEM UNFAIR??? You bet it does and my husband, an attorney avows that it wouldn't hold up in court. The endodontist said that his crowns also have receding gums and that Schulz did them.