Can someone formally ask BP alaska
1 - did any motive equipment move off pad latterally by more than 5 inches, or final settle greater than 1.7 inch. Gonna have to do some reengineering of the pad sustrate and its base tie in as well as the stress relief joints (J straws) on orbitals as well as lengthicular take up plots).
2 - Anyone within 500 feet at time of occur. I recommend a Fjjdk load of counsiling for many years. Many. Bp, got your checkbook handy still...
3 - Are they using a blow out over preasure line sleeve of greater than 15 inches, what is its pressure rating as well as the peak nominal rate of flow (ft per second please, only) did it seam rupture (anywhere within 2 miles), and is it with a breach alarm indicator collector device.(my ting, tinkly tinkly).
4 - Is the first primary reporter still alive and out of state yet.
5 - Well, shit Harry. Shit. Godarn hell to pay, godarn.