I don't know if everyone knows about the following but...I was told the other day about the Prosper School District not wanting Prosper Police on campuses, activities, events NOTHING!!! Is that true??? I want to know why? I for one as a parent, feel better when the police are out there during sporting events and other activities. This is prospers jurisdiction so why would parents or the Administration want to employ Collin County Deputies? If thats the case why do we pay the School taxes or even the town taxes? if we can't get help from our own department??? If that happens...that jeopardizes the kids safety because I have never seen a Collin County Deputy anywhere near Prosper, so what is their response time? in an emergency I would want Prosper Police, Ambulance and Firefighters to get there immediately...Is the school going to refund our tax money we have paid for the school that is in Prosper. Of course things happen, all the media recently has not been good to our Police department, but they still do their jobs and are all still patrolling. Is it fair for the Administration to make this decision for us as parents? Why punish the police department for doing their job? what do you expect them to do? look the other way? they did their job and I pat them on the back for doing their jobs on a daily basis. If an emergency happens at that school and they wait for people to get there and its my child, they better be ready for a law suit, especially if its coming from Collin County, and they can't tell me they will respond fast. I am concerned and just wondering what the rest of you parents think...thank you for any input