Rhonda[Long]Lesher, Robert Lynn McCarver and Mark Leshers, were all three arrested on agg. sexual assault. Robert McCarver A known "CRIMINAL" lives with the Leshers at their compound! Robert McCarver has a history of "CHILD MOLESTING" with a family history of same. Even McCarvers sister Mary Jane Payne of Detroit Texas is a registered sex offender. Mark Lesher holds several bonds on McCarver, and Just paid $20,000.00 to bond McCarver out again. McCarver sells drugs for Mark Lesher and has confessed to the D.A. Val Varley and Sheriff Terry Reed in rrcounty. Leshers Lawyers are trying to get McCarvers confession thrown out.
Robert Lynn McCarver, outher charges
[1] Agg. Sexual Assault!
[2] Drugs, and Drug paranafilia!
[3] Child Molesting! With family history of same!
[4] Domestic abuse,[beating his wife]!
[5] Child endagerment, shooting in a car full of kids, trying to kill his wife.
[6] Growing marijuana!
[7] Arson!
[8] Manufacturing controled substance!
[9] Caught with 51 sticks of dynamite Mark Lesher got him, to blow up Clarksville TX.
[10] Theft!
[11] Poching!
You can check with rrcounty Sheriff office to verify. The Leshers live with this "CRIMINAL" pervert at their "COMPOUND"!
A "ROPE" is what McCarver needs, not an Attorney!

New indictments in Lesher, McCarver case
by Bill Hankins
The Paris News
Published September 5, 2008
Henry, whose 25 motions took up most of the activity in the courtroom, asked the court “strike illegally obtained evidence.”
The evidence he referred to was what he called consultation between Varley and the Red River County Sheriff during the sheriff’s interview with McCarver. He questioned the legality of that consultation and made a second motion to dismiss the case against McCarver.
Henry also asked the judge to forbid anyone from contacting his client without his consent.
Varley objected to the motion, saying:“Police might engage McCarver in relation to other unrelated cases.”
McCarver confessed to their guilt! Henry forbid anyone from talking to his client, what a laugh.
Robert McCarver was making a deal with the D.A.Val Varley confessing their guilt before Mark Lesher paid $20.000.00 to bond McCarver out. The trios lawyers found out in court McCarver had confessed. Now they want his confession thrown out![Quote] "CRIMINAL TRIO OF TRASH"!!!!!!!!!!
With all McCarvers outher crimes the Sheriff has to talk with McCarver!