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#1 Jan 13, 2012
Update: 12-15-2011. NASA is warning the public, "to get ready for a once in a life time solar event".

There is so much conflicting data out there, that it's hard to know what to believe but so many seem to believe that the end is coming. There is absolutely no doubt that 2011 smashed all modern world records when it comes to the most natural disasters in a single year, breaking some three thousand records. That alone says something.
But, it doesn't mean that there is any need to panic. Simply prepare yourself as best as you can, and hopefully nothing serious will happen. We must keep in mind that should any one or more of the expected events actually happen, each and everyone of us will have no choice but to fend for our own food and water as well as protection from the elements and would be predators for months, possibly for years to come.

As originally stated...

In light of recent news, the following information is paramount. On July 14, 2010 we learned that our sun is passing through an interstellar energy cloud which excites/energizes the sun. NASA, along with The National Academy of Science are so concerned about this up and coming solar maximum in late 2012, that way back in March 10, 2006 NASA issued a solar storm warning (in writing) for 2012. What NASA omitted in their 2006 solar storm warning is what prompted them to issue a 2012 solar storm warning four years in advance in the first place? Again in 2010, NASA warned the general population of a pending solar storm, telling the population to get ready for a once in a lifetime solar storm. Despite that news agencies are beginning to cover this developing story, no high government official has yet to stick his or her neck out to make an official announcement about the catastrophic implications as to allow the global population to begin preparing.

The following scientific data revealed by Alexei Dmitriev further supports NASA's original 2012 solar storm warning issued back in March of 2006.

Astrophysicist Alexei Dmitriev says that both Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 satellites reveal that our sun, as well as our entire solar system, is now moving into an interstellar energy cloud. Opher, a NASA Heliophysics Guest Investigator from George Mason University says this interstellar energy cloud is turbulent. Dmitriev explains that this cloud of energy is exciting the atmospheres of our planets and especially our sun. As this interstellar energy cloud continues to excite/charge the sun, it causes the sun to become more active, resulting in greater output from the sun. IE: Bigger and more frequent solar storms and CME's resulting in the Carrington effect. This interstellar cloud of electrical energy is also absorbed by the Earth, and scientist have found that it results in more earth quakes, all while dramatically effecting our weather here on earth. When asked how long will it take our sun to pass through this interstellar energy cloud, Dr. Dmitriev replied, "I don't know. But If I had to guess, I would say somewhere between two thousand to three thousand years." This interstellar cloud is a wispy band of charged particles through which our solar system is slowly moving through.

When Dr. Dmitriev was asked what are the implications of all this for earth he replied, "Global catastrophe! Not in tens of years from now, but in ones of years" that this global catastrophe is basically right around the corner setting the stage for NASA's latest solar storm warning 2012-2013.

We have no way of knowing what is going to happen. Is now the time to start preparing for what may or not happen or is it all ridiculous? It is said that water, food and communication are all expected to be altered. What's your opinion on the matter? Could this possibly be the "disaster expected" for Dec. 12, 2012?? Or do you think something else is coming?(If you have an opinion, explain where you're coming from! I'd like to see over -intelligent- points of view!)

La Plata, MD

#2 Jan 13, 2012
The sun goes through these charge up every 11 year as it switches poles. Most we will see from these solar storms is the possibility of the power grid to go down.

12-21-2012 is a lot like y2k. Myian long count calendar ends 12-21-2012. Like ours end every dec 30th and new one starts jan 1st.

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#3 Jan 14, 2012
I did read, in the article, about it being similar to y2k. I'm glad to see a sensible post about it, though! I don't remember WHAT calender of theirs is like our with the 365 days...but I think it was broken into 18 months with 20 days, with 5 days left over before the next year started. I do see where the concern IS for the whole 12-21-2012 thing, but at the same time, I don't. Although their calender is like ours in some ways, it has its share of differences...who's to say that their calender wouldn't simply start over on that day? I don't see where it means the end of the world JUST because there are "similarities"...
I also read about the possibility of the power grid being affected. I believe it said that there could be a complete outage of power, which would alter communication, and that it could last for up to (I think) 2 years. It went on to say that water will become more valuable then money during that time period because of the power issue --- no power means that the pumps that deliver our water can't run.
Personally, I believe that we could all survive if we TRIED. What do people think they did BEFORE electricity/indoor plumbing? It may not be easy but just because you don't have electricity doesn't mean the world is going to end. That's my opinion, though!!(:

United States

#4 Jan 14, 2012
Yes people did survive before without electricity but you have to think about all the people who depend on it to stay alive. Back then they had to live like that they didn't know any other way. There was also fewer people. Today there are so many sicknesses and diseases that require electricity to treat. That will cause a lot of deaths itself. There are also people in the citys that don't know anything about surviving without running water or electricity. As far as plumbing goes there will be feces all over the streets which will cause a lot of disease. It has taken us a hundred and some years to gradually have all the things that makes life so easy and everyone has came to depend on them they won't know how to survive. If they are all taken away all of a sudden that will cause chaos. It's kind of a shame when you think about it though. All the people in the hospitals can't get their treatments because the machines no longer work. Where will they go? This is just something to think about if this event were to take place.
big bang

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#5 Jan 14, 2012
You better be more worried if Obama gets a second term.

Washington, DC

#6 Jan 14, 2012
big bang wrote:
You better be more worried if Obama gets a second term.
Yea I agree with that. Ill survive and so will my family. Read up on the basic survival guides. Common sense.

Rocky Mount, VA

#7 Jan 15, 2012
something is suppose to happen, there r so many assumptions that I don't know whats going to happen? Hopefully it will just wipe us all out, instead of millions suffering. you people should check out all of the fema camps and fema family coffins everywhere in the us.the martial law was just passed to imprison people without a reason. they will play hell tryn to get me and my family. we need to get rid of obama, how did he get to be president without even being from the us? if thats the best we could do then yeah, im worried about our future. im prepared well, getting prepared to go back to living in the woods and off of the land like my daddy taught me.

United States

#8 Jan 15, 2012
Yes Obama is the worst thing that has happen to this country. Martial law? Sound like obama is wanting us to be more like Islam.

Maybe people need to get real and protest this government like these other country do. Not another wall St either. This country is gonna have another civil war. People vs Government.

And don't blame bush either. He didn't rack up 5 trillion in debt in 3 years. And want another 1.2.

The government is try to abandon our constitution and our rights as a free country. We are facing times like this country did back in 1774. Look it up.

God bless American from Obama.

Rocky Mount, VA

#9 Jan 16, 2012
I agree, it's going to get bad. It will be alot worse than 1774 though! The question is when will this take place?
Just wondering

Bluefield, WV

#10 Jan 17, 2012
Does anyone like Alex jones

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