Teresa Zirkle

Newport, VA

#1 Oct 5, 2010
Well i thought i would post this about Tina Marquez since she cant keep her mouth shut about people. Well I want everybody to know what type of person she is. I am married to her brother James and he doesnt claim her as his sister he says she is trash which she is. She keeps running her mouth about OUR son wishing him dead and calling him a faggit and alot of other stuff. This woman is almost 40 yrs old but acts like a teenager and she really needs to grow up. My reason for this is to let people know what she is all about she dont have the nerve to come to me and say anything she changes her phone numbers so u cant contact her directly she just keeps sending me messages on the computer most of the time in a alias name. She hangs out a cowboy up shes the one that looks like her skin is leather and she thinks she looks good OMG PLZ she looks horrible LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!
Tina Marquez

Princeton, WV

#2 Oct 7, 2010
Teresa no one is scared of your 400 lb ass please bitch !! Look listen up ...I went to Virginia and whipped your ass u then jumped in your little green camaro,rolled up the windows and locked the doors I'm not wasting my valuable time going to your house to watch u run again!! U are a Home wreckin Whore that cant get a man on your own u have to have someone else's ... Oh by the way Donna wants to know how did she taste?? lol I have never sat on a Trucker parking lot waitin for men to come in to find a Father for your abnormal son Dylan !! Thats how u met my Deadbeat Brother,U and your sister are Lot Lizards (Whores)!! I hope James did disown me because I never wanted anything to do with him because of the way he treated his son no Brother of mine would do that to his own son!! Tammy and I never walked off from our sons !! James needs to get a backbone and stand up for His son against u !! Yes I called Dylan a faggot u damn right I did because I got tired of u talking about Tammy's son & My Son havin babies at 15 & 16 years old ... Dont talk about other peoples kids and not expect it back bitch !! I act like a tennager because I can bitch whats it to u ...U need to get over the fact u are jealous of me always have been!!! U talk about my skin looking like leather because u cant look this good !! I can drink water and fix the problem u say I have but u cant fix ugly or drop 300 lbs Hey do me a favor look in the mirror ...Can u see your neck?? No I didnt think so,lmfao!! And u wanna talk about someone please bitch!!! I dont have to get another woman's man I can get my own whore I dont screw around with married men and their families!! I might have done alot of things but messin with married men isnt one of them I dont sink that low !! I dont have the heart to take a kid's Daddy from him and rub it in his face !!
Tina Marquez

Princeton, WV

#3 Oct 7, 2010
U make me sick !! Thinking u are all good when really u are a nasty white trash skank!!! I heard about all the stories about u and your sister sleepin around with Truckers alot of Truckers!! Your nickname before u met my brother was or still is Lot Lizard !! I didnt grow up in a house covered with cat & Dog shit either damn Teresa thats nasty!! U lived in shit lol and u think u have the right to talk about someone else !! please whore the day that I'm scared of u is the day I turn Gay and thats never going to happen!! I went after u skank u ran remember Your turn to prove u have big girl panties on come get u some unlike u I dont run to the cops I can take care of my own problems with out any help from anyone!!!! Im a real woman !! I dont hide behide the cops,lol U ran to the cops both times,lol Because u are scared !!! be a real woman and handle your problems skank!!! I'm waitin and I'll be waitin until I'm dead because u are a chicken shit bitch that likes to run your mouth on here instead of to my face because u know what will happen if u did !!
Tina Marquez

Princeton, WV

#4 Oct 7, 2010
Come on Teresa put them big girl panties on lets see what u got,LMFAO Oh and I dont accuse men @ High Country of rapin me like they would want too u were cryin and everything u are just so stupid !! I dont message u or e-mail u what I got to say I will say to your face but u keep running from me !! Thats all your fat ass does RUN,RUN,RUN!! I dont have time to go chasin u around Virginia again !! I love Cowboy up I have alot of fun there just because your big fat ass in uncomfortable there doesnt mean Iam I love it!! Are u jealous because men gather around me and not u ...yeah I know u are Teresa get over being Jealous of me I live the life u wish u had and another thing James is cheating on u and has been for awhile now some of the family has already met her !! U met James cheatin on his wife Donna and now he's doin it to u and we get to laugh behide your back and too your FACE LOL u will see u are a fuckin Joke bitch ... Karma it's a bitch remember that!!!
Tina Marquez

Princeton, WV

#5 Oct 7, 2010
U sit on that 400 lb ass doin nothing U dont cook u dont clean u can tell by the way your trailor stinks and it does like rotten milk nasty!!! Damn the outside of your trailor park is nasty too with trash layin every where,grass grown up to your ass Damn girl your trailor is starting to look like your Mom's place,lol U know The Cat Shit Queen how do yall stand to eat in that nasty place u call home Why do u think we dont come to your house it smells so bad!! I changed my number because u and my brother is dead to me I dont ever want to hear from yall but u keep this shit up by puttin it on here because u have nothing better to do!!! U are the one that needs to grow up !! Just drop this shit because we all know u wont come to Princeton or meet somewhere!! its pointless u and fag boy can go to hell !!! U are nothing never will be nothing !! Please stop being Jealous of me u can never look as good as me STOP TRYIN IT HURTS ME TO SEE U TRY,LMFAO bye white trash

Princeton, WV

#6 Oct 7, 2010
Hey Tina
Who the hell does this bitch thinks she is ... Dont she know u will kick her ass?? OMG This bitch has fucked up now!! Who is she??? I dont know who she is but from the way it sounds u anit got nothing to worry about thats for sure !! This bitch sounds nasty Tina !! It sounds like she needs to get a real man for her baster child Dylan is that his name? But anyway it takes a really low person to sleep with married men !! Why would u even want a man thats married I would want my own man not one someone else had thats just nasty !! Who the fuck sleeps with Truckers these days they have everything coming and going thats nasty too!! But anyway not tryin to get in your bussiness but if u need me I will beat this bitches ass for u my pleasure !! Its nasty girl but I'm here if u need me k love ya girl
Tina Marquez

Princeton, WV

#7 Oct 7, 2010
No !! Lisa I got this,this bitch anit nothing !! She just likes to run off at the mouth !! She thinks shes a big ol bad ass but she has ran from me so many times ...one time we followed them to the police Station because thats the first place they run when they have problems but anyway when we got to the police Station Me and Rick walked on in with James & Lot Lizard and James's wife at the time Donna took a knife and took out all 4 tires on her car,lol The point is they are cop happy !! They cant handle their own problems and they are the ones that start the shit but to pussified to take care of it without the cops.lol They cant fight their own battles!! But anyways she's pissed at me because I know for a fact that her 14 year old son is Gay !! The boy is scared to death of females or at least thats how he was when he was coming around Mom's . Big Rick is tryin to teach Lil James how to be a man because my brother knows nothing about it he doesnt need to be taught to walk out on his own fleashin blood and to take care of another man's kid !! Thats so stupid but then again my Dad Jim did it too him he knows what it was like and my so called brother lets this big white trash bitch walk all over him and his son He let her run his own son off !! Sorry thats not a man at all !! I dont care what people say!! Well gotta go Lisa call me when u get this love ya girl and thanks again but I got this!!! lol

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