West Virginia Sucks
WV resident

Rocky Mount, NC

#24 May 29, 2012
Another dumbass starting a thread for attention. Who cares what you think of Wv.
Billy Walters

Ardsley, NY

#25 May 29, 2012
The best places to live are Los Angeles San Diego Miami fort lauderdale. New York City and San Francisco Vail, Colorado places like that I'm even very fond of Charlotte and Atlanta. West Virginia just doesn't have much to offer the youth of the country.
Acid Freakout

Bluefield, WV

#26 May 29, 2012
city dwellin' with the big sewer rats are preferred over the little field mice????

Santa Barbara, CA

#27 May 29, 2012
No, WV f***in blows. If you live there by choice and actually enjoy it you are either old and boring or mentally challanged.
good grief

Vinton, VA

#28 May 29, 2012
You all need to grow up. Everybody is entitled to their own opinions. So, to call somebody stupid for living here is uncalled-for. I mean how old are you? And as far as everybody else saying WV sucks, then move. Nobody is making you live here. I was born here, lived here 20 years moved to Tampa Florida and had to come back because there's no place like WV. I've been back 10 years and don't plan on ever leaving. I'm not old, boring, or stupid. I'm 31 years old, I have a family that I love spending time with and I have a college degree in Social Sciences with a minor in Psychology. West Virginia is a wonderful place to live, and sure it has it's bad areas but what town or city doesn't? Its all about the person and what they like. And I'm sure I speak for many others when I say I'm from WV and I love it and I'm proud!!!!!

United States

#29 May 29, 2012
It's not that bad around here,it's only lacking entertainment.
dub V

Princeton, WV

#30 May 29, 2012
If you don't like it move out of your parents house and move some where else.

Level 5

Since: May 12

Location hidden

#31 Jun 16, 2012
Hunter wrote:
It's not that bad around here,it's only lacking entertainment.
100% agreed, it's all what you make of it.
Hater of Hillbilly Heaven

Hurricane, WV

#32 Jul 22, 2012
I must say West Virginia is the worst place to live! Well I am going to be brutally honest and say West Virginia is very HONKY and has very low standards! Last year I had moved here to West Virginia and was shocked by the incompetence of the people. Whenever I would order food or go to a public place, the people would mess up the order or not even greet me. People in West Virginia have no customer service skills at all!:( Now on politics.. West Virginia must be full of money hungry people because gas prices and the cost of things are much higher here than other states..(even Kentucky and Ohio have cheaper prices and they neighbor West Virginia LOL. West Virginia is full of lazy, fat and rude folks! Who would ever want to live in a place like this? Also, this place has no great restaurants and is horrible for shopping. Most of the locals say they hate living here and want or plan to move away from this state. They sure like to take a pretty penny in taxes but don't like to fix the horrible pot hole infested roads. West Virginia is not only bland but lacks diversity as well! It is such a shame most businesses are discouraged from opening stores here because of the high taxes :( Therefore, locals are forced to travel to Columbus or Lexington to even shop! West Virginia needs a makeover bad and it will continue to stay horrible until things and laws are changed! Training and education should be enforced to better the skills of the people! I am planning on moving away and refuse to die or even retire in such a horrible place! I would rather enjoy my life somewhere else!:)
lightening bug

Bluefield, WV

#33 Jul 22, 2012
I love WV. I've vacationed in some great places, but have never been enticed enough to leave these mountains. Unless you're in prison, wherever you are in this beautiful state, if you choose to believe your statement that "WV Sucks", I don't think you'd be happy if you were sitting in the midst of everything you think you desire.
Mr. Joe

Lewisburg, WV

#34 Jul 22, 2012
If the entire state of West Virginia was destroyed by a natural disaster I would have a block party with a live band. That place is the biggest shlthole ever.
The Observer

Beckley, WV

#35 Jul 22, 2012
Yeah wrote:
I live in wv, it is the worst and most stupid state in the country
Have you lived in all the other states in this country to make such a statement? I guess you want a lifestyle that WV is unable to provide for you. Bear in mind that for some people, West Virginia is the ideal place to live, and for others it isn't. You cannot make a judgment of an entire state based on your experience in one area. Yes, indeed there are stupid people here, but they can be found every where else. If you are not happy living in this state then you have the freedom to move. Just keep in mind that every state has its minuses and pluses, and these must be weighed in order to determine the best choice for residency.

Bluefield, WV

#36 Jul 22, 2012
Well right now WV is in better shape than a lot of states. It costs less to live here. I was born and raised here and I love it. No one is making you stay. 460 and I-77 both lead to other places. You are free to leave anytime you want too. I chose to live here. I have lived in VA and did not like it. I have visited NC,SC,GA,VA,TN,FL,MI,IL,MD,DC, PA,KY,NY, AL and probably some other states,along with Great Britain, Ireland and Scotland. I was educated in WV and I am not illiterate or a hillbilly. I love WV, almost Heaven. It is where I live and hope to die--in God's country!!!!!
Hater of Hillbilly Heaven

Hurricane, WV

#37 Jul 23, 2012
Well It is only fair to want to defend where you came from. And no West Virginia is not cheaper to live... everthing is expensive here. It may be cheaper because over half of WV lives on Welfare and abuses the government!I feel sorry for West Virginia these people are so sheltered! There is a bigger world out there! You can choose to die in a foresaken state that is your decision! If you want to fight for your racist, rude and hillbilly state go ahead.. if it allows you to rest easier at night!:)
Just saying

United States

#38 Jul 23, 2012
Hater of Hillbilly Heaven wrote:
Well It is only fair to want to defend where you came from. And no West Virginia is not cheaper to live... everthing is expensive here. It may be cheaper because over half of WV lives on Welfare and abuses the government!I feel sorry for West Virginia these people are so sheltered! There is a bigger world out there! You can choose to die in a foresaken state that is your decision! If you want to fight for your racist, rude and hillbilly state go ahead.. if it allows you to rest easier at night!:)
May I ask where are you from?

Lerona, WV

#39 Jul 23, 2012
It's not the place, it's the people and we have the Welfare Department to thank for that. If they cut the welfare rolls by 50% then cut the benefit by 50% for the balance you wuld see them scatter. It would do a lot in cleaning up the place. The Welfare and HUD housing have done a lot in moving this trash into neighborhoods that had been decent family neighborhoods. I'm sure that the Welfare benefits are the only things that are keeping those critical people in the area.
Robert Clay

Midlothian, VA

#40 Jan 5, 2013
i left the state of wv.the best move i could ever have made.i worked my ass off for over 20 years to get no were.i moved to lousiana 8 years ago and im doing very well now.i have a custom cabinet shop thats doing well.in wv i couldn't hardly pay my bills.the government in wv don't care about its people at all.they keep people broke to keep them working.don't get me wrong its a very pretty state but you can't get anywhere there.allways a new law to keep the people down.you allways here the grass is greener on the other side.in wv's case its true.i will never come back to a state that feeds off its people.wv isn't growing its getting smaller year by year.its time for my fellow wv folks to leave a no where state.there is a way better life else where.i hate wv government!!!!!!!
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Rock, WV

#42 Jan 6, 2013
I still think WV is a good place to live and yes it is cheaper than a lot of places. I have family that lives in other states and cannot believe how little you have to pay for a home in WV compared to their states. They are also amazed by the cost of groceries. WV is higher than surrounding states in gas prices but about national average. We also are not laying off state employees like other states and are not in debt like other states. Every state has it's problems but I still and always will love WV and if you want to call me a hillbilly, go ahead. My skin is thick enough to take it. I am proud to be A West Virginian. If you do not live here, don't worry about it. If you do live here, like I said before, move. Go where you want to live but I am sure there will be problems there too. As for entertainment, I never have problems finding things to do. I stay busy. WV Mountaineer, now and forever--almost Heaven!!!!
Joe Crowe

Ardsley, NY

#43 Jan 7, 2013
Wv sucks period!!!!! Full of welfare low-life's and dope heads and alcoholics. Just watch that new show about how stupid wv people are. IDIOTS!!!!

Rupert, WV

#44 Jan 7, 2013
It does suck. I'd leave but all of my family is here and they refuse to move because they're afraid of anything outside of their little bubble. Come to think of it, I'm afraid of what's outside of the bubble too but I also long to experience it. We are taught to fear anything different and it traps people here. One day, I'll break free and leave this redneck and pillhead paradise. One day. I hope I can do it soon before I wind up like everyone else around here.

The people who think it's awesome are usually the ones who refuse all ideas of change. They're the ones who keep everything 20 years behind the rest of the country and kill all hope for the rest of us. To be happy here, you must be old, drug/alcohol addicted, uneducated, hopelessly dull, or a person who preys on those previously mentioned either through business practice or robbery.

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