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#21 Jul 24, 2010
shazam wrote:
<quoted text>
I've heard from a few people that some of the staff is extremely flirtatious to some of the fathers from a couple of aquaintances of mine. Do they do drug tests for the workers there? If not they need too!
No they do a small background check that is all. I agree
Caring Mom

Norfolk, VA

#22 Jul 24, 2010
the Learning Tree. I have grandchildren that goes there. It is the most update, clean, and learning day care. The owner is always working there, She loves all those kids as if they were her own. Staff is very out going and loves the children.
do this

Warwick, RI

#23 Jul 25, 2010
Get all for the daycares that u would like to consider and go in every one and look it over and interview they staff. Than take ur top 3 or so and take ur children in their and let them stay and play for a few and see if they like it bc every person is not going to like some daycares for one reason or another not everyone's likes the same things about daycares. and u and ur child decide together where u go and after choosing do pop in at driffent times of the day
Mother of 2

Rocky Mount, NC

#24 Jul 26, 2010
My children go to Mother Goose. I've been exceedingly pleased with them. I visited almost all the daycares surrounding Princeton and at first did not choose Mother Goose because it was too small. I wasn't pleased with my first choice, so I put them in Mother Goose. They too, teach the children and treat them as if they were their own. I have come to feel as if I'm leaving them with family when I drop my kids off there. You have to find the one that works for you because each daycare has pros and cons. And like someone else mentioned, you may have one disgrutled worker or parent that doesn't have anything good to say because of one bad experience. That doesn't mean that they are not a great facility because it's impossible to please everyone! When I was choosing a daycare, I used a pro/con list to help with the decision. Happy finding!
long time

Beckley, WV

#25 Jul 27, 2010
I have 2 children they both attend Kidz at hart. And I would recomend them as well. They do teach the children alot. The owner is very involved and does alot above and beyond for these kids.

Everyone is always so quick to judge....Please remember we are all humans and make mistakes ...And someone somewhere always has a bad story about something..that goes to show as I already said we are humans an make mistakes
A mommy

Beckley, WV

#26 Jul 27, 2010
Rita is great!! She frequently takes my little man to help pick out books to read to the kids! He loves all the staff!
long time wrote:
I have 2 children they both attend Kidz at hart. And I would recomend them as well. They do teach the children alot. The owner is very involved and does alot above and beyond for these kids.
Everyone is always so quick to judge....Please remember we are all humans and make mistakes ...And someone somewhere always has a bad story about something..that goes to show as I already said we are humans an make mistakes
Maranda Wimmer

Rocky Mount, NC

#27 Aug 14, 2010
I went to kid connection for 11 years and they do take good care of the kids. They teach discipline but also know how to have a good time. Lisa is a very good woman, I have known her my entire life.
Princess of Princeton

United States

#28 Aug 17, 2010
Well I strongly recommend you to sit at every day care you consider for a day or two without letting them know, because the day cares now days aren't all they are cracked up to be
I agree with you

Maysel, WV

#29 Aug 18, 2010
not there wrote:
<quoted text>
I worked at kid connection. I wouldn't leave an animal there. I quit because of abuse. I seen kids yelled at, hit, made fun of, and left in diapers. I reported it all to lisa and NOTHING was ever done. One child ended up with a broken color bone. When a child gets hurt the worker is supposed to write down what happened. Most of those only tell half the truth. Babies are left in the cribs unless the fathers are flirting with the women there, or you are friends with them. WORST PLACE EVER. Things are not always what they seem to be when a parent comes in.
My children went to Kid Connection in 2008, and my at the time 2 year old was Physically Abused! Only his 2nd day there I picked him uo and noticed He had adult handprints around his upper and lower arms, not to mention The marks around his ankles. So someone had for sure Abused him, I did not realize the bruises where there until I got home! When I saw them I took him strait to the State Police Dept, and Sure enough with enough time, SGT Clemmons, called and told me that a girl did confess to holding my child down forcefully, and she also added that she was a big girl, and she admitted to putting her fat leg over my 30lb son. I know the women's first Name was Lucinda, But I am not sure of her last name, They wouldnt provide me with that, I am sure for fearing her safety which was smart, My son has never been the same again, After this He quit talking and totally regressed, So I pray that the lord Makes this LUCINDA woman, Pay, If i ever find out who she is. There is no doubt in my mind that she will learn exactly who I am, I believe she should be abused as my son was! Does anyone know her last name, I would love to know I have been trien to find out now for years, Any info would be nice. My children went to LIFELINE, and They are awesome, they did Great with My son, He loved going there each and every day, they had to grow his trust at first, because of the BAD experiences, But They helped me turn my son just a lil more back into the child he was before kid connection. I would recommend Life line to anyone, wish my kids still went there!

Princeton, WV

#30 Aug 18, 2010
If there was child abuse and she was actually convicted of it she would have went to jail and she didnt, and just because you have an issue with someone that no longer works there that doesnt make the whole daycare a bad place
I agree with you

Maysel, WV

#31 Aug 18, 2010
Actually she did do it, and I was told she was charged, and Actually, My son got money from thier insurance company! It was the Insurance Company who called me, and offered me the money, I never even Obtained a lawyer! And you are right, As i understand it, she does not work their anymore, and She will never be able to work with children again, I think the owner could have had enough nerve to at least call and apoligize for my bad experience with the daycare! But she didn't and honestly, The place was nasty dirty when I took my kids their, the only reason they went their was there were no openings at other daycares, at the time! We all have our own thoughts on everything, And I wish I would have never taken my children there! DO u know who this women is? If so Make sure and tell her the lil boys mom who she abused in 2008 said to GO TO HELL! She is nothing but a child abusing Peice of trash! Who will eventually get exactly what she deserves! And that was not a threat, I have saw this happen before, If we just do nothing and sit back, these people self destruct!

Princeton, WV

#32 Aug 18, 2010
honey I know if something like that would have happened to one of my children, i probably would have reacted in a horrible manner, I would honestly hurt someone bad over my kids, I do know what your saying and if that happened she should pay for what she done, the case was dismissed from what I understand. all im saying is I know quite a few people at that daycare and I have nothing but good things to say about them, I hear bad in every daycare, noone is perfect something will happen everywhere you go but just because one person messes up doesnt mean the whole place is bad. my children arent in daycare at all and im thankful I dont have to place mine somewhere but I would choose kid connection if I had to
I agree with you

Maysel, WV

#33 Aug 18, 2010
Thanks for understanding I was told she was charged! I do understand that one person can ruin a companies reputation! I just think that the owner could and should have called and apoligized to me. She never did, and It made me feel like she didn't care at all what happened to my child! Yes I was very upset, and I told the police that I was going to beat her a**, I am a lil women no doubt, But One thing you shouldn't mess with is a women's child. When they entrust you with them! and yes I am still very angry over this, Now I will find out to make sure she was charged as I was told! Please answer this one for me! Do you personally know this lady, Because I would seriously Like to stand face to face with her!! I want to know why she hurt my child regardless! I know she has a child! How would she have felt if someone were to have hurt her Child! I had to put my child through numerous tests to make sure he didn't have a bleeding disorder! Which he didn't she was overly forceful with my child, and I have the pictures To remind me of how Horribly My babies Poor lil Body was bruised! I mean it was totally uncalled for! You said you were a mother, if u would see the photo's I have you would be angry yourself! I can guarentee you that! I have never saw such destinct and horrible brusing especially on a child!

Princeton, WV

#34 Aug 18, 2010
I dont know her personally, I have never saw her.. someone that knows her just told me about it, so if you want to know for sure the best thing to do is find out for yourself.

Bluefield, WV

#35 Aug 18, 2010
I definitely agree that Kidz at Hart is a good one.. I use to work there and all the employees are very good with the kids. They are very routine there, like some other day cares I'm sure. they DEF make sure all the kids get fed 3 meals plus snacks in between. they are randomly drug tested, backgroudn checked, certified in cpr and first aid, and to work in the kitchen they hvae their food handlers. i know those are all requirements anywhere but at Kidz at Hart they make sure all the requiremtns are met. Rita, the ownder, is a very nice person and its not just business to her. She loves those kids and she is very good with them and their families. I haven't ever dealt with other daycares but as fas as I'm concerned, you cant get much better than them.

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#36 Aug 18, 2010
pjordan wrote:
The daycare behind PCH which is run by CASE of WV is a pretty good day care center. I know that our family has had good luck with them. However the bottom line is that infants cannot talk and they have to have extra attention so you may want to consider a private sitter until they are vocal. Daycare is now and has always been scary for Mommies. Good Luck Ladies and Gentlemen.

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