Colbird found guilty

Colbird found guilty

There are 151 comments on the Bluefield Daily Telegraph story from Jul 13, 2006, titled Colbird found guilty. In it, Bluefield Daily Telegraph reports that:

By TAMMIE TOLER Princeton Times PRINCETON - The defense argued there were no facts in the evidence against Timothy Colbird, but the former teacher's Mercer County jury found differently.

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Tim Colbird Advocate

United States

#1 Nov 20, 2006
I've known Tim Colbird for my entire life. I do not believe he committed these crimes. He was a loving and kind human being, father, brother, uncle, cousin, and friend. Why, if he did these things, was there never a whisper of any previous occurances?
Pedophiles don't start abusing children in middle age. Pedophiles begin at a much earlier age. Pedophiles don't begin abusing kids after a lifetime of kindness, good deeds, and interaction with children. Of all the numerous nephews, neices, neighbors, his own children, and friends, no one has ever even hinted at any sort of sexual misconduct, until recently. Many of these people wrote letters to the judge that nothing inappropriate had ever happened while in the company of Tim Colbird. Why didn't this come out in court?
Why was he voted teacher of the year, and was reputed to be one of the favorites of his students, if he did these things? He did not do them.
Now he is with our merciful God and is at rest and those of us who knew him and loved him will miss him and respect him for always.
Our one wish is that the people who really knew him will come forward and remember and state the positive things about this exceptional man.

Zanesville, OH

#2 Nov 21, 2006
I also knew Tim all my life and never heard of ANY complaints against him! Tim was a like a brother to me and spent many days teaching me to fish,took me camping,we played baseball and he just taught me alot. He was a great mentor,a great example of the way we are meant to live our lives and most of all,he was a great friend to me(just like a brother).He was always there to lend a helping hand to anyone that needed it.He was kind,loving,understanding and a true friend that just loved life itself and would NEVER do anything to harm someone else.I spent ALOT of time alone with Tim and there was never ANY hint of wrong doing by him. There are those of you who have said some terrible things about him,he's at peace now and you can not hurt him any more! GOD knows what kind of person Tim was and I beleive HE was proud of Tim and the way he lived his life and HE will make sure the truth comes out.
fact finder

Bridgeport, WV

#3 Nov 27, 2006
wasnt he found guilty though..was he wrongly convicted??are you saying the young girl is the guilty one
Tim Colbird Loved by all

United States

#4 Nov 29, 2006
He Was Innocent!!!! but a Jury and prosecutor and female state police officer SGT and the mother were all in on it from the start this was just about money and greed and for a few of them there ego got in the way for promotions!!! lets use this to may Top Dog!! way to go serve and protect yeah right LOL what a joke what happened to innocent until proven guilty there was no physical evidence in this case and the boys were friends and the one boy dated the others sister just recently how shocking was that and got caught lying they had a picture of them to being all snuggley hummm smells fishy huh I thought so. almost got off the main subject i wanted to mention there was suppost to have been a miss Trial where the verdict was released from jury way before they supposted to have made a verdict seems like oops someone or few of them were working on the inside all i can say here to sum all this stuff there was a lot of unjust stuff that happened to Tim Colbird that shouldn't have happened in a million years and we really seen how bad people can be in a mayberry one horse town with crappy court system.
fact finder

Bridgeport, WV

#5 Nov 29, 2006
thanks for clearing that up for me..I really didnt know.
A Dear Friend

United States

#6 Nov 30, 2006
Listen up you people that thinks a innocent man did these crimes! Ya people have no respect for a man that loved eveyone and hated no one! He is gone but will be missed sadly! He was loved by so many people! He had grandbabies that will never get to see their GREAT PAWPAW, it is bad that a innocent man is gone due to weird people that has no self respect and bad comments on a Great man! For those people that sent him to jail over stupid stuff and no true , my god help you and you have pitter on your self! Tim is looking down on us now and even though he is gone he still is in everyones prayers! You mothers and the state police woman and judge and the newspapers should be ashamed of themselfs! Tim will always be with us but i say again it is crazy that crazy comments has been made and that it has went this far that he is now gone! We loved him and always will!
fact finder

Bridgeport, WV

#7 Nov 30, 2006
what happened to him?/I never said he was guilty.never..just was curios .sorry if I offended anyone..

Montgomery, TX

#8 Dec 2, 2006
Timmy's name still needs to be cleared! If things keep going the way they are, we won't have any teacher to teach our kids. Everyone will be afraid of what these kids will say about them if they give too much homework or say something to them when they are misbehaving. The only way we will have teachers will be if they put two teachers in one classroom at all times. I know I would never be a teacher!

United States

#9 Dec 2, 2006
Ok First Off I want to Say that im one of Tim Colbird Son's Aka Puppy Dog" Ive couldintive been anymore lucky to have a Dad as good as the one God Gave me I just can't describe him in just one word He was way more then a Dad to me He was my Best Friend and someone that i looked up to as my role model and someone i could just feel like one of the guys with we done everything together and I can honestly say that i was with Dad all the way through the Good and within the last 2 years through the bad but i wouldn't trade nothing for the time i had with him!! I just miss him so much i never in a million years thought in my mind that something like this happen to him and to wake up everyday with apart of my World is gone forever cause there was so much more stuff i wanted to do with him like for him to take his Grandson fishing cause i know my Dad he was so skilled in about everything that he did when me and my Brothers were growing up Im just gonna miss that and all the talks with him " Hey Dad Just wanted to call and say I Love ya" or just the usual call Dad i need your help But Unfortunatley i can't do that nomore and he is Now with Our Maker The Lord Up In Heaven i just want everyone to know how good of a person and gave to all everything he had and one thing that he taught me that Family comes first and i plan to keep that in my Heart along with him Forever. sorry to just bounce around here this is really hard for me just one more thing i will sign off My Dad Loved Everyone and would not harm no one He never abused me or any of my Brothers in any kind of way sexual or whatever he was always wanting us to be upright men and make something of ourselves and go to Church thats all he wanted for us and in closing Im proud of My Dad and i know a lot of you reading this is to and he was Loved by more people then i can imagine and will be missed greatly Love Ya Dad and im proud to be your Son your in my Heart always. Dean
Dear Friend

Winterville, NC

#10 Dec 2, 2006
What can I say! It is crazy that tim is gone, it dont seem real! He is missed so much by so many people and always will be! Tim was a Great individal and was looked up to by so many people! His granddaugther and grandson will never ever get to see their Pawpaw again due to no respect! Alexis and Zachary looked up to him and loved him so MUCH! He is so sweet and kind and would never ever do these comments or anything to hurt anyone! Tim will always be with us, and will always be in our hearts! Tim always told me that he wanted to see his grand babies grow up and now he cant, and to be truthful if it wasnt for this stuff he would be here to see them grow up! And everyone would be happy! To Tim we love you so much and miss you so bad! Alexis and Zachary love you Pawpaw! You will be miss dearly!
fact finder

Bridgeport, WV

#11 Dec 3, 2006
sounds like he was a great guy, to all of his family and friends I'm so sorry for your loss.What happened to him?If his death had anything to do with being wrongly accused than may god have mercy on their souls.God knows everything..
Spanishburg loyalty

Montgomery, TX

#12 Dec 6, 2006
Note (NOT used by defense in his trial) in behalf of Timothy Colbird, from ONE friend who was not a coward!: "To Whom It May Concern, I have known Tim Colbird as educator, parent, coach, and friend for 13 years. I admire him as an educator. He changed my child's life. He understood the uniqueness of my child's perfectionist personality, and facilitated his academic and social growth while encouraging him to accept and appreciate his uniqueness. While in Mr. Colbird's class, my child achieved many accomplishments. He tied for 1st place in the county math field day in addition to winning several essay and poetry contests. Mr. C was probably one of the most intelligent and challenging teachers any of my children have ever had in the educational system. He taught hands-on science and made learning fun. He reached all academic levels in the same classroom. I have accompanied him on field trips and basketball outings where he was respected by students and parents alike. He is so knowledgeable and is willing to share his knowledge uncondescendingly with both students and adults. He always went above and beyond to make sure ALL students achieved academic and social growth. In addition, I also taught his child. As a parent, he was extremely supportive and helpful." ONE real friend..who will always be appreciated by the Colbird family!

Willis, TX

#13 Dec 7, 2006
O' Dad, where do i start and where do i end, you where my father and my best friend. Now all i have ia pictures and memories of all the times you have spent with me. O'Dad, i miss that sound of your voice, and that sparkle in your eyes, I wish i could have been there to tell you i loved you, and hugged you good-bye. O'Dad, how do i explain you, to your grandaughter, O'Dad i will tell her the first word's you taught her and all of the dresses, and barney tapes you got her, or maybe those mornings you cooked her food,spinning her around, or watching dora cartoons. O'Dad you will be loved by us all,and lexy will allways know that you were her paw-paw. O'Dad, when i meet you in heaven one day, no more sadness and sickness will stand in your way, and all of those people that acted like they were your friends, that never showed up, or help to defend. O'Dad it doesn't matter about them because god is the only one you can depend on in the end.
I love you dad, chuck
From John

Montgomery, TX

#14 Dec 7, 2006
Note (not used by defense in his trial) "To Whom It May Concern: My name is John Bennett. I am the 37 year old uncle of Timmy Colbird. Timmy's mother. Audie Colbird Croyle is my half-sister. In 1975 when I was 6 years old, I came to West Virginia to live with Audie Colbird Croyle and her family. From that time on I was raised as one of her children. Timmy Colbird and I grew up as brothers.- Even though Timmy was in college by the time I came to live with the family, we shared a bedroom when he was at home for weekends, breaks, etc. During those times, Timy never did anything to make me feel uncomfortable. His behavior toward me was never sexually oriented in any way. I feel that such behavior would have manifested itself if it had been present, even 31 years ago.- I went to both middle school and high school where Timmy was a teacher. I never heard of any inappropriate behavior during my attendance at either of those facilities. I feel sure that such behavior would have been discussed by my classmates, and I would have been aware if such indiscretions were occuring.- Audie was a very strict "Mother". I was allowed to attend only a select few parties and go out with other students only with her approval. One place she did let me spend time was at Timmy's home. I was also allowed to go fishing, hunting, camping, etc. with Timmy. Again, there was no hint of of any sexual advance from Timmy on any of those occasions.- I now live in North Carolina. I am married with two children. My wife and I have been married nearly seven years. My oldest daughter is almost six and my youngest daughter is almost one. My wife and I would, without hesitation, trust Timmy Colbird with either of our daughters in our short-term or extended absence.- I am so grateful to Audie and her family for taking me in and treating me as one of their own. I would not be the successful and loving man that I am today without this entire family that gave so unselfishly of their love. Timmy has never been anything but loving and supportive of me all these years. He has undoubtedly come to be my "brother" in every sense of the word. In closing I would (have) like (d) the court to heavily consider my input in this matter. I would be(have been) happy to travel to West Virginia and (have) testify (ied) to these facts in court, if necessary. In all the years I have lived with and visited the home of Timmy Colbird, I have never felt that Timmy would take advantage of any individual, much less take advantage of one of the students that he has so unselfishly dedicated his life to through teaching, coaching and mentoring." Regards from a brother.
Mother of Timothy Colbird

Charleston, WV

#15 Dec 25, 2006
Big Brother's Big Business. In a world of fear, American cities and corporations are spending billions on high-tech surveilance equipment. A look at the economic engine and privacy concerns surrounding 'smart cameras' and other devices ( . In the past several months I have sent the following message to West Virginia legispative representatives in Washington (Senator Byrd, Senator Rockefeller and Representative Nick Jo Rahall.), and State representatives: Governor Joe Manchin, Truman Chapin, Richard Browning and Rick Staton, as well as the West Virginia Board of Education. Re: SCHOOL CAMS. "In the interest of safety and justice for the innocent, I am hoping for your interest in promoting School Cameras to provide a 'Second Presence' in every school situation, extending onto school bus and playground areas. When a set time is past, the camera film could be collected, dated and stored for future reference as a protection for all. It is to be hoped that this might be seen as an answer to school violence, mistreatment of children, false accusations against the innocent, and the devastation caused by ALL of these. We are already seeing this done, but only in limited situations. I believe it needs to be done in a COMPLETE and UNIFORM manner. Please lend your influence to protect the innocent." Note:'Caught on Camera' is becoming a common factor in ESTABLISHING TRUTH with: children left with suspect BABY SITTERS and in a variety of POLICE situations. The CHURCH would long ago have benefited from the same precautions. PHYSICIANS have established their safety net by including an ACTUAL 'Second Presence', in the form of the presence of a second PERSON during physical exams. I believe the time now is, in which the safety of Americans could be vastly improved by the use of cameras to DETER wrong-doing BEFORE THE FACT, rather than SUFFER THE RESULTS of misplaced trust. Please lend YOUR influence to protect the innocent. Thank you for any interest you might generate! I am the mother of an innocent and decent teacher, who died before his name could be cleared.. But God sees all and He will repay. Audie (Colbird) Croyle (mother, grandmother,great-grandmother.
Brother- teacher

Sulphur Springs, TX

#16 Dec 27, 2006
I'd identify this young man as a matador, a bull-fighter who fought for human intelligence, education, dignity and success for all. And as hard as he fought for those things, he also fought twice as hard against ignorance, prejudice and negavity. He fought for the success of all who touched his life. He sought only goodness and fairness. Those of you who knew him well and were touched by him knew what a positive person he could be. He gave his entire life to society as an educator, same as I, by trying to help all and to give to others a concrete, definite, and tangible foundation for their lives. That is what I think of when I think of Tim Colbird. His appearance on earth is the central event of all. As a man he lived the most beautiful life ever known. He was a father to those that needed a father, and a mentor for all who needed mentoring. He loved to tour the United States and to see what this country had to offer. We. as a family, toured many sites in West Virginia. He took his mom to tour the Grand Canyon and shared much of the information he gathered from his travels with his students in school. He was one of the kindest, tenderest, gentlemen; He was one of the most patient, most sympathetic men that ever lived. He loved people and always gave a helping hand to those who needed it. He gave shelter to some who were turned away by their parents, and accepted criticism for offering assistance. He hated to see people in trouble. He loved to forgive. He gave his life to assist the needy and to honor God. It is and shoud be said of him and no other that if all of the deeds of kindness that he did were written, the world could not contain the books. That is the type of man that 'Tim-The-Matador-Colbird' was. Man can take away your dignity, but not your pride. It is all you have to hold on to. Now Tim has found healing and relief with our Lord.'Bull Fighter', it is time to lay down your sword and cape, and rest in peace with the justifier of all man-kind, the Lord up above. He will justify and guide your battles now, Tim. You will always be with us in our hearts. And you will always be remembered during trout season; You, Georgie and Joey following behind that old white fish truck. "Bull Fighter", you will be missed, but not forgotten. We will love you always!! 11/19/2006. Larry Davenport

Princeton, WV

#17 Dec 28, 2006
Tim did live behind me for year's.
I seen him drive by me never bothering know one.
He took on three boys and raised them.
I seen him at Camp Creek teaching. Not bothering know one. Books open not bothering know one. Waving at me,as I walked by. His children came to my home. Very well behaved. I do miss him.
I have a son that had it happen to him. And the girl lied under oth!!!!!!!!!! two the judge. And we had paper work two prove it, she under age. We will let God take care of that. When girls stalk gys it is another story. People that you thank are your friends don't show up.

God gave him wing to fly hi
To the family we will keep you in our prayers
God bless

your friend

We Love You

Charleston, WV

#18 Jan 5, 2007
you were always smiling,
even when things got rough.
you always were there for us,
when your life was tough.
i'd gladly trade you places,
trade my life for yours,
you brought a special light to the world,
and a smile that everyone adores.
god rest you in his hands,
and hold you oh so tight,
lay you down with angels,
singing lullibies at night.
smile and look down on us,
know we think of you,
never have we been so blessed ,
to have a friend like you......
this is in memory of Timothy Colbird...if you knew him, you knew someone very special.A father, a friend ,a son, a teacher and a blessing to everyone who knew you! we love you Tim....
Tim we love you and miss you so much!
Pawpaw, Alexis and Zachary loves so much!
Not a day goes by that we dont think of you, your amazing and we love you so much! But we all know you r no longer in pain and you dont have to deal with bad things anymore! We love and miss you more than anything in the world!
We love you Tim!
Love always
Nicole & Alexis (Booboo)

Willis, TX

#19 Jan 7, 2007
Those of the Colbird family thanks you for offering your friendship in behalf of Timothy during a time when his scores of wonderful and true friends were somehow not to be found. You are correct. People that you think are your friends..that you know in your heart will step forward, and tell the truth in your behalf..don't. God forgive their cowardice. For those who sat in that chair beside the Judge.. and swore to tell the truth, and had no compunction about immediate lies ..Shame on you. While he was still able to speak, Timothy prayed for those who did this to him. Because he prayed for them, surely the family can also pray. We pray that their consciences trouble them to the point that they cannot eat or sleep.cannot rest, until they drop to their knees and to save their sanity, confess the truth. Natalie. I pray the truth also comes out in the case of your child. God is still in charge. Vengence is his and he WILL repay. Lord Haste the day!
We love you

Bluefield, WV

#20 Feb 2, 2007
Tim you,
Left Me
Emotionally lost,
And physically weak.
You wanna know why,
But my tears can't speak.
Completely torn,
Left with a painful scar.
Quietly crying,
You've gone too far.
Shrieking in pain,
With eyes completely blurred.
Future ruined,
And a dream deferred.
Smile askew,
And a laugh so fake.
Don't know how much more,
Of this I can take.
Glasses fogged up,
And my hands ice cold.
They aren't warm anymore,
Without yours' to hold.
Lips chapped,
With skin so pale.
No reason to smile,
When life's gone stale.
Quietly watching,
As they lower your body.
Tossing in a rose,
Can't believe you left me.
Screaming in distress,
Completely torn apart.
Silently sobbing,
With pain in my heart.
Reminiscing the memories,
I can still see your smile.
I'll be seeing you soon,
Just wait a little while.
We love you Tim!
Nicole, Chuck, and Alexis

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