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#101 Mar 7, 2010
The mall does suck really bad and the teenagers are terrible on the weekends. but ya know what? when the first of the month rolls around you can make a lot of money. the rent there is "too high" because renters who make too little open their business there. if you could really get an idea for the target market that comes into the mercer mall, you can make a lot of money. hate to say it, but you have to embrace the teenagers sometimes to make a few bucks.
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#102 Apr 8, 2010
that parking lot is a real mess. they want us to come spend our money there but on top of having good stores to shop in the parking lot is a total mess.

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#103 Apr 8, 2010
well wrote:
I don't think roses and bonsworth and primitive stores are junk. I find some good deals in them and a lot of times you cant tell thats where it came from. this is whats left holding our mall together. yea our mall is crappy but look at it this way at least there is somewhere else to go besides wal mart. I mean they may not have what you need and it may look run down but eventually its gonna close their doors in due time, there is nothing there anymore and a lot of people don't like to go on the weekends because its like a daycare for kids. I mean little kids. they need to have some restrictions on that!
I agree with the 'daycare' comment. I'm a mother of two toddlers and take them there when the weather is bad to play in the play area (which is not kept up to 'mother' standards), see the puppies at Petland, etc. There are a few good parents that take care and actually watch their children, but I get tired of pretty much babysitting not only my own kids, but everyone else's! They just leave them there while they shop or eat, or just sit there on their cell phones, not paying a bit of attention to them. I guess this isn't really a mall problem but I had to vent a little.

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#104 Apr 8, 2010
They really need to ban children from the mall under 17 without a parent. They do this in other malls like the one in Roanoake and the Mall of America. No one wants to walk through the crowds of loud brats to get to the stores that they wanna shop in.

Brentwood, TN

#105 Apr 8, 2010
It pisses me off that the bookstore went out of business. Not that it was any good or anything, but it was the only bookstore in the area.

What does that say about the level of ignorance in this area when Bluefield and Princeton combined can't support one piddley ass bookstore, and Bluefied has two damn colleges.

It tells me that the majority of the population can't or doesn't read. If Topix is an accurate cross section of the community than that tells me that better than half of the community can't read or write. Kinda sad actually.
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#106 Apr 8, 2010
It makes me sad to go in Petland! The bulldogs they get are passed around like a rag doll & they dont even make them sanitize their hands first! They have infections between the wrinkles on their faces, its very sad how mistreated the animals are!
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Chesterfield, MO

#107 Apr 8, 2010
I heard from a former employee that when an animal was hurt instead of taking the time & money to get them better they just put them in a trashbag & threw them away!(that was the old owner, idk about the new one)
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#108 Apr 8, 2010
& yes, the mall should relocate to somewhere close to 77! My question is if the rent is $1,000 or more per store per month, what the hell do they do with all the money bc they certainly dont use it to make the mall more appealing!!!

Nashville, TN

#109 Apr 9, 2010
Bully Lover wrote:
I heard from a former employee that when an animal was hurt instead of taking the time & money to get them better they just put them in a trashbag & threw them away!(that was the old owner, idk about the new one)
The new owner has changed the place for the better, really. The place is PACKED all the time with people who seem to be happy from what I can tell. I know they have a really good system for sick pets before AND after the sale. They use a vet (and vet students, grads, etc.) in Mercer Co to decide what the illness may be, what to do, and if it needs immediate attention, they either take it to the vet, or the vet sometimes comes in, gives them shots, etc. The girls there are really nice, too. I'm not the absolute expert about Petland or anything, but my neighbor works there and I go in to talk to her sometimes when I'm at the mall, and seriously, it's not bad. I see them work on them and such. Sometimes I end up giving somebody a hand holding a dog for them to check it or whatever, which is funny because I'm really not a pet person at all, but I'll help just because, you know? Haha.

As far as the pitbulls, I can't say, I DO know the dogs get TONS of playtime, both with the customers and with the girls in the store. They've always got one out running around haha. The pitbulls are expensive, and the financing issues tend to cause problems there, but I'm sure you know how that stuff goes. People try to return them just like any other product when they realize they can't afford it. Sad, but it's true. Again, though, I'm no expert.

Also, just like anything, humans get diseases we can't cure too, so sometimes one's sick and the vet can't fix it, but it's not that they didn't try hard. The neighbor called me from work crying over one before.:( Poor girl.

As far as the rest of the mall, it's owned by a company in KY I believe, so the rent money's probably just going into a handful of 401k's and someone's kid going to college over there. I'll agree, Mercer County could use that money, but it's not the individual stores' fault, you know? I still go to the mall just because I like to help out the businesses there, and it's good to see some of the small businesses in there too. It shows us that the county isn't dead after all.
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#110 Apr 9, 2010
Well thank u bc i wondered how that could even be legal or humane, but like i said it came from a former employee w/the old owner so...Its just sad bc every english bulldog they get looks sick & has infection in its wrinkles near its eyes!
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Chesterfield, MO

#111 Apr 9, 2010
That doesnt mean the dogs werent like that when they got them, but again its just sad! I got my bulldog from Petland & they told me he just had a little cold but was on his last days meds & when i got him home&took him to my vet they said he had pneumonia
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#112 Apr 9, 2010
& we actually almost lost him. He had been running July 4th & got overheated & started vomitting & convulsing & we called the vet (who was on vacay w/his fam) & he told us what to do to get him through the night & we took him in the next day
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#113 Apr 9, 2010
& he was shocked they even allowed him to be sold in that condition. Nothing against that store, the rest of the dogs seem to be ok but the bulldogs are always sick. Thats just me though.
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#114 Apr 9, 2010
As far as the people who own Mercer Mall, if they arent going to take care of it so they can profit from it then they need to sell it to someone who will! I still shop there as much as i can, but its still very sad to see all the unused space!

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#115 Apr 9, 2010
Seriously, go see next time you're near the mall! I think they're doing a lot better than you convey.
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#116 Apr 9, 2010
I think I am being very fair, I even stated the dogs couldve been sick when petland got them. I am specifically talking about their bulldogs. I stated the other dogs seemed fine. bulldogs are prone to health issues anyway...
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#117 Apr 9, 2010
I stated I had a bad experience w/getting a bulldog from petland, that doesnt mean everyone will...but will i ever buy another BULLDOG from them? Prob not! I paid $3600 cash for mine & then another $1000 on stuff for him, wont do it again!
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#118 Apr 9, 2010
Plus I put another $2000 into his vet bills getting him well again! So yes, I am not going to feel well about getting another bulldog from them! All of theirs to me, look sick. They get kennel cough & wrinkle infections, etc
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#119 Apr 9, 2010
& it takes A LOT of money to get them better! Money that most people around here cant afford & dont think about when they buy them! I was up there last wk & they had 2 bullys & they both had infected wrinkles!

Nashville, TN

#120 Apr 9, 2010
You're obviously God's gift to bulldogs. I'll shut up now, because if you say EVERY BULLDOG THE STORE HAS EVER HAD, WAS SICK, then clearly that's the truth. Sorry for imposing on you putting a stop to what must be a new kind of infection occurs in ALL BULLDOGS THAT HAVE EVER BEEN IN PETLAND, but doesn't affect any other dog. I've got somebody you need to meet, go in the Bluefield Topix and look for the Lawn Care threads. You two should get together and dramatize everything that ever happens to you. "OMG THERE'S A TRUCK ON OAKHURST!!! I CAN'T GET ANYWHERE IN BLUEFIELD, AND THEY DON'T PAY TAXES!" "OH, THAT'S OKAY HONEY, I SAW A BULLDOG THAT WAS SICK BACK IN 1995, SO DONT EVER BUY ONE FROM PETLAND!!! THEY'RE ALL SICK! ALL OF THEM! AND EVEN THOUGH THEY HAVE A HANDFUL OF VET STUDENTS AND A CERTIFIED TECH ON STAFF, AND A VET THEY CAN GET TO IN UNDER 5 MINUTES, WHOM THEY CALL EVERY DAY... THEY THROW SICK ANIMALS IN THE TRASH!"

You wanna put down their business, fine, but don't f*cking lie about it. What do you have to gain? Are you a competing business owner? If so, I'll let them know your business tactics. If you're just a disgruntled customer? GET OVER IT.

Maybe the reason your dog was sick is because you're a f*cking idiot.

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