Mercer county school teacher dealing ...

Beckley, WV

#43 Sep 21, 2010
Why would teachers not be subject to random drug tests? That makes no sense to me at all. This is something that should be demanded by the parents of students.
friend 7

Beckley, WV

#44 Sep 21, 2010
I have been a stay at home mom for 20 years. I have a traditional marriage. I didn't mean to come off to you as judging anyone. I just feel for people who seem to have a good life and make a few poor choices. And as for me having 5 children thats what i chose for my life. we fully take care of our children. I want to be the one there when their sick and to get them off the bus. To take them to any and all sports practices and events. I love being able to do theses things for my family. So sorry if i said anything to upset you. That was not my intentions. I to have had some bad experiences with the school system. But there is always going to be wrongs happening because we are human. God bless you and yours.

Beckley, WV

#45 Sep 21, 2010
see a stylist

Princeton, WV

#46 Sep 21, 2010
I thought Pepper Martin was on drugs last year when I saw her crazy ass hairdo.

San Benito, TX

#47 Sep 21, 2010
Heard she was fired today
tired of it

Parkersburg, WV

#48 Sep 21, 2010
teacher wrote:
<quoted text> Excuse me, but I don't have an attitude. And, no, I am not a Mz. I am a male teacher who has NEVER done any illegal drugs at all. I will gladly submit to a drug test. Parents should also, and so should your children! It is hard to teach someone when they are spaced out on pot or some pill! It is even harder to teach a child when the parents are partying all night long and making it impossible for their kids to sleep! Parents need to make sure their kids do their homework, get a good night's rest, and show up for school on time. Unfortunately, many parents could care less about anything but being critical of teachers. I will do my job as a teacher. You please do yours as a parent!
amen tell it like it is, most parents now days could care less about their kids, we need to drug test every parent that gets any kind of gov. assistance, food stamps ,free lunches or any hand out, i'm getting sick of feeding these losers-whole i work everyday.keep your legs closed sluts.

Murfreesboro, TN

#49 Sep 21, 2010
Well, if you get arrested with possession of COCAINE and opiates / benzo's that are NOT prescribed to should lose your job. If later, she is found to be innocent (as she is saying on FB), then rethink it...but firing her is the only thing the Board can and should do.
good question

Beckley, WV

#50 Sep 21, 2010
Veronica Stillwell wrote:
If and I said IF she was doing drugs, why did someone not notice the change in her at her school?
I have the same question! But I have a feeling that some things were over looked that should not have been.

Beckley, WV

#51 Sep 21, 2010
bah wrote:
Well, if you get arrested with possession of COCAINE and opiates / benzo's that are NOT prescribed to should lose your job. If later, she is found to be innocent (as she is saying on FB), then rethink it...but firing her is the only thing the Board can and should do.
for sure!!

Brooklyn, NY

#52 Sep 21, 2010
A little cocaine never hurt anyone.

Smyrna, TN

#53 Sep 21, 2010
I dont know what the school system's policy is in reguards to drug testing teacher's but where I work at if we are suspected of being uner the influence then we can be tested and I feel that teacher's should be the same. Fortunatley she was not supervising kids at this time. I hope she gets her life together is all I can say. But this problem is not new. WHEN I was in highschool we had a teacher that passed out in class every day. Its nothing new you would think that the school system would do something by now

Athens, WV

#54 Sep 21, 2010
good question wrote:
<quoted text>
I have the same question! But I have a feeling that some things were over looked that should not have been.
recreational use - weekend worrior would be my guess
Watched --o-o--

Beckley, WV

#55 Sep 21, 2010
It is my understanding that they can random drug test us at any given time, and if they suspect something, they can test at anytime. That goes for any MCBOE Employee... Teachers, Bus Drivers, Aides, Cooks, Delivery People, Maintaince Workers, Custodians... everyone. I don't know how this goes for those who work in the actual Central Office... They may not have the same policies as we do, because most of them do not go into the schools with the children.
is it true

Smoot, WV

#56 Sep 21, 2010
Is it true that the board is short on substitute service personnel because they can't pass a drug test????

Lerona, WV

#57 Sep 21, 2010
***Looked Pepper Martin up on facebook...on her photos page, she has some things she is clothes, a wreath, jeans...stupid stuff..THAT COCAINE IS VERY EXPENSIVE..How much are teachers paid?? Maybe she's been hanging out with Paris Hylton!

Bluefield, WV

#58 Sep 21, 2010
drug test them all this stuff justs makes me sick then to say God will help you thru all this---been wrongley accused if your guilty your guilty---just face it get help and move on theres nothing worse than a drug using liar
Whos side r u on

Beckley, WV

#59 Sep 21, 2010
Goodness, whose side is everyone on here? This is supposed to be about children, protecting them, educating them, nurturing them, both parents and all school personnel have a moral obligation to do this. If you choose to be a parent then you have to committ to parenting, if you choose to be a teacher, counselor,bus driver, cook or maintenance worker, you have to be committed to the children there. Do not turn your head when a co-worker is doing wrong, do not be afraid to stand up to administration when things are being done that are wrong, and if you have a proble with drugs or alcohol please don't take your problem to work with you, leave it at home, ask for help, don't make it public, keep it to yourself. Parents, quit using the system to not parent, get up off your butt and put yourself out there, you have an obligation. Above all else there needs to be some respect within both sets, Parents and Teachers, I have heard too much passing judgement about parenting and teaching. Teachers feel they can raise children better, and parents feel that teacher are taking too many libeties with their children. Stop, and look at the example. Remember too that we have taken God and prayer out of school so what do you expect? You turned your back on him and now he turns his on you. Children are Gods gift to us as our future, and look at how we're behaving!
Neighborhood Atheist

Beckley, WV

#60 Sep 21, 2010
Regarding the statement that this is happening because god has been taken out of schools- god hasn't been taken anywhere. Children can pray whenever they please, but the teachers at the school can't lead them in prayer because the Constitution guarantees that the state will not establish a state religion. Prayer is voluntary and the schools have no business forcing it on our children.

Furthermore, you have to remember that well over 90% of Americans call themselves Christians, and it's the good Christian people of Mercer County that are doing drugs, frequenting prostitutes, etc.


Bluefield, WV

#61 Sep 21, 2010
wth wrote:
<quoted text>
recreational use - weekend worrior would be my guess
Doesn't matter.It's Still illegal."Just Say No" to drugs in teachers purses. "DARE" to arrest teachers who are in possession of illegal drugs. And that goes for weed too. It's still illegal.
Pshs student

Ossining, NY

#62 Sep 21, 2010
As a student I think it would be fair for the teachers to be drug tested. As for the students and parents not so much unless there became an issue such as bringing the drugs to school or whatever it may be. Yes teachers do have lifes after school but that doesn't give them the right to do drugs. And as for any other personnel such as the bus drivers, cooks, custodians, board staff members etc I think if you have any job concerning in county school they should all be drug tested at least once a month at random.

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