Anyone else sick of WVVA?

Lubbock, TX

#21 May 19, 2009
Topix has more local news than the TV, Radio or the Paper.

Bluefield, WV

#22 Jun 16, 2009
I AGREE with most of the viewers about WVVA News. What you see @ 5:00 pm you see @ 6:00 pm and then again @ 11:00 pm. Then to beat that you see the same news @ 5:00am. I have got to the point I call WVVA the RERUN NEWS station. Everything that happens is in Beckley area. To hear the news you never hear anything about Bluefield,Bramwell or the surroundings. Always godd all Raliegh county.

Beckley, WV

#23 Jun 16, 2009
Well, I remember the days of Snoop and Scoop, Resume and then onto Kevin, Cheri, Woody & Stan. I remember a lot of personal interest stories and good news. Interviews with local people about what they do, features of locally owned businessess (without the business having to purchase ads to get on the news), segments showing kids in dance class and at sports practice, local restaurants, club meetings. Real People. They could do this again, just take each day of the week and dedicate 5-10 minutes to a local area (Mercer, McDowell, Monroe, Tazewell & Bland counties) and only to good news--so what if it comes off a little hokey, I know I would enjoy it more than hearing about all the crime in Beckley.
Agrees with all

Lebanon, VA

#24 Jun 29, 2009
A couple months ago, the Rite-Aid in Bluewell was robbed. My fiancee worked there at the time. My parents heard this on the scanner and frantically called me to see if she was working. Thank God she was with me, but she was concerned about the safety of her co-workers.

We rushed to the computer to see if WVVA had a story on it ... we were wrong. Fox 59 had it, so we got our report from there. WVVA didn't run the story until I sent an e-mail complaining about the lack of coverage.

Seriously people ... if someone else has to report the news to you and then you report it to everyone else, why not cut out the middleman and employee us? At least then the salary would go to people who actually care about Mercer and the surrounding counties.
Agrees with all

Lebanon, VA

#25 Jun 29, 2009

Massey Energy chief begins twittering ...

Are we going to get a press release when he uses the facilities as well?... ah, maybe he'll tweet about it.

It's kinda sad, the WVVA homepage has 4 revolving stories. Two are from Raleigh County, 1 is from Summers, and 1 from Tazewell county.

There's 6 stories in the more WVVA headlines ... 3 are from Raleigh county, 2 are state stories, and 1 is Tazewell County. Does Mercer County not have any newsworthy events?

Brentwood, TN

#26 Jan 6, 2010
nothing but amateurs, they don't even report on anything that happens around here. I mean, I see a bad car wreck one day, or see something crazy going on. Well you never hear about it on the news. They're pathetic. It's comedy to watch that mess!

Beckley, WV

#27 Jan 7, 2010
The only thing I've seen worse than NEWSCENTER(?)6 is Channel 4......Now that's bad.

Owners need to just flat out clean house, starting with Corey Henderson and Greg Carter. FIRE THEM BOTH!

Alicia Suka and Sherri and Kevin McGraw were the only decent longterm anchors they're had in years. All were smart enough to move on!

WVVA is only a training ground for the college grads that no one else will hire, apparently. Only decent newbie who went anywhere was Clayton Morris. Look him up if you don't know who I'm talking about; he went places and is on FOX with his own program.

What's with this new weathergirl! OMG! I had to flip channels.

Also, what's up with Barbara Hawkins supposedly reporting what's going on at the state capitol? Her news coverage at the BDT was usually nothing but propaganda, and no matter what good she is doing in the community with Pam's Place, I don't want to see her mug on television. Send a real reporter who isn't part of the political establishment and reporting pure bias--if you can find one!

I tune in to Channel 6 only when I need a laugh at their anchors and weather. Guys, do you ever watch yourselves?

If I want local news coverage and accurate weather, I watch Channel 59 now! THANK HEAVENS WE HAVE THAT CHOICE NOW!
Gosh I agree

Rupert, WV

#28 Jan 7, 2010
Alicia Suka and Sherri and Kevin McGraw were the only decent longterm anchors they're had in years. All were smart enough to move on!
I tune in to Channel 6 only when I need a laugh at their anchors and weather. Guys, do you ever watch yourselves?
If I want local news coverage and accurate weather, I watch Channel 59 now! THANK HEAVENS WE HAVE THAT CHOICE NOW!
Good thing you can get channel 59. Since we had to get the little black box that set us back to the 60's all we get is 6.1 and that is when we have a clear day.I have one of them dish things and can not get locals. Now they want me to bring back the big silver things to sit on the chimney if you have one or a tall tree so we can run out in the yard to turn if we want to get another channel. When Snoop and Scoop left TV went to pot.

Lubbock, TX

#29 Jan 7, 2010
what do you bet that in a few years that WVVA will be all gone from bluefield and stationed in Beckley, they have a office in beckley all ready and they report the news there. I have watched 59 news just to see if there is school tomorrow as they report it before WVVa will.I know its a training station and thats great, we all have to learn somewhere. many small stations take in the young reports to help them get a feel of reporting. but when the station ignores the immediate community that houses them and loses viewer ship. makes you wonder if they do that on perpose so that they can ask the FAA or whomever they anser too if they can relocate?

Brentwood, TN

#30 Jan 7, 2010
There are a few at wvva that do okay.
erica, that paul guy, some of the sports reporters, and that alexa girl from beckley I dont' kn all the people's names, but a few are good.

Some of the others aren't good at all, no offence but they just need more practice I suppose.

But I couldn't do it for sure, so the ones that are I give credit.

Beckley, WV

#31 Jan 7, 2010
their web pole almost never has a box for none of the above or anything outside the answer they want.this is not the group of choices that would be offered by well educated person.

Beckley, WV

#32 Apr 22, 2010
i could care less what happens in beckley i live here in mercer not there
thankful person

Bluefield, WV

#33 Apr 22, 2010
Bubbles wrote:
Topix has more local news than the TV, Radio or the Paper.
Yes, I think you are right. I have dish and I don't know how to work that analog box to get wvva. It doesn't sound like i am missing anything.
Mr happy to live in WV

Bluefield, WV

#34 Apr 25, 2010
No one makes you live where you don't like it there are plenty of places to move to. I feel blessed to be surrounded by beautiful mountains and have the wonderful pleasure of experiencing the four seasons every year! What a beautiful land to be in! head South if you don't like it!
Greg Goodfellow

Ogden, AR

#35 Jun 26, 2010
If you have Dish Network, you're probably getting channel 6, along with channel 4 and perhaps 59. I wouldn't know if you're getting any Charleston channels.

Remember that both channels 4 and 6 serve as training grounds. Channel 5, WDTV, serves the same function. If most people knew how little money on-air people make, one would wonder who would put up with the pressure to perform on a daily basis, whether you felt well or not, whether or not it was a holiday, and so on. I know that a lot of folks that will read this are in similar straits, and I empathize. Very few people feel they're paid what they deserve. I've known young anchors and reporters that lived on loans from their parents until they could find a better opportunity. I also know a 25-year-old that has been a broadcaster since age 16, put himself through college, and worked at a TV station on the weekends until the pressure from his daily broadcasting job became too much.

Tarboro, NC

#36 Jun 26, 2010
tired wrote:
It is channel 10 if you have SuddenLink, Alicia Suka does a wonderful job!
On Suddenlink it is Channel 11, 59 News.

Princeton, WV

#37 Jun 26, 2010
McDowell WTH would they want to cover that for? Bunch of sorry ass lazy people.

Princeton, WV

#38 Jun 27, 2010
My family has a joke about WVVA. We will watch it just so we can say that yes, there may have been a murder in Princeton, the town of Bluefield has been burnt to the ground, and a tornado has hit the region around Bluefield VA--but we'll watch WVVA, because they will be talking about a dog show in Beckley and they will be giving a live report in McDowell County, because Billy-Bob Jo has stubbed his toe and we want to know if it hurt his toenail or not. After all, thats whats important! LOL
MenOnSixSuckDick s

Spanishburg, WV

#39 Jun 27, 2010
WVVA does not always report the true news. The director of a local non-profit organization that provides children's program was dismissed for having gay kiddie porn on his computer. They would not report on it because of the impact it would have on the agency. I know if i had a parent with children at that facility I would want to know about it. Billy Whitt used to work for WVVA and now works for that agency. He probably did someone to keep it off of the news.

Kingston Springs, TN

#40 Jul 6, 2010
I always think instead of those people having to be at work until 11pm, and whatever. Why not pre-record the segments and then show them at the right time the news comes on. Because then, they could edit / fix the errors and when the mess up. Because I really doubt some breaking news is gonna happen and they would report on it during the live airing. Plus those people could be at home comfortably instead of sitting at the station forever. I may be wrong, but I think that's the best, because as others said. It's always re-run news with no new info.

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