Upcoming Sheriff's Election

Fort Lee, VA

#21 Jul 22, 2013
Well "hopewell" if you're a cop you could look this up YOURSELF couldn't you "What I never heard about anybody being attacked there recently??? please tell me more.. "...NICE TRY. And if you're not, go turn yourself in, you just committed a crime.

As to her unethical conduct, put State Police IA on her and see what happens.

Plus She won't even prosecute major crimes unless they benefit her, guess they're too much work. Letting crime slip in the cracks benefits no one and is opposite the job shes asking for.

As far as "FHC" being a, how did you put it, a gutless pig for being anonymous, then since you feel SO strongly simply publish your real name and dont hide behind "hopewell". I mean if the shoe fits... wear it. I don't mind anonymous. True freedom of speech and all that!

I think She wants to use the office of sheriff to turn the our sheriffs department into a dumping ground for the PD. Sucking down tax dollars with no benefit to the taxpayer. Hopewell deserves better. Shes probably a GOB plant to allow more council pull in that office.

After all has She been a court worker or deputy, NO. All she knows about the job is how to walk in the front and leave the same way. Get real people. She has no REAL experience for the job. PD and Sheriff are two different worlds in my opinion. Do you really want more of that in this city? Don't we have enough problems like this to deal with already?

At least Hunter is dispatch and Sodat a LT INSIDE the office and know what its about.

If she had worked inside that office I would feel differently. Just because you worked at wal-mart does not mean you know about working at target. Both retail, but WAY different.

Powder Springs, GA

#22 Jul 22, 2013
JoeBlo for Sheriff-he/She is all knowing!!! write in vote!!! Sometimes changing for the better involves bringing in new blood to shake things up, just like our new Chief did.One of the three is definitely backed by the GOB and it is not Cathie I can promise that.She does not mind speaking her mind and doing the right thing even if it could/would be problematic to her career. Ask the fellow cops that she spoke up for during the Rex marks Saga

Powder Springs, GA

#23 Jul 22, 2013
And JoeBlo for what it is worth I am still undecided as to who I will cast my vote for. It is between two very qualified candidates. Since you have taken it upon yourself to blast one of the candidates that I doubt you have taken the time to question yourself, I defended her because I do know her very well and have worked along side her for many years.

Petersburg, VA

#24 Jul 22, 2013
JoeBlo,if you care to remember, the current Sheriff had no experience in the Sheriff's department prior to being elected. He was a juvenile intake officer.
Good Ole Girl

Powder Springs, GA

#25 Jul 23, 2013
It's real easy to figure out who is backed by the GOB. Who has endorsed Luther? None other than Greg Anderson, Brenda Pelham, George Elder and all the others. Why? Because Greg and the GOB wants to continue to operate the office in the shadows. If Greg thinks Luther is such a leader why was Luther not his second in command?

As for Hunter, he is a plant by the GOB to take votes from Mitchell. The GOB no in a head to head match that Luther would probably lose. They put in third parties all the time when they think their choice is weak. The did the same thing in the Randolph and Bailey race by having Wayne Taylor run. If you recall he took just the number of votes that Randolph would have needed to win.
Good Ole Girl

Powder Springs, GA

#26 Jul 23, 2013
It's real easy to figure out who the GOB are backing. Who has Greg Anderson, Brenda Pelham and George Elder endorsed? Luther. Why? Because Greg and the GOB want to continue to run the office in the shadows. They no Luther will be a good puppet and is not leadership material. Otherwise Luther would be second in command now.

As for Hunter, he is a GOB decoy. They know that is a head to head race Luther would lose, therefore they put Hunter in in order to take votes from Mitchell. They always enlist a third candidate when their candidate is weak. If you recall, when Randolph ran against Bailey, Wayne Taylor was recruited to run. Randolph lost by the votes that Taylor took.
Same Ol Same Ol

Richmond, VA

#27 Jul 26, 2013
I know all 3 candidates. Good Ol Girl is correct in her assessment. Sodat is THE GOB CANDIDATE. I read what was in the Progress-Index regarding the three.
Luther said he would not change anything regarding how the Office ran. Maybe he should re think that.

I have no problem with the Sheriff's Office running radar on 295, but I did like what Cathie had to say regarding that issue. There needs to be a balance between running radar and better serving the citizens of Hopewell. Yes they catch speeders, have made arrests for outstanding warrants, etc., etc. But they could do all that on the city streets as well as 295. Another pair of eyes off of the interstate would help. I think they have enough equipment from the I-295 project. They even have a motorcycle now in the SheriffÂ’s Office (I mean really the SheriffÂ’s Office needed a motorcycle). Nice job spending that I-295 project money. A Motorcycle plus other equipment and the Beacon Theatre, come on.

I do think that the relationship between the Hopewell PD and the Hopewell SO could be better. You cannot take ONE instance (the drug operation) and wave it as a banner for cooperation, between the two departments.

For me the jury is still out regarding Hunter as a GOB plant. John does not strike me as someone that would be likely to take "orders" from the GOB, but anything is possible.

I do agree that the GOB's like running 2 candidates for election unless they know one will work.

I think Luther and Cathie would be a close race they both are well known in the City. I have not made up my mind as to whom I am voting for but I do know who I will not vote for.

When Greg ran for Sheriff the GOB's were in heaven because they just knew they had the entire Court House in their pocket. That was until Nino lost the CA race to Newman. The GOB's would have had the CA's Office, the Sheriff's Office, and a Circuit Court Chief Judge. Now they want to ensure they at least keep the Sheriff's Office so they can push their Evictions through and get them executed quickly, since they are slum lords.

If Luther gets elected he will be Sheriff until he retires. Chang is needed in that Office not the Same Ol Same Ol that has been going on.
VN Vet

Richmond, VA

#28 Jul 26, 2013
SOSO, that is the truth, and I couldn't agree more.Thanks for saying it so well.

Petersburg, VA

#29 Jul 27, 2013
Find out who are their campaign contributors. As they always say, follow the money.

This will reveal the GOB backers!

Prince George, VA

#30 Aug 7, 2013
So this is the Sheriff Campaign... Luther is definitely not a people person... John Hunter will only win by bullying the vote, Well I guess that leaves my vote for Cathie Mitchell who is on the cellphone keeping your personal information off of everyone's scanner...

Powder Springs, GA

#31 Aug 11, 2013
Thats hilarious about cathie having phone glued to her hear. every time i do see cathie she has phone up to her ear if could get cancer from a cell phone she would have it thats for sure. . Wonder how many crimes happen in plain sight yet she cant see because yapping on that phone. And don't say all candidates talk on there phone about campaign she's been glued to the phone she they got them. Sodarat i believe put his own nail in his own coffin by saying he wouldn't change a thing.

Powder Springs, GA

#32 Aug 11, 2013
Joe, read your own post and try to figure out what you are saying, you are probably one of the people that Kathy is having their personal info sent over the phone like ss#, birthdate, etc. so that anyone with a scanner can't get your info and steal your identity. The good cops do it this way, just another way they are protecting you....

Hopewell, VA

#33 Aug 12, 2013
2/3 of Hopewell has Cathie's phone # and she is always available to the citizens. Guess that must be a bad thing. How many times have you seen Cathie at work. She used her vacation time to take 2 weeks in May, June, July, and due to to vacation time she hasn't even worked yet in August. And yet if I( have a question she is available by phone even on her vacation... So when did you see her again?...

Hopewell, VA

#34 Aug 12, 2013
So at 15 days a month that's 3 days a month and no days in August. When did you see her

Chester, VA

#35 Aug 12, 2013
well i thought we were in the 21 century you know cell phones,smart phones,computers,I-pads,and so forth every officer uses these devices to help them do their job and to be more accessable to the public and businesses. I guess some of these devices helped officer mitchell to have such a high solve rate on cases that she won state honors of police officer of the year twice

Powder Springs, GA

#36 Aug 12, 2013
well said All4Hopewell. It is obvious that certain people are nervous because There is a Very Good candidate running that can't be bought and used by the GOB's and that will upset the system they have in place. So they have to resort to a smear campaign which speaks volumes of their character
Same Ol Same Ol

Richmond, VA

#37 Aug 12, 2013
Just look at the candidates the GOB's run, that speaks volume about their character. I do not think Greg was the best candidate for Sheriff, just the one they could get to win and could control.
why the fuss

Powder Springs, GA

#38 Aug 12, 2013
After reading this thread I decided to see how often cops are on the phone. I deliver Pizza in Hopewell and during my shift today I passed cops 13 times ( well one was actually parked in my lot at work) every cop spotted was on the phone and they were all driving except the one at my work and he was on the phone as well. Some of these were the same cop that I kept spotting so it wasn't 13 different people. It was in fact several different ones though, None of them was Cathie Mitchell, didn't spot her at all. I also came across 2 Sheriff's Department cars in traffic and they were on the phone as well. This seems to be the norm now. So I wonder why people are acting like it is a bad thing that one cop is on the phone while driving. Pay attention to driver's in your travels it is harder now to spot a driver not on the phone. Just my 2 cents worth
VN Vet

Richmond, VA

#39 Aug 12, 2013
It is my observation that the cops are on the phone because the scanners are picking up radio calls from the police to H.Q. Think about it, do you want everyone hearing your calls?

Hopewell, VA

#40 Aug 13, 2013
Reading this is just crazy! The nasty negative comments on here makes you just wonder who is writing this mess! Has anyone thought of having a debate with all three canadiates to be included? Then maybe with all of them together there just could be some answers to some of these childish questions and nasty comments will be cleared once and for all? Now the question is will Mitchell,Sodat and Hunter all be willing to participate? Have the news there lets see if any of this nasty will fly then? If there is a club or a group willing to sponsor this please come forward and set the date! Then it can all be said!

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