Hopewell man shot to death at party i...

Hopewell man shot to death at party in PG

There are 903 comments on the Progress-Index story from Oct 14, 2008, titled Hopewell man shot to death at party in PG. In it, Progress-Index reports that:

A 21-year-old man was shot to death at a private party Saturday morning. The victim was identified as Hopewell resident Jeremy Wayne Atkins.

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Ledbetter, KY

#21 Oct 16, 2008
Unknown wrote:
<quoted text>
OK.... his name is JEREMY! and i'm not putting all the blame on Andrew... but he's the ONE WHO PULLED THE TRIGGER! are you saying Jeremy is at fault for taking the law into HIS own hands?! Jeremy was NOT the one who shot a gun and KILLED someone.. what if your child was the one who ended up dead? would you still be saying that?
andrew was the weapon . the weapon has no mind of it's own . if everyone calms down and lets jeremy be buried , then the commonwealth will make a decision and then there will really be something to talk about . the commonwealth's attorney ultimately decides upon the merits of the entire night's events what charges should be awarded . if the girlfriend was dissing her boyfriend by sitting on another guys 4-wheeler and he backhanded her off of it , i'm sure the commonwealth always picks up domestic violence cases with or wihout cooperation from the victim . it was a bon-fire party ,probably underaged drinking ; there's another charge , probably a little bit of recreational drug use . and on top of that who really sits around a party with a shotgun and if you think it's going to be any problem that great ,it's not a party . the specifications of the events are astronomical at the least . the truth will not set you free but the right story will . "private party" "scared" "he's coming to get me ,everybody leave and i'm going to hang out in the yard and get him before he gets me ,eventhough ; i didn't do anything for him to come murder me " as the murdered guy is villified as a drug kingpin; does this also leave the commonwealth to follow the presumption that this was actually a capital murder and that the underlying ramifications were drugs and money ? was the girlfriend actually a middleman ? since , the police were never a part of the equation for roughly 4-6 hours of events? if he was going to kill the guy ,would he bring friends to be witnesses ? friends to hold him as he was dying , saying, " hold on "? or would he have brought people that would have grabbed the gun that he supposedly pointed and finished the job? believe means not to know . america was founded on killing people that had differences of opinions ,that's why it's legal to kill people when they say keywords like threat, war , armed and dangerous , wanted , fugitive or infringing upon your right to life , liberty or the pursuit of happiness .
necessity to kill

Ledbetter, KY

#22 Oct 17, 2008
the law of self-defense is the law of necessity , and the necessity relied upon must not arise out of the defendant's own misconduct . as the specifics of this case are slim to public view ; knowlegdeable parties would have to clarify if the victim actually brandished a firearm (#1). simply knowing that he owned a firearm is not enough . if the firearm was concealed , then this also is not enough. there also has to be an imminent danger to life or limb . if the victim was simply going to asssault the defendant and as a matter of escalation , present the weapon to exit a non-winning scenario , justifiable homicide is not the case . i'm sure that everyone who has not studied law would simply believe that every person has a right to kill or to protect their property but this simply isn't true . it is also reasonable to assume that any person(s) that were with the victim were in agreement with his actions and guity of the same offense completed or thrawted. if the assailant (shooter) at any time coerced the victim to bring it , then the action is premeditated . the defender also has to take reasonable precaution , i.e going in the house and calling 911 prior to having to kill because he obviously felt frightened when he armed himself prior to the victims arrival . the use of deadly force is prohibited when the accused "is even slightly at fault ",in creating the difficulty leading to the necessity to kill ,"the killing is not justifiable homicide " and from these parameters a jury would have to decide between voluntary manslaughter and 2d degree murder . the character of the killer has nothing to do with his actions ,only with the sentencing phase . law is simply a guideline of respect for our fellow man .

Winston Salem, NC

#23 Oct 17, 2008
If my child took a gun with him to confront someone then yes, I WOULD be saying the same thing. Jeremy, the girl,and Andrew share the blame. How do you know Jeremy wasn't going to pull the trigger when he aimed his gun at Andrew?And I'm sorry about using the wrong name.

Winston Salem, NC

#24 Oct 17, 2008
If you know anything about the bonfire party or Andrew,s family then you would know that it was a party for his cousin and Andrew,s parents, and other adult family members were present. His parents DO NOT allow under age drinking or drug use.

Powhatan, VA

#25 Oct 17, 2008
Poster from High Point states Andrew's parents and adult family and friends were present? So you are saying that his parents knew he loaded a shot gun in anticipation of Jeremy's arrival and advised him that if he could get Jeremy to admit he was in possesion of a weapon he could then shoot him, shoot him twice, and then claim self defense?? UNBELIEVABLE, guess we know where the kid gets it from.
For those of you who want to judge Jeremy's character, you have no right to judge someone you did not know. Many americans have permits to carry a gun, it does not make them a drug kingpin as one poster suggested. He was a responsible person who worked, studied and owned a home. He had a great heart and was a friend to so many. He was a son, a boyfriend, he was a real person. His friends and family are hurting so much right now and you are defending the actions of someone shooting him down in cold blood. and of course Andrew was in his right mind, no drugs or dinking allowed at this party!! In the light of day he is posting triumphiant feelings on his my space page!
This was a premedidated, cold, heartless killing and Jeremy and family deserve justice for him.

Petersburg, VA

#26 Oct 17, 2008
Jeremy didn't derserve anything like this... that prick Andrew deserves to rot in hell.. hes still walking around campus acting like he didn't do a thing. What kind of school allows a murderer to come back to class? He took a great person away from all of us and its not fair... And the girl is not at fault i can tell you that now.. Jeremy would do anything for his friends and she was just tryin to get away since that coward was hitting her.. RIP Jeremy I love you and you will never be forgotten .. Karma is a bitch.. Andrew is bragging to all his friends but he won't be braggin with the truth finally comes out!
Horrible situation

Bethania, NC

#27 Oct 17, 2008
I think this whole tragedy is horrible. When are our young people going to learn that guns and murders are not the only answer. I do put some blame on Danielle...if she was being abused she had two reasonalbe choices that would have prevented this whole mess. Call the cops or leave! I am so tired of hearing about sinceless murders because people are trying to take the law in their own hands. I give my deepest sympothy to Jeremy's mom and family. No mother should bury their own child. It is sad and heartbreaking and I hope this is a lesson for all of you young adults. Life is precious, don't take advantage of it.
b baddass

Brentwood, TN

#28 Oct 17, 2008
andrew shoulda been a man about it and just took a ass kicken.. only cowards shoot guns!!!! MAN UP
bad decision

Tallahassee, FL

#29 Oct 17, 2008
Andrew did what he had to do given the situation. Jeremy came to his house with a group of people with a gun. The tables could have easily been turned and Andrew could have been the one shot. And as far as the whole thing on him shooting twice. He felt threatened for his life and shot in defense of his life. It's a sad situation but it was not Andrews fault. If anything Danielle is the one to blame bc she brought her friends to his house with intent to harm or even kill. Jeremy made a choice and Danielle instigated it. You say that he could have easily called the cops if he knew they were coming but at the same time she could have called the cops if he "allegedly" hit her. Again I know someone was lost and that is sad, but he did what he had to do to avoid harm.
this goes out to b badass

Tallahassee, FL

#30 Oct 17, 2008
your an idiot b badass... Andrew would have thrown down in a second.. the kid brought a gun so that kid obviously wasn't trying to fight. So i suggest that you know what your talking about before you talk.

Powhatan, VA

#31 Oct 17, 2008
apparently the only thing Andrew could "throw down" on was a girl, b baddass was exactly on target.
from the well

Powhatan, VA

#32 Oct 17, 2008
Why didn't he call 911 if he feared for his life?
He loaded a gun before Jeremy arrived, just knowing that someone has a permit to carry a weapon does not give him the right to assume he is going to use it, and if you know Jeremy, which he did, you know he would have never used a gun in a fight, he was a man who knew how to man up!
If he anticipated a fight and he was afraid he could have called 911 before Jeremy ever got there instead of after he shot him TWICE.
re from the well

Tallahassee, FL

#33 Oct 17, 2008
Think about what you just said.. You said he would never use a gun. well if he would never use one then why did he bring it and point it at andrew? please answer me that.. and andrew would have got in a fight with that kid in a minute. he brought a gun and thats why this turned into what it turned into. If he was "a man who knew how to man up" then why didnt he do just that?? Thats not even the point. the point is this could have been avoided if there were no guns brought to this fight.
A Very Good Friend

United States

#34 Oct 17, 2008
Im not bein mean but ya'll arguin on here is not gonna change anything ok everythin that happened that night/morning was bad but i mean let Jeremy rest in peace,justice is gonna be served believe that,if it was self defense or not,everything could of been avoided,this should not have happened i feel bad for both families,one lost her son and the other has to live with her son murdering someone (Jeremy),I put Jeremy's mom in my prayers,hes in GOD's hands now,im not here to prove a point or make anybody feel bad,I JUST MISS STALLION SO MUCH,(tearing)RIP In Peace Jeremy,ur in a betta place now baby boy!!!
necessity to kill

Ledbetter, KY

#35 Oct 17, 2008
i see that the law is rated as clueless , nuts and disagreeable ; so, maybe with this particulr group "the law " was never an option . and once more elements are introduced such as his parents being in attendance along with other supposedly mature adults was there a bigger ubderlying agenda that these white parents weren't going to allow a black guy to come to their neck of the woods and fight their child at all ? big fire , standing in the woods with a shotgun , smacking the girl around for consorting with a black guy(?) ; sounds like a bonified (kkk) fire to me (bon-fire).........

Allentown, PA

#36 Oct 18, 2008
i went to high school with jeremy, very loved and funny.... He did not deserve to die this way, i am so upset that i couldnt attend the funeral because i was told the morning of and live 4 hrs away but i was there in spirit being supportive to all of the ppl, and friends that will miss him...still cant believe he is gone..WTF happened to hopewell?

Englewood, CO

#37 Oct 19, 2008
He came onto Andrew's property, with a gun after saying he was going to kill someone. That is a direct threat. He was told to leave the property and and he did not, he only stired up more trouble. That IS self defense. So, please explain to me how his actions were noble when he came in with his gun? If you want to handle things like a "man", then he could have come back and handled it with words or just by leaving like he was told. You don't solve "problems" with as gun, but you most certaintly have the right to defend yourself on your own property.

Please don't assume that I think he deserved to die...I don't believe that at all, that is not my job to judge. I would have looved for these guys to talk through whatever their problem was and resolve things, but that is just not the time and age now I guess, and that's a shame. All I know if that Andrew's family does not breed evil. If you knew their family, you would know that.

I welcome a healthy discussion, and I do pray for his Mom! I pray that God would reveal Himself and that she would lean on Him in this time to understand everything.

I also pray that people would not use this situation to breed more "evil", as you put it, of their own--like threatening Andrew. That does NOT accomplish anything, and in my mind, it does no honor or justice to your friend/relative.

If you want to mourn the death of your friend and relative that meant so much to you, please instill in others the importance of handling things through words and not through violence,

Englewood, CO

#38 Oct 19, 2008
I response to "necessity to kill"
Why does is always have to be about race. WAKE-UP please. First of all, that had NOTHING to do with this, and please don't bring your own selfish agenda in this conversation to try to make it sound like it did. His Mom was the only one at the house, but she was asleep in her own house!! Give me a break...talkin' about some KKK crap. Seriously? Are we really gonna go there? grow up. educate yourself. I firmly believe that one of the only reasons racism is still around today is because of people like you, white, yellow, or black. Use this for GOOD---not for hatred. You obviously have no clue what went on that night, talking about his parents being there not wanting a "black guy" in their neighborhood?? I would really hope that we'd be moving on beyond race by now! There are far greater battles to fight and this aint one of them! The only way we can get through things is together, not divided by color or nationality, or background. So, you want violence to stop? You want white people to respect you for the respectable person you are?? Give them reason to! Don't hate on others when you don't know them, and don't assume every white person is out to get you. The world will be a better place because of it.

Englewood, CO

#39 Oct 19, 2008
I agree, you too have no right to judge someone you don't know. Practice what you preach. You don't know Andrew's parents and you cannot assume that they were there. Get the facts straight.
re to seriously

Tallahassee, FL

#40 Oct 19, 2008
To add to "seriously".. I completely agree and whoever wrote that "necessity to kill" has no idea what went on and what they are talking about. If they knew anything about andrew then they would know that his best friend is black. So please don't just write on here to try and make some unjustified point when the real focus should be on the loss of someone's family member and friend.

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