Brittany Tackett

United States

#1 Sep 19, 2012
Does anyone know this girl? She's a dope headed whore. She cheats on Matt right in front of him and he doesn't even care. She has a nice butt that's all she has going for her too bad she's got Hep C and no one wants it. She shoots up with dirty needles and then tries to get other people to use them after her. She is a thief too you better not leave anything laying in front of that bitch. She's a rat she ain't going down for what she did she has to blame it on someone else. Hopefully this girl gets what she deserves taken from her soon either her life or her freedom.
i think

Logan, WV

#3 Sep 27, 2012
that you r just jealous of brittney and matt because they have a great relationship and shes not a w h o r e like u would want her to be and like every girl other than her is i think shes a cool chick she beautiful n shes the sweetest nicest person iv ever met matt is pretty damn cool to n YEAA she does have a nice but so quit being jealous of her and get a life
Britt and Matt Parsons

Logan, WV

#4 Sep 27, 2012
First Off I would like to thank you sooo much for taking time out of your busy (PATHETIC) life to write about me and my fiance. For one I AM NOT a wh*re unlike every other girl is in KY just like "I Think" said like u would want me to be, and like they said also I think it is HALARIOUS that you are sooo jealous of me and my fiance that u have to get on topix (Really kid grow the FU(K up) and hate on me cuz your jealous. I do NOT cheat on my man, REALLY I cheat on him right in front of him?? That shows how stupid u are im sure hes not gonna let that happen u dumba$$ && REALLY u insult me then u compliment my a$$ nice try but how stupid are you. Trust me i have alot of men I could get with if i WAS a wh*re but im not sorry. And another thing if your gonna try to talk about me why dont u get ur facts straight first I do NOT have HEP C or anything for that matter && I have proof if u wanna see it Oh wait!!! I forgot ur a pu$$ie and wont put ur name cuz ur afriad u WILL get ur a$$ wooped by ME or MY MAN!! SERIOUSLY I shoot up with dirty needles and then try to get other people to use them?? How FU(KING retarted are u just like I said if ur gonna try to insult me why sont u get ur facts straight first I Do NOT shoot up. I am NOT a thief I would never steal from anyone i dont know were ur gettin ur info from, yea I may steal from walmart but who doesnt but that dont mean Im gonna steal from someone u dumb FU(K!! Ohh Really im a RAT LMFAO dont u think if I was a rat alott of people would be in jail right now dumba$$ isnt that what a rat does rat on people and put them in jail??? Yea I belive thats what a rat is if im not mistaken. && I would sure love to know what I got in trouble for and not going down for?? Why dont u tell me so we will both know the ONLY thing iv got in trouble for with the law is stealing from walmart && YESS I spent a night in jail n i have court in October. So why dont u tell me what it is that im not going down for, and if your not a little PU$$IE BI*CH why dont u tell me who u are not even on here look me up on facebook n tell me who u r n tell me how u feel about me instead of run and get on topix like a little childish PU$$IE. So know that I have set the record straight GET YOUR FU(KING FACTS STRAIGHT BEFORE YOU TRY TO TALK ABOUT ME. But it dont matter how much sh*t you talk about me u cant get me down Im a generally happy and NICE person, writing about me on topix is NOT gonna break my spirit or get me down im gonna go on with my life && I could give a FU(K less what ur piece of trash A$$ thinks about me. SO FU(K YOU && have a nice life.
-Brittany Lashae && Matthew Shane Parsons-

Washington, NC

#6 Oct 1, 2012
shes is a really sweet n nice person and shes georgeous i would do some unspeakable things to her u all need to quit hating on her n grow the hell up

Sarasota, FL

#7 Oct 1, 2012
yea wrote:
shes is a really sweet n nice person and shes georgeous i would do some unspeakable things to her u all need to quit hating on her n grow the hell up
That's ashame you have to compliment yourself Brittany.
Brittany Lashae Tackett

Washington, NC

#9 Oct 20, 2012
Sorry "Johno" But i dont need to compliment myself u dumb fu(k, it amazes me how jealous u r of me cuz ppl actually have good stuff to say about me, and if u were not a p us s y and put ur name on here u know noone would have nething good what so ever to say about u u dumb pathetic mu*herfu*ker.So have a GREAT Life cuz I know I WILL noone can bring me down so talk as much sh*t as u want about me =D.-Brittany.Lashae.Tackett.

Lubbock, TX

#10 Oct 21, 2012
Britt honey don't pay attention to this low life mutha fuka! They're pathetic talking crap then going on to say you have a nice ass? That's just hilarious babe. You know what you should let "johno" see it you should get right up in their face and shit all over them. That's what this jealous a** sob deserves just shit on em! Is that grossing you out Johno? Or are you so pathetic and desperate that it turns you on? I got your back britt love your girl C.C.

Paintsville, KY

#11 Oct 25, 2012
U know who i am an i think your a fat dirty blond,which fits your short dumpy body perfectly you got the balls he's -well he's got the hep'C too carry 4 your fatt an i said fatt ass,anytime you would like 2 take this face to face ,i've not seen you in the cliffside park in a few weeks U ugly hole-U cheat-lie-spread lies+diseases,hell your not Brittany Tackett,your Brittany(the [email protected]#k'in HERPIE Tackett!)GOT BALLS GET ON FACEBOOK ILL GIVE U MY NAME AN WE'LL MEET SOME WERE AND I'LL WEAR A CONDOM ON EACH HAND-COW....

Logan, WV

#12 Oct 25, 2012
Yeah she is a little skank hoe. She's so childish and like to act like a big girl. None of her "friends" can even stand her. Cliff side hussy!! Obviously, she was cheating on Nick.... But either she does not have an std or other skanky boys don't mind getting it bc she still dating. I heard that she screws around with a lot of her friends men when everyone is passed out. She's sleazy!
RatherHaveSexWit hVomit

Peach Creek, WV

#13 Jan 2, 2014
i know this brittany girl and im a friend of matts and let me say this...... she dont cheat on matt because he knows she sleeps around. i would like to know who other than matt would want to fuck that nasty woman tho i know that. really, idk what about her matt likes so much, a bunch of us would like to know that. the girl wont shower to save her life and you dont believe that just go look at her feet. shes nothing but a PATHETIC junkie whore... her hair is so greasy it looks wet and the poor thing smells like shes been dead a month and just woke up or something. her life consists of sitting on her fat stank ass and waits to be fed pills then food. WHO WOULD WANT TO SLEEP WITH THAT??? im sorry but everything ive stated is 100% true.... and youre right "Rumor" you are right, NONE of her or matts friend can stand her. idk anyone that likes her physically or personality wise.... shes a gross b itch both ways. get a job or at least clean your nasty house if your not in jail by now. change fu c kin clothes and take a shower. those grey sweatpants have shit and piss stains on them... her piss but dog s hit. the dog she hasnt owned in months still has shit in the hallway that she just walks around but you can see the dried puddles of its piss everywhere.... look at yourself girl. youre the worst person in KY

Peach Creek, WV

#14 Jan 2, 2014
She deff stinks the worst a person could without their eyes sweeling up and tearing like an onion would do.... matt cant take care of himself and he tries to take care of her and you almost feel sorry for him but he keeps her around so its his fault..... he should buy her some clothes not pills. then maybe she wouldnt be too embarrassed to leave the house. thats why she wont leave.... her comments up there are funny if anyone really knows her and how she is.. shes a lying thief that would steal water from her niehbours spicket and did and got caught. i was there when she bathed in the same bathtub everyone was pissing in a week before... :)
took her home quick

Peach Creek, WV

#15 Jan 2, 2014
id met her on FB and i didnt even know she had a bf. i eventually picked her up for a weekend and she wore clean clothes but, later that night when we went to bed i didnt offer her to shower cause you wouldnt think shed need one..... my fingers wouldnt even run thrue her hair and it was as greasey as a giovannis pizza. the smell of her breath just about did it for me but {like someone said already} her feet were by far the worse!!! i made some excuse about a family emergancy and said i had to take her home the next day... i didnt take her where i dropped her off tho. idk if it was her house or not

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