Boycott Goodwill Stores During Holidays

Scottsdale, AZ

#1042 Nov 5, 2013
I had no idea this was all going on. I will no longer donate to Goodwill. Thanks for putting this info out there.
Been There

Cave Creek, AZ

#1043 Nov 22, 2013
I'm extremely sad to hear that one of the store I shop at so frequently treats many of their disabled employees so incredibly poorly! Paying some as low as $0.22/hr while the C.E.O gets $1.1mil/year! I use to shop here 4+ times a week but I can no longer give my money to a corporation that treats their employees as slaves. Good bye Goodwill! Hello Savers!
badwill shopper

Black Canyon City, AZ

#1044 Nov 24, 2013
Hey Porky it looks like it rained on your parade at the Moon valley grand opening. Hey FAT BOY did you eat all of the refreshments and left nothing for us shoppers. I only come to these affairs for the donuts and drinks. I guess I will not be coming to any of your grand openings again. Next time do not open any stores in places you are not welcomed. Goodwill has now become a laughing stock. hahahahahhhahahahahahhah
Been There

Black Canyon City, AZ

#1045 Nov 24, 2013
Moon Valley Elitists Plan to Picket the Grand Opening of a Goodwill Store.

Some residents of Moon Valley, a well-to-do North Phoenix neighborhood, are not giving up their fight against a Goodwill retail store that's opening there, in their neighborhood.

With the store's grand opening scheduled for tomorrow, some residents are actually planning to picket outside the store.

UPDATE November 22: Click here for photos and more news from the protest.

E-mails obtained by New Times a few months ago showed how Moon Valley residents, including former Republican U.S. Congressman John Shadegg, were demanding that City of Phoenix officials not to allow Goodwill to open the store at the former location of an AJ's Fine Foods store, at Seventh Street and Thunderbird Road.

Phoenix Vice Mayor Bill Gates, who represents Moon Valley as part of his district, told New Times in June that one of residents' primary concerns was property values. He said some residents have called this potential Goodwill store the "gateway into Moon Valley moving onto Seventh Street."

In one of the e-mails, the Goodwill store was described as "INCOMPATIBLE with the current tenants of the [shopping center] and the surrounding residential areas and neighborhoods."

It's "completely inappropriate," according to an e-mail spread by "neighborhood advocate" Amy Mais. The retail stores around other Phoenix Goodwill stores are "very troubling" and "of the lowest possible quality."

In one of Shadegg's e-mails, he was upset that city officials and "what they have done to us."

Hundreds of people signed an online petition, with nary a mention that Goodwill's a nonprofit that goes out of its way to hire those who face the biggest disadvantages in the job market.

Even though Goodwill signed a lease several months ago, some people in Moon Valley aren't giving up.

An e-mail sent out by Blanche Lukes, a Moon Valley Realtor, calls for a "peaceful protest" at tomorrow's grand opening:
A peaceful protest is planned for the 7th Street and Thunderbird Goodwill store's grand opening on Friday November 22 at 9 am.

Goodwill and their lawyers got the city to take away our rights without notice or a hearing and now the City is ignoring the Amendment that is supposed to protect what little rights we have left.

Wendy is available to help make signs. Just call [phone number] to arrange. There will be extra signs for anyone who doesn't have their own. If you are unable to participate in the protest, we hope you will boycott Goodwill stores and opt to donate to real charities and shop at other second hand stores.

We will only be boycotting Goodwill and not other stores at the Shaw Butte Center. We need to stay on public property (the sidewalk) and not private property. We should park at the south end of the shopping center where we are on public property and not impeding traffic. We must not take our signs with us if we leave the sidewalk to, for instance, go to Starbucks for a drink.

Additional parking at Fresh and Easy and the East end of the Safeway parking lot.
We've never seen residents of a neighborhood with nearly twice the median household income of the rest of Phoenix protesting outside a nonprofit, but there's a first for everything.

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Hooray for Moon Valley

Black Canyon City, AZ

#1046 Nov 30, 2013
My hats off to you Moon Vslley residents who cared enought to picket the grand opening of the Goodwill store. Now the next thing to do is not shop at any of their stores. How could Tim O'neal, alias Porky Pig continue to push this unwanted store down the throats of the Moon Valley residents? Let us all continue to boycott these unruly filthy stores.
fed up

Black Canyon City, AZ

#1047 Dec 12, 2013
GOODWILL Have you not learned a lesson. Your closing junk stores and opening new ones. All you have in your stores lately is nothing but throw away garbage. I have shopped at most of your stores and found nothing that I would buy at your high prices. You would be doing goodwill and our city a favor by closing all down.

Glendale, AZ

#1048 Dec 14, 2013
I do agree that for merchandise given freely, the prices are truly ridiculous on many things. Too, in the last year they have gone up on some things to compensate for half-off Saturdays. As for the stores being filthy, I have not found this true in the many I have been to. They may appear to be filthy with the amount of merchandise they receive as it is crowded in so much. This is one more reason to reduce their prices and get rid of these items given to them. Good Will would move far more if they were to do this and still be way ahead as to selling all of this gratis merchandise. I feel there is a great deal of sour grapes in many of the comments. Having said that, if it is true that managers, etc., are getting trips to Europe, this would be a reason to boycott the stores.
Goodwill crap

Cave Creek, AZ

#1049 Dec 18, 2013
I have been in many Goodwill stores and have never seen the items that you display on your sexy commercials. Your crazy if you think the public buys any of that crap. Instead of paying for these ridiculous adds put your money for helping people. THE job fairs that you supposedly give are also nothing but a bunch of lies that really help no one.
Goodwill scam

Black Canyon City, AZ

#1050 Dec 19, 2013
PORKY did you see the wonderful items that St Vincent DePaul gave tothe needy children? I do not known how Goodwill missed it as it was on Chanel 10 etc. Stop spending wasted worthless dollars on your commercials and do the same for the needy. We do not need to see scantily dressed women on tv as you portrayed. I have never seen any of the items you showed on your commercials in any of your stores. Maybe all I see is big heavy junk tv's, vcrs and dirty used items.. AS A NON PROFIT YOU RANK AT THE BOTTOM.
Goodwill scam

Black Canyon City, AZ

#1051 Dec 28, 2013
May 2014 be your year to crash. HAPPY NEW YEAR
Goodwill scam

Cave Creek, AZ

#1052 Jan 1, 2014
It is now a NEW YEAR. The law suit against you will only convince us what scum bags your corporate office is all about. ESPECIALLY PORKY. I will keep everyone up to date on this one. HAPPY NEW YEAR THEIVES
sue kinsey

Scottsdale, AZ

#1053 Jan 1, 2014
The manager at the Scottsdale store at Thunderbird is another miserable
person along with the employees that work there, who may be that way because of him perhaps. The store, considering where it is in snotty Scottsdale, is dirty and dark all the time and needs to be cleaned up,
swept and made more appealing to shoppers. Stop sticking the poor handicapped workers in the back and let them be out in front helping because just having able bodied workers up front does not make for such a great store, it is the ethics and cleanliness of the business, not some sour puss miserable manager that has customers coming back again and again.
Goodwill scam

Black Canyon City, AZ

#1054 Jan 22, 2014
My family have donated more than 400 trash bags full of good clothing, blankets, furniture, toys, electronics, athletic equipment and more to Goodwill over the years. I have 4 sisters and 1 brother all of whom have played sports and been active in clubs and organizations our entire childhood and everything was always donated to Goodwill. My church would collect donations once a year by setting up donation spots and I was an active participant until the age of 16. We would collect bags and bags of donations, all were given to Goodwill. As I got older (I am 23 now), I choose to donate all of my designer items to Goodwill instead of selling them on eBay, thinking someone who would never be able to buy them would enjoy. I moved to another state last year and stopped by a Goodwill store for the first time ever.

I was accused of stealing, threatened, and held by a Loss Prevention Officer who left a number of bruises on my body, went through all of my personal belongings, and arrested. Yes, arrested. After the officer watched videos proving me innocent, he changed his story of what I store 3 times. Conveniently (for him), the part of the store (the middle of the store) where he held me, embarrassed me, beat me, and threw anyone who tried to help me out of the store, was not on video (yeah right). I am a 85 pound female and he was a over 200 pound male, who claims I was fighting to get away. I never had a chance if I wanted to. I was helplessly knocked to the floor where he held my arms behind me and aggressively twisted them back and forth putting on an act that I was attempting to get away.

I became screaming, "Please stop, you're hurting me" but every single employee was on his side. The police came, arrested me, and refused to even listen to me. I was put into a jail cell for hours until finally a police officer told me I could leave. I lost my new job because I showed up late to work. A year later, I still haven't heard 1 thing about my arrest. I called the police station and they have no record of my arrest, even though I was finger printed and had mug shots taken. DO NOT SHOP OR DONATE HERE. This story is 100% true and not to mention, I never stole ANYTHING. The fact that this happened to me is still unreal. WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS COMPANY?
Goodwill scam

Black Canyon City, AZ

#1055 Jan 22, 2014
Goodwill promotes the fact that provides JOBS. Well so does every other business, yet they are not allowed non-profit status. The owners of the district are enjoying benefits that other small business owners can only dream of. All businesses must pay for their merchandise, Goodwill gets 90%+ donated to them. Businesses must have sales to remain competitive - not Goodwill. Did you get burned out or lose personal belongings in a disaster? Don't call Goodwill for help they will only offer you job training. The richer the area where the stores are located, the more difficult the return/exchange policy.

The owners of the franchise get greedier. I have asked several local managers (with tongue in cheek) what do they give the people in the back to drink who do the pricing? It sure isn't water! I really resent how they split sets up to sell pieces individually and push bidding on nicer items. I have found a way to beat them at their own game but I will not publish that publicly. More investigation needs to be done on the franchise owners of Goodwill districts and expose them for unfair business practices. Also encourage donations to more reasonable thrift stores and to churches that really help people. Goodwill has a terrible public relations image and until enough pressure is put on exposing the franchise owners then they will not change for the better.
Goodwill scam

Black Canyon City, AZ

#1056 Jan 22, 2014
I used to go into the Goodwill to buy the jewelry to re-make and wear as an inexpensive way to get new jewelry for myself. I noticed that the jewelry was not being put out and asked the people in the Santa Rosa California store why. I was informed that all of the jewelry was now being gone through and then being put on the Goodwill auction site. This is such bull crap. They are stealing from the public, not giving the public a chance to buy it! Please people do not donate to Goodwill! Give it to your local charity! Goodwill of the Redwoods in California is stealing your property and keeping for themselves.
Goodwill scam

Black Canyon City, AZ

#1057 Jan 22, 2014
I was told today by a Goodwill near me, where I have frequently donated a lot of things, that she wouldn't give me a receipt because I was only donating 2 items. Then I was told the items were junk that she couldn't sell. Well, I got my receipt, but not without insults and an argument. I now realize after some online research that Goodwill is not a true charity but a scam, who sells more expensive items for their own benefit and maltreats lower employees. I hardly ever purchase anything there because the clothes are horrible for the most part and I have too many things already. I will only donate to true not for profit charities now or give things away directly to people at free . A much better way to recycle things.
Goodwill scam

Cave Creek, AZ

#1058 Jan 30, 2014
Today was my last day to shop at goodwill, I went to the 43rd ave and Bethany Home road store and their has been a desk there that had a yellow tag on it and so today it would of been 1.00 but when i went there i see your employees have ripped off the tag and placed a purple tag on it so they wouldnt have to sale it for a 1.00 which is very rude of them to do. Then when you point out to them you have a desk that you are trying to sale for $800.00 which is only worth around $100.00 to $150.00 at the max and two different managers where giving me different stories, One guy was telling me its a $3000.00 desk and the woman manager was telling me its a $6000.00 desk which they are both wrong and then they scream at you and tell you to have a good day. Which it was a manager that was screaming at me telling me to have a good day. If you allow managers to tear off tags so they dont have to sale items for a 1.00 is wrong. I will be now shopping at the arizona humane society thrift store down the street at 43rd ave and Camelback which has desk that are priced right. You need to traing your managers how to have better customer service towards employees and customers and train your production staff to not price a desk at $799.99 which its clear its been there for several weeks, and even at half off is not a deal at $399.99. You have lost a loyal customer i would spend a couple hundred of dollars month at your stores but not anymore
A reply to Goodwill

Cave Creek, AZ

#1060 Jan 31, 2014
CHANGING prices is a common practice with Goodwill managers and corporate. This practice has been going on for many years as Managers get their orders from GOODWILL CORPORATE. Goodwill's replies are meaningless as many customers have learned. For example, an elderly gentlemen hit his head on a hazardous item and he contacted Dolan Leveen of Loss Prevention regarding this matter. Leveen said he would take care of it immediately. Many months went by and nothing has been done as yet.

Gilbert, AZ

#1061 Feb 3, 2014
I never donate to GW. Always drop your stuff off at a local family run thrift store. If you knew how GW works, you'd never go back. Just Google GW and read all the issues they have... And take a guess how much money the owners of GW make. It will make you sick.


Gilbert, AZ

#1062 Feb 3, 2014
You know your neighborhood is going to schit when Goodwill move in.

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