Boycott Goodwill Stores During Holidays

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#1022 Aug 12, 2013
Refusal to allow a disabled or handicapped person the use of bathroom facility should be considered a crime.

Tempe, AZ

#1023 Aug 28, 2013
GOODWILL CORPORATE got their way and are opening another dirty smelly store in Moon Valley - even though the residence did not want a store of that quality in their community. I forgot they put people to work to make millions for their corporate jerks and don't give a darn about anyone else. I will never shop in another one of their stores AGAIN. AMEN AND MAY YOUR STORE BE A FLOP.
Moon Valley Resident

Phoenix, AZ

#1024 Aug 31, 2013
SHOCKED wrote:
GOODWILL CORPORATE got their way and are opening another dirty smelly store in Moon Valley - even though the residence did not want a store of that quality in their community. I forgot they put people to work to make millions for their corporate jerks and don't give a darn about anyone else. I will never shop in another one of their stores AGAIN. AMEN AND MAY YOUR STORE BE A FLOP.
I agree and I couldn't have said it better.

Tempe, AZ

#1025 Sep 1, 2013
Goodwill pays as little as .22 cents per hour for disabled the goverment pays the rest

January 14, 2013

I understand Jim Gibbons 2011 Salary was over $742,000. Other CEO's of Goodwill (I saw at least 7) made over 300,000. And up. I also saw that our Government paid Goodwill $54 million for compensation for hiring disabled people (they make minimum wage right?). Goodwill is also tax exempt for all those stores property tax right? I have a big problem with Goodwill paying top dollar for key CEO's, get free inventory, get the government to help with the cost of payroll, use the word non for profit by training people to do the job they were hired to do (what company doesn't train new employees?). Screen the free inventory pull the valuable items, we thought would go to the needy only to see it at auction on line. Price the undesirable free inventory too high for most needy and place it in their stores. What I am having a hard time finding is how is this a charity? I see how much the CEO's are making but nothing on the monetary charity to the intended needy people. Can you please show me how Goodwill spends the over 4 billion Goodwill has made to help US families in need???? As I write this Goodwill commercial came on begging for hatch backs so they can continue to help make a difference. Make a difference for who? The CEO's lifestyle?????????? I am sure the CEO's are very nice people but when I donated to Goodwill I did not know or want it to go to the CEO's I wanted to help the needy. Its time to be transparent for real.

Tempe, AZ

#1026 Sep 1, 2013

HI ALL, glad to see there are so many people that know the truth about goodwill industries. goodwill industries is the most despicable , corrupt / crooked charity in the entire world!! anyone who donates there is a totally nieve fool. let me tell you about the goodwills here in florida. florida is basically the ebay "reseller" capitol of the world. there are literally hundreds of thrift stores here to search for items that can be resold on ebay for a profit. goodwill is one of the biggest. let me assure you right now that goodwill managers are stealing donations that were meant to help the needy. i"m specifically talking about large scale uninhibited theft of anything /ANYTHING! that can be resold on ebay. their new "SUPER GOODWILLS" are the latest scheme by this absolutely despicable, disgraceful company that exploits the needy . if your a reseller youll know exactly what i"m talking about. the managers keep all the "good stuff" to sell on ebay and put the "junk" on the sales floor for all the -- that live down here. super goodwill oldsmar is by far the worst followed closely by super goodwill in south st. pete ( 34th street north). the managers there are so unbelievably aggressive and rude i cant even begin to describe it. once they have you marked as an ebay seller they are all over you when you walk in the store. they think they own that place and nobody but them is walking out that door with something that can be resold. they have their own computers in the back room where they look things up on ebay before putting it out on the floor. if its worth money on ebay they steal it for themselves, sell it on ebay and keep the money. this is the gods honest truth people. i"ve been watching them do this for over 10 years now and these supergoodwills are just out of control. totally off the scales aggressive, crooked and unchecked. thats where they send all their "smart ---s"
as they get the most donations. pretty much instantly they turn into a " pack" of thieves who openly take anything they want to sell on ebay and split the profits. the lower ranking workers dont dare say anything. goodwill managers are extremely pushy and will fire them in the blink of an eye. one time at goodwill oldsmar i found something that was worth money on ebay.they know i:m an ebay seller and after being followed by just about all the "higher ups" there one of the managers came right up to me and asked me what i had . i repeat people, "nobody, but nobody is walking out of that store with anything that can be resold" except them !! then of course they always have one or 2 cashiers who are also part of their team . their the last line of defense. if they know you are a reseller they will closely inspect what you are buying so they can find your seller name on ebay and begin stealing all your research and knowlege about whats sellable on ebay. and let me assure you the goodwill corparate managers could care less so long as they get their big fat checks every week. did you know that the ceo of goodwill makes over 600 thousand dollars a year himself, and the next person below him makes over 300 grand a year? thats two guys people making almost a million dollars a year nevermind all their corparate cronies. i just saw them at goodwill gandy boulevard last month probably trying to figure out why that store isnt "panning out " enough. unfortunately theirs no law against what they are doing and will probably never be. the only people who can do anything about this disgraceful exploitation of the poor and needy is us regular people. do not donate anything to goodwill and tell all your friends not to donate their and why. theirs plenty of other charities out there in desparate need of donations / donations that will actually reach the needy instead of going into some fat cats pocket. i"m actually having a couple of anti goodwill t shirts made for me right now.

Tempe, AZ

#1027 Sep 1, 2013
How about some Goodwill t-shirts for Arizona.
Goodwill Pricing Gone Bad

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#1028 Sep 25, 2013
Has anyone noticed how the prices have gone up at Goodwill lately? With their half-price every other Saturday deals, the jerks have raised their prices dramatically to make sure they still get their $80 million in annual revenue (as reported in 2011)! The problem is that it hurts their customers - many are low income and cannot afford to shop anywhere else. And it forces everyone to shop only on every other Saturday - otherwise you will be paying much much more, even sometimes double

For example, I was just in the store on Camelback and Dysart in Avondale and saw a leather jacket similar to one my wife bought for a relative a couple weeks earlier for $25. However, the USED one I found today was marked $70 - or a USED leather jacket. And I noticed even the cheaper things that used to be priced around $1.99 or $2.99 are now $4.99 to $6.99. Another trick they are pulling is to price everything that SHOULD come with an item separately. I looked at an old Nintendo machine which was $17, but the cord was marked $2.99 and the cable to connect it to the TV was another $2.99. So the $17 machine was really $17 PLUS $2.99 PLUS ANOTHER $2.99. I saw TV's there with no power cord and you have to buy the cord for extra money. Now what TV comes without a power cord in any other store? This is just a tactic to get more money out of the low income customers they are serving. I'm fed up with Goodwill these days and was wondering if anyone else is too!

Since: Apr 13

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#1029 Sep 26, 2013
Yeah goodwill sucks. And it takes their retarted handicapped cashiers 20 minutes for a transaction.

Mesa, AZ

#1030 Sep 28, 2013
Took a look at Form 990, the IRS documents required of a non-profit organization. For 2012 they paid Jim Teter, the CEO, a salary of $400,000. When you look at the vice presidents and others, Goodwill pays out $2.4 million to their top executives.

Not a bad place to work, if you are at the top.

Tempe, AZ

#1031 Sep 29, 2013
Mr. Teter the CEO OF GOODWILL admitted he knew nothing about the non-profit business. It gave Tim O'Neal (ALIAS PORKY) the opportunity of being the head of GOODWILL COPORATE CORRUUPTION) Porky O'Neal is responsible for giving his girlfriend KIM RYDER the job in corporate as Vice President of Real Estate. She also knows nothing about real estate. Of course, Porky heads real estate and everything else in CORPORATE. Goodwill needs to be investigated for all their corruption. I guess it is not a bad place to work if you are crooked. Before I forget Ms. Ryder, Porky's girfriend was arresred for check fraud. Now she is in Goodwill Corporate ss Vice President of Real Estate.
Been There

Tempe, AZ

#1032 Oct 6, 2013
Goodwill opponents want Phoenix to explore conflict of interest allegations

By Amy B Wang

The Republic |

Wed Oct 2, 2013 12:21 PM

About 30 Phoenix residents have signed a petition letter asking the Phoenix City Council and Mayor Greg Stanton to explore potential conflict of interest violations by Vice Mayor Bill Gates and his chief of staff, Laura Etter.

The residents are opponents of a proposed Moon Valley Goodwill store, set to open this fall at Seventh Street and Thunderbird Road.

They accuse Etter of not disclosing a potential conflict of interest, saying she shouldn’t have worked to resolve objections to the Goodwill store without revealing she had worked for the non-profit’s lobbyist.

Just before joining the city last August, Etter was one of two senior associates at Goodman Schwartz Public Affairs, Goodwill’s lobbying firm. Her work at Goodman Schwartz was focused on non-profits, but her boss there said she handled only minor matters involving Goodwill, such as attending store openings.

Gates and Etter said they never believed it was necessary to disclose her past employment as she attempted to mediate the issue between Goodwill and Moon Valley residents.

Residents delivered the petition letter to City Hall on Wednesday morning, in advance of the council’s meeting at 3 p.m.

“The main thing I’m hoping is this will be an educational moment for the city council where they realize they can't do things like this,” said John Shadegg, a Moon Valley resident and former U.S. Congressman who opposes the Goodwill store.

“It's not exactly rocket science,” he said.“If people will think your involvement looks improper because you're benefitting your prior employer, then you ought to just expose that and stay out.”

Gates and Etter have repeatedly stated there was no conflict of interest. Phoenix City Attorney Gary Verberg has said that neither Gates nor Etter violated the law, which does not specifically provide guidelines for disclosure for public workers about their former employers.

Although Phoenix warns its employees to avoid even the appearance of conflict, the city’s current ethics handbook offers no guidance to Phoenix workers about their history with a previous employer.

At Wednesday’s meeting, the council will vote on whether to reinstate the use permit requirement for secondhand and used-goods stores. Also on the agenda is an ordinance that would require any organization using donation drop boxes to go through a new use-permit process and pay a $135 annual fee per box.

Some neighbors have been upset with Gates’ backing of the drop-box ordinance, which they say favors Goodwill Industries of Central Arizona. Unlike other charities, Goodwill does not use drop boxes to collect the donations that it sells.

Tempe, AZ

#1033 Oct 8, 2013
Thank you BEEN THERE thank you for the very informative article that you posted. What backstabbers.
Been There

Tempe, AZ

#1034 Oct 8, 2013
Goodwill of Central Arizona opponents allege ethics violation.

Opponents of a proposed Moon Valley Goodwill store are accusing a Phoenix City Council member’s chief of staff of not disclosing a potential conflict of interest, saying she shouldn’t have attempted to mediate the issue without revealing that she had worked for Goodwill’s lobbyist.

Laura Etter, chief of staff for Phoenix Vice Mayor Bill Gates, was employed by the lobbyist until August 2012, when she joined the city. Former Maricopa County Attorney Rick Romley, who recently led a task force to update the Phoenix ethics policy, said Etter failed to avoid the appearance of a conflict of interest and may have broken the law. Former U.S. Rep. John Shadegg, who lives in Moon Valley and is opposed to the planned Goodwill store, said her actions are questionable and need to be investigated.
The Truth

Tempe, AZ

#1035 Oct 8, 2013
It was reported in the Arizona Republic on August 25.2012 that Jim Teter president and chief executive officer of Goodwill of central Arizona has an annual salary of $357,366. Not bad for someone who admitted he knew nothing about the non-profit business when he got the job. One has to wonder what Porky O'Neal and his mistress Kim Ryder are making in Corporate. We all know how she got her job as vice president of real estate. Not bad Ms. Ryder for someone that was ARRESTED for CHECK FRAUD.

Glendale, AZ

#1036 Oct 15, 2013

Office Romances: Worth the Risk?

First things first, take a look at your company’s employee handbook – many will contain details on a human resources department’s official stance toward relationships between staff members. Some companies prohibit relationships between people on the same team or between people in a position of authority and not; other organizations may forbid any romantic relationships between staff members.

If your specific situation is prohibited by your company, you and your coworker have an important decision to make. Is pursuing this relationship worth one of you quitting or being fired from your job? Employment is still hard to come by in many fields, so think long and hard before you jeopardize a stable position that has great career potential.

Keep it professional during work hours. The office is not the place for public displays of affection, flirting or sneaking off behind closed doors. If you want to keep your jobs — and the respect of other staff — treat each other like regular colleagues while at work.
Been There

Tempe, AZ

#1037 Oct 18, 2013
Goodwill pays disabled workers pennies an hour
A 75-year-old labor law allows the company to subvert minimum wage. Its chief executive argues that those earning the reduced rate couldn't work otherwise.

Is it still considered charity if Goodwill Industries only pays some of its employees 22 cents an hour? In Goodwill's view, yes: They could be making nothing.

In a payroll decision that's ideologically complex at best, Goodwill Industries outlets in Pennsylvania used a 75-year-old labor law loophole to pay disabled employees as little as 22, 38 and 41 cents per hour in 2011.

As NBC News discovered, a 1938 law known as the Special Wage Certificate Program allows charities and companies to get special certificates from the Department of Labor that permits them to pay disabled workers based on their abilities, with no minimum.

At the time, it was a means of encouraging companies to hire workers with disabilities. With Goodwill International paying chief executive Jim Gibbons $729,000 in salary and deferred compensation in 2011, that makes Goodwill's wages for disabled employees seem as cheap as the broken keyboards and old pairs of Velcro sneakers on its stores' racks.

Gibbons doesn't see it that way, however, defending Goodwill's wage program in a Huffington Post column earlier this year and addressing critics on the site again Friday.

"For young people with the most significant disabilities, the Special Minimum Wage Certificate means the difference between reaching their personal employment potential and having no job at all," he wrote.

More than 216,000 workers are eligible to earn less than minimum wage under the current law, though many end up earning the full federal minimum wage of $7.25 an hour. While it's true that the employment rate for Americans age 20-24 with disabilities is only 32%, according to the Department of Labor, that doesn't mean Goodwill's disabled employees are particularly happy with their reduced rate.

"If they really do pay the CEO of Goodwill three-quarters of a million dollars, they certainly can pay me more than they're paying," Harold Leigland, who is legally blind and hangs clothes at a Goodwill in Great Falls, Mont., for less than minimum wage, told NBC News.
Goodwill Pervert

Tempe, AZ

#1038 Oct 18, 2013
Phoenix police: Man used mirror to spy on teen in Goodwill of Central Arizona dressing room.
By Domenico Nicosia and Courtland Jeffrey

The Arizona Republic- 12 News Breaking News Team

Wed Sep 4, 2013 10:33 AM

Phoenix police have arrested a man accused of using a mirror to watch a 14-year-old girl change in a Goodwill dressing room, authorities said.

Victor Miguel Villalobos, 63, was booked Monday into the Fourth Avenue Jail in Phoenix on suspicion of unlawful viewing of a person.

When confronted by police, Villalobos said he didn’t intend to hurt the girl, according to court records.

The girl’s mother helped identify a suspect in the case on Sunday by using car keys left behind in the peeper’s dressing room, police said.

Police said the woman tried the key on each vehicle in the parking lot at 32nd Street and Chandler Boulevard until she found a match. A bank statement in Villalobos’ name was in the front passenger seat, records show. Also in plain view was a rectangular mirror and Goodwill receipts.

The woman gave officers the car keys when they arrived at the store.

That same vehicle was at Villalobos’ house when officers went there on Monday night. He later admitted to jump-starting the car to get it home, records show.
Been There

Black Canyon City, AZ

#1039 Nov 5, 2013
Goodwill of Central Arizona

“One Of The Worst Companies To Work For In Arizona!”
Administrative Assistant (Former Employee)
Phoenix, AZ
I worked at Goodwill of Central Arizona full-time for less than a year

Pros – Sadly, there are no Pros.

Cons – Save your time and continue with your job search. They are not worth your time and energy. Managers are a bunch of clowns, they reward themselves and not the people who actually do the work. The CEO and management are outdated. They have a high employee turnaround. If you do something wrong by human error, they will fire you without giving you a chance to correct yourself or fire someone because they don't like their happy attitude (CEO & management miserable human beings, so they make everyone else's work environment miserable). They've lost a lot of good and competent people managing people this way. You will thank yourself for seeing this rating.

Advice to Senior Management – You should appreciate the hard working employees that you do have and, sign up for an employee relations class to teach you how to keep people loyal and be true leaders in your field.

No, I would not recommend this company to a friend

Goodwill of Central Arizona
Been There

Black Canyon City, AZ

#1040 Nov 5, 2013
Goodwill of Central Arizona
"Unfair Management"
Case Manager (Current Employee)
Phoenix, AZ
I have been working at Goodwill of Central Arizona full-time for more than a year

Pros: Very rewarding to work withe people with disabilities. Pay is about the same as… Cons: Management is very unfair particularly with its hiring and promoting practices. Rarely if ever is… Advice to Senior Management: Have HR take over the hiring and promotions so it is… No, I would not recommend this company to a friend – I'm not optimistic about the outlook for this company
Been There

Black Canyon City, AZ

#1041 Nov 5, 2013
"Very unhappy with this new job"

Cashier (Current Employee)
I have been working at Goodwill of Central Arizona part-time for less than a year

Pros: I am not sure I've seen any pros that were… Cons: Each manager does everything different so I everyday I have gotten… Advice to Senior Management: to treat new employees with respect No, I would not recommend this company to a friend

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