The day after that, Jodi moved in to whisper into Willmott's hair and WM stared straight ahead, popped something into her mouth and moved quite a distance away from the Defendant. For a fun-sized person, Willmott is very feisty.
She has either put on weight or is wearing bulletproof undergarments after getting threats due to defending the Monster. Look for WM to find a new job after this is all over. ShrillWill has toned down her voice towards the end, realizing it is like nails on a chalkboard. I bet she regrets every day she acted like a sophomoric homecoming queen contender, looking down on people like Dr. Kevin Horn and Dr. DeMarte. It seems Dr. Jill Hayes was able to charm
WM or she took her nice pills that day. She tried to go into turbo mode, but
Jill disarmed her with charm.