And within United States Of America National borders, may we ourselves, Citizens and or Residents of this lived upon beautiful and or bountiful Planetary geographical territorial societal region, together as people involved with specific criterion situations of Human conflicts of hostilities and or non-allegiance to a United States Of America coexistence naturalism of currentness, engage into the act of public commune, wether it be socialist or communist or anarchist, and may we find a particular allegiance with a and or the, Universal coexistence naturalism of the Homo Sapiens Sapiens, onward progression of existence, therefore emancipating yourselves from your activities of deviousness and of danger to others not involved, therefore amending and creating an ensuing self-dedication to the Global societal people's, liberty, justice, freedom, rights, peace, prosperity, and most importantly, bringing forward allocation to behavioral individualistic course of existence, Internationally.

United We Stand!

On the foundations of religion, we ourselves do make a difference in others lives, and, even as we may not particularly, bodily recreationally, engage at a National or International church, we can prevail as people of Earth.