Racism lurking at sundown in Iowa?

Racism lurking at sundown in Iowa?

There are 401 comments on the Des Moines Register story from Jan 22, 2006, titled Racism lurking at sundown in Iowa?. In it, Des Moines Register reports that:

Racism lurking at sundown in Iowa? An author includes New Market, Ia., in a book that reveals how old laws forbade blacks from being in town after dark By REGISTER STAFF WRITER January 22, 2006 No ...

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Oh Please

Omaha, NE

#402 Mar 1, 2009
FACT #69: Thousands of South African Blacks graduate from college every
year, more than three times as many as in the rest of Africa combined. Every
Black child is within walking distance of a primary school. Africa's largest
hospital, which serves Blacks almost exclusively and performs over 1800
operations per month, is in South Africa.(14)

FACT #70: The Blacks of South Africa own more cars than do all the citizens
of the Soviet Union.(29)

FACT #71: South Africa has more Black doctors, lawyers, professional people,
and millionaires than all of the rest of the world combined.(8)

FACT #72: In fact, conditions are "so bad" for Blacks in South Africa that
the country has a tremendous problem with illegal Black immigration, having
over one million illegal foreign workers.(14)(29)

Oh Please

Omaha, NE

#403 Mar 1, 2009

FACT #73-75: Iceland, the only all-White nation in the world, has the
world's highest literacy rate. 100%. It is an island of cooled volcanic
magma, located Just south of the Arctic Circle. It has no coal, no fuel, no
timber, no mineral wealth or natural resources, and no navigable rivers. 75%
of the interior is uninhabitable and only about 1% of the land is arable. It
is the youngest nation in Europe and one of the most isolated countries in
the world. Nonetheless, Iceland is #2 in the world in life expectancy and
has one of the world's highest standards of living, in terms of per capita
income. It has tremendous medical facilities and a thriving publishing
business. Virtually every family has a telephone. Upon graduation from high
school, each Icelandic student has learned five languages.(33)
Oh Please

Omaha, NE

#404 Mar 1, 2009

FACT #75-77: On Jan. 31, 1977, Martin Luther King's FBI records were sealed
by court order until the year 2027 because, as his wife said, "its release
would destroy his reputation" These records are rumored to contain instances
of bizarre sexual perversion and homosexuality, and proof that King was
under the direct orders of Soviet spies and financed by the Communist Party.

FACT #78: The Wall Street Journal (Nov.9, 1990) disclosed that Stanford
University editors of The Papers of Martin Luther King Jr. have long known
that King was guilty of plagiarism in his l955 Boston University doctoral
thesis, having lifted significant portions from the works of other writers
and graduate students.

FACT #79: Martin Luther King frequently enjoyed prostitutes and paid for
them with his church's money. Still, congress has voted to make King's
birthday a national holiday, in most places replacing Columbus Day or
Washington's Birthday as an official observance.

FACT #80: Almost every state in the union has a King holiday, and almost
every city has a King Boulevard or King Civic Center. Yet the electoral
evidence suggests that Americans will almost always vote down honors for
King when given a chance.(41)
Oh Please

Omaha, NE

#405 Mar 1, 2009

FACT #81: The entire continent of Africa, perhaps Earth's richest land,
accounts for only 3% of world trade.(27)

FACT #82-84: Almost all Blacks who have been leaders in fields other than
athletics or music have had some White ancestry: Fredick Douglas, W.E.B.
Dubois, Booker T. Washington, George Washington Carver, Alex Hailey,
Thurgood Marshall, Bryant Gumbell, Colin Powell, Carl Rowan, Ed Bradley,
Doug Wilder, etc. According to Dr. E.B. Reuter, "... Of successful and
best known men that the Negro race has produced, at least thirteen-
fourteenths are men of mixed blood.(27)(21)

FACT #85: Blacks are 50 times more likely to have syphilis than Whites.(32)

FACT #86: Twice as many Blacks as Whites receive dishonorable discharge from
the U.S. military.(32)

FACT #87: A White woman is 15 times more likely to contract AIDS by engaging
in sex with a Negro than with a White heterosexual.(U.S. Centers for
Disease Control)

FACT #88: 90% of U.S. children with AIDS are Black or Hispanic.(36)

FACT # 89-92: In l950, American schools were among the best in the world.
However, vocal elements within our society demanded that the public schools
take on a social engineering role as well as an educational one. Violent
disruptions of American education were ordered by the Supreme Court for the
purpose of breaking down racial barriers. For 30 years, American schools
have diverted enormous resources into forced integration, quotas, and
bussing operations.(Few people realize how expensive bussing is. Annual
cost may run into tens of billions of dollars. In l990 California alone was
spending $500 million per year on integration. Many school districts spend a
quarter or more of their budgets on transportation. In Milwaukee alone and
in a single school year, 30,000 staff hours were diverted into calculating
the race of students to attend the various schools.) The results? Today's
students rank at the very bottom worldwide in science and math, some 40% of
American adults are functionally illiterate, and standardized test scores
have declined steadily for both Whites and Blacks. Today the average White
still scores 200 points higher on the combined SAT than the average Black.
Americans spend more on education than any other country in the world and
have the worst results. Massive White flight to escape racial zoning has
reduced the tax base of every major American city. In l983, after nearly two
generations of racial experimentation to promote equality, the research arm
of the Dept. of Education could not produce a single study that showed Black
children were learning appreciably better after desegregation.(25)(20)
Oh Please

Omaha, NE

#406 Mar 1, 2009
FACT #93: In Black Africa the average ruler lasts 7 months.(22)(27)(7)

FACT #94: By 1995, a third of U.S. students will be non-Whites and Whites
will be a minority in the school districts of 5 states.(32)

FACT #95: Dr. William Shockley, Nobel prize winner for his work in the
invention of the transistor and renowned geneticist as Stanford University,
said, "The major cause for American Negroes' hereditary is origin and thus
not remedial to a major degree by improvement in environment."

FACT #96: In 1930, about 33% of the world was White. Today, the U.N.
estimates that only about 9.5% of the world's population is Caucasian. This
percentage is falling rapidly.(34)(27)

FACT #97: Every race has an equal capacity to learn and contribute to
civilization and any differences are caused by prejudice and racism. The
fact that white skins are associated with civilization is merely a quirk of
fortune and coincidence. Any attempt to distinguish the races is motivated
by paranoia and hatred. We must prevent any investigation into the subject
and work to melt society together into a receless, nationless, harmonious

FACT #98: In 1988 there were 9,406 cases of Black-on-White rape and fewer
than 10 cases of White on Black rape in the U.S.(32)
Oh Please

Omaha, NE

#407 Mar 1, 2009
Cattell, three distinguished American scholars compare massive evidence of
national I.Q. score averages worldwide and warn against the decline of any
nation whose population reflects declining intelligence. Taking into
consideration the differential birthrates of American ethnic stocks, they
concluded that American ability is declining rapidly.(21)

FACT #100: The American taxpayers have spent over $2.5 TRILLION trying to
upgrade Blacks since the l960's.(6)

FACT #101: QUOTES "The Negroes' rude ignorance has never invented any
effectual weapons of defense or destruction: they appear incapable of
forming any extensive plans of government or conquest: and the obvious
inferiority of their mental faculties has been discovered and abused by the
nations of the temperate zone." --Edward Gibbon, the great historian and
"Wherever you find the Negro everything is going down around him, and
wherever you find the White man you see everything around him
improving." --Robert E. Lee, to Col. Thomas H. Carter, May, l965
Oh Please

Omaha, NE

#408 Mar 1, 2009
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American Journal of Sociology, Vol. 92, pg 822+
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American Sociological Review, Vol 45, pg. 859
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World Report, Sept. 21, 1956. Washington, D.C.
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Pearson, Roger. Race, Intelligence, and Bias in Academe, Scott-Townsend
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Putnam, Carleton. Race and Reality, a Search for Solutions, 1967, Howard
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Putnam, Carleton. A Study in Racial Realities, an address at the University
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Integration, Scott-Townsend. Washington, D.C. 1989
Shuey, Audrey H., The Testing of Negro Intelligence, Social Science Press,
New York, 1966
Simpson, William Gayley. Which Way Western Man? 1978, National Alliance
Press, Box 3535, Washington, D. C. 20007
Oh Please

Omaha, NE

#409 Mar 1, 2009
Social Forces, Vol. 69, pg.1+, Sept.'90
"South Africa: Time to Choose Sides" Soldier of Fortune, Dec.'89.
Snyderman, Mark, and Rothman, Stanely. The IQ Controversy, the Media and
Public Policy. Transaction Publishers, New Brunswick, NJ 1990.
Stell v Savannah-Chattham County Board of Education, U.S. District Court,
Southern Georgia, May 13, 1963.
Taylor, Jared, Paved with Good Intentions: The Failure of Race Relations in
Contemporary America. 1992, Carrol & Graf. New York, NY
World Almanacs,'88,'89,'90,'91,'92
United Nations World Census, 1990
Van Loon, Henrick, 1940, Van Loon's Geography, Garden City Publ.
The Voice, Feb. 27, 1990.
Waddell, L. A. The Makers of Civilization, 1929, Angriff Press, Hollywood,
Weisman, Charles A. America: Free, White and Christian, 1989, SFA, Box
766-c, LaPorte, CO 80535
Weisman, Charles A. The Origins of Race and Civilization, 1990, SFA
Weyl, Nathaniel. The Geography of American Achievement, Scott-Townsend,
Washington, D.C. 1989.
Martin Luther King (Man Behind the Myth) by Des Griffin.

Beth BC

Since: Jan 10

Location hidden

#414 Jan 31, 2010
No jigs in New Market after sun down? I love this concept! Why can't all towns be this way?

Mitchellville, IA

#415 Feb 1, 2010
stop ALL racists, white, black, mexican, asian, and any other race - white racism gets all the attention but racism is in all races! when a black, mexican, asian or any other race beats/robs/rapes a white person they should be charged with a hate crime and vice versa

Mound, MN

#416 Feb 1, 2010
A lot of politically incorrectness happens in our world. From what i have observed racism is also found in the black population. Until the black community gets it's own house in order,comments about white racism becomes something to hide behind They become excuses and not answers.

Mitchellville, IA

#417 Feb 11, 2010
GENO wrote:
A lot of politically incorrectness happens in our world. From what i have observed racism is also found in the black population. Until the black community gets it's own house in order,comments about white racism becomes something to hide behind They become excuses and not answers.
very well said - thanks
one who knows

Creston, IA

#418 Feb 11, 2010
LC Smith wrote:
Internet is the land of fiction and half-truths. Visit Iowa and come to your own conclusion. Racism is not such a major issue in Iowa. Concentrate on being a good person regardless of your race or the race of others and you are likely to thrive in peace and be earn the respect of others.
Amen to that!! I am thoroughly white and I have to tell you that some of the dumbest, meanest people are white and what is really scarey is that many of them hold public office! Our town is about 8000 people with a Jr. college and those black kids are the most polite and talented kids ever! It is sad, but you will find red-necks and white trash anywhere - and they usually call themselves Christian!!!

United States

#419 Feb 12, 2010
No discussion of racism can be complete without first understanding ethnocentrism, and the difference between ethnocentrism and racism.

Ankeny, IA

#420 Feb 12, 2010
The same journalist who will remind you over and over an over again that blacks couldnt get served at a woolworth's lunch counter in 1960 couldnt care less that a white qualified IT worker would be discriminated agaisn becasue they were not on an H-1b visa from India, if they applied for a job in downtown Des Moines

....this afternoon

not 50 years ago

and that's why peope hate the media
Iowa City Soon

High Wycombe, UK

#421 Mar 11, 2010
Wow! The human psyche is amazing!! I found this thread as a result of my interest in attending the University of Iowa, Iowa City. I live in the UK, am black and a professional. My best friend (white) and her family were born and bred in a small town near Iowa City. I can't get there soon enough for them!! After reading through this thread I feel more enlightened. I know I'll be just fine.

I always see people - white or black - who are racists as very sad, sick people and I think it is wrong coming from either. When people like "Oh Please" and others who post statements that are intended to make others feel inferior, I know that they are in fact unfortunate people who intensely dislike themselves and have very poor self-esteem -- hence the need to bring others down. Really, really, sad... and such a shame - I feel for you, tortured souls.

Racism or any form of bullying can be acknowledged as being due to serious emotional problems -- often stemming from the perpetrator's perceived threat, fear, ignorance, background, lack of exposure and other issues (too many to mention here).

Love yourself. Never feel that being black, african american, mixed race or biracial, hispanic, asian, indian, latino, mexican (sorry I don't know the all terms used in the US) makes you any less of a person or less worthy than anyone else. Be comfortable in your own skin. It is the poor racist who has a problem and needs help, not you!

Inevitably, we treat people the way we feel about ourselves. Not only with regard to race, but everything in life, how a person treats another is always the best indicator of how s/he feels about him or herself. Always remember this.

I know that perceiving racism this way is easier said than done but if one can apply this attitude, you'll be surprised that you won't take it their remarks and attitudes personally and they will be like water off a duck's back.

Of course, where it affects acquiring jobs and other serious life issues, it must be challenged. However, try not to get embroiled in petty arguments with these ill people who need to put others down in order to feel "good" about themselves.

Peace begins with me. There is one race: the human race. There are two basic emotions: Love and Fear. Racism stems from fear expressed as anger, violence etc. We can't fight racism with more racism or this constant focus on race. Light obliterates darkness. Love ALWAYS prevails. My friend says I will LOVE Iowa City. I will! xxx

Mitchellville, IA

#422 Mar 11, 2010
anyone who doesn't like it here either in iowa or the united states - the airport is open - go where you will be happy

United States

#425 Nov 4, 2012
It sounds lke you suffer with the fallacy of ahistorical racism rebbie.
Debbi wrote:
Heather - "Rampant Racism" in Garland, Texas??? Where in "Sam Hell - GARLAND,Texas" do you live??? I live in Garland, Texas, a hands throw from Sachse, Texas and Rowlett, Texas and have never experienced racism as you describe in your post. Quit exaggerating!!!
However, I grew up in Davenport, Iowa a hands throw from Bettendorf and experienced racism/discrimination growing up and sometimes NOW when I return to visit Bettendorf, Des Moines and Cedar Falls I "feel" a bit odd.
You go on to mention the KKK in Mississippi - yeah and so what??? The KKK is in Illinois, Michigan, Colorado and other states. Do your research. Are they as strong and powerful as they were in the 50's - NO! And what's this "racism within your own race" thing you describe?? That myth is a thing of the past - the 50's - again.
It sounds as twihough you have some unresolved issues to address. I suggest you clear some things up before heading to the North, i.e.- IOWA.
If you look for racism - you'll find it. Good luck in IOWA - sounds like you're gonna need it......
Darrin Coats

United States

#426 Aug 1, 2013
African american people are from Africa you just said the white people made settlements 300 years ago like the white man migrated to israel and claim to be the hebrew israelites .study khazaria and the white man.when the white men came to africa the robbed and stole everything and put in what you call a museum the truth takex a long time to acquire truth study slavery on the chosen people in the bible deutoronomy 28..and the black men in the bible .the white men robbed and stole everything oppressed a people and even the declaration of independence is for british crown george the king freedom you know john adams and thomason jefferson people like that but thank god for 200000 blacks dying for our freedom and fighting for the white men freedom in the holocaust tuskegee experiment red tails yea stuff like that .
Darrin Coats

Dallas, TX

#427 Aug 1, 2013
I went to the museum and read books about africa even got pictures if I seen I white person in any of that history wow in college I dont see white professors saying im african im african so you african claim it then go everywhere saying you african I dare you watch how stupid you look around all your european brothers.you wouldnt survive the heat of africa no melanin in your skin do science on melanin and im from africa white people from caucus mountain and rome take rome and zeus thor your original gods for thousands of years you worshipped zues thor.moon god on monday .thor or tuesday oden on wensday frigger friday.saturn saturday the sun sun day.black people spoke hebrew or aramaic african language coorelates with those languages.not greek roman .study youngster

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