Anyone know Chasidi Shaw/Ingiosi?

Anyone know Chasidi Shaw/Ingiosi?

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a friend

Casa Grande, AZ

#1 Aug 8, 2009
Does anyone know Chasidi Shaw? She might go by Ingiosi as well...she's an old HS friend.
dragon lover

Clovis, CA

#2 Aug 31, 2009
I do.... who is this?
a friend wrote:
Does anyone know Chasidi Shaw? She might go by Ingiosi as well...she's an old HS friend.
dragon lover

Clovis, CA

#3 Aug 31, 2009
I do....who is this?
dragon lover

United States

#4 Aug 31, 2009
I do...who is this?
a friend

Casa Grande, AZ

#5 Sep 6, 2009
it's are you?
Wouldnt you like to know

Antioch, CA

#6 Sep 23, 2009
a friend wrote:
Does anyone know Chasidi Shaw? She might go by Ingiosi as well...she's an old HS friend.
Ya i know her! She is absolutly amazing! Why do you want to find her? You wanna know she Finished school and has a great career because she let some loser go about 4 years ago! You wanna know that she never gave up on her dreams! You wanna know that without you she is soooo freakin happy! some one who did nothing but bring her down someone who thought she would give up on her family for what you? i don't think so! Hopefully your not doing this to your new wife and trying to ruin her living off of her while she works hard and you sit on your ass playing video games! You probably have no job still and the new wifey is doing the same thing Chasidi did let you live off of her! Are you ever going to get a life and make something of yourself or keep believing the world owes you something? Cuz guess what buddy you are a piece of shit! Oh did i mention Chasidi is doing absolutly amazing and the best thing she has ever done is get rid of your sorry ass! Because with out you she has done everything she has wanted and doesnt answer to anyone and doesnt have dead weight dragging her down! Can you believe you let her work full time and go to school full time while you sat on your ass and did NOTHING! litteally nothing no shower no shaving no haircut no nothing! YOU SUCK! AND i feel really sorry for your new wife hopefully she wakes up and smells the coffee real soon that you will be living off of her FOREVER! Thanks for asking about Chasidi....
x Losers suck

Modesto, CA

#7 Sep 23, 2009
Bwahahahahahahahahaha! BTW did we all mention that Chasidi Shaw is EFFIN' AWESOME!!!!! Kick rocks!

United States

#8 Sep 23, 2009
LMAO yea I know her too!! And she is doing absolutely amazing!! Why ask about her now when you didn't give a damn about her then?!? The best damn thing she ever did was kick your sorry ass to the curb! Do you use your new wife like you did her??
Those who care

United States

#9 Sep 23, 2009
I know her very well. Reading the above post I take it you are her ex. Well don't know you and glad of it. I will let you know she is doing awesome and is one of the strongest woman I know. Just in case you are wonder about her she is doing amazing!

Fargo, ND

#10 Sep 23, 2009
That's right, she is doing amazing. The smartest, strongest, coolest, giving, deserving, spiritual person I have had the priveledge of calling my friend and I love her like a daughter. Yes, she lost dead weight, dragging her down, and it was good that she did. I hope it was a wake up call for the ex at some point to lose someone like Chasidi! Some people help you realize your dreams and others do not know what it is to have dreams. Rock on Chas and remember the past is exactly where it belongs--IN THE PAST!


#11 Sep 23, 2009
Why on earth would you be trying to talk to her now!? To ask how she is doing!?? You didnt give a crap when you were with her! That she worked full time AND went to school full time. Well now she is kicking ass in life! She is my mentor and best friend. How dare you for even speaking her name. Hmmm maybe your having a few regrets?? Your not even worthy of breathing the same AIR that she does!! Do the world a favor and crawl back into your video game fantasy where everyone thinks your cool.
Lucky_ Girl

Manteca, CA

#12 Sep 23, 2009
You got to be kidding me!! Whata fool he is!!! LMAO Does he know how stupid he looks!! I cant stop laughing!!! LMAO!!!
U R worthless

Modesto, CA

#13 Sep 23, 2009
Wow! I can’t believe that you have the stones to actually ask about her!! She made the smartest choice in her life by dropping your worthless, retarded, ungrateful, sad excuse for a man, ass! Don’t try to find her or even talk to her. If everyone hasn't made is clear......SHE IS DOING AWESOME! She is the most wonder, smart, caring, driven, amazing, modest, person that I have had the privilege to meet. Why don’t you just go back to your sad excuse for a life on the couch playing final fantasy, while your wife supports your ass? I can’t imagine any SELF RESPECTING MAN would let his wife go to work and provide for him while he just sits his LAZY ASS in front of the TV only sucking up good air that someone that contributes to society could use. You disgust me! Really! Just think that there are people out there like YOU make me sick! Don’t worry Tom, one day your wife, just like Chasidi, will wake up and realize what a worthless sack of shit you really are and she will leave you too. I hope you read this and all the other post on YOUR BLOG and see that the best thing to happen to Chasidi was not you! Its ok little boy, cry your sad pathetic heart out! All I have to say is, good to not know you!
U R worthless

Modesto, CA

#14 Sep 23, 2009

Bettendorf, IA

#15 Sep 25, 2009
got the friggin message yet? if not get help!


#16 Sep 27, 2009
the best thing my daughter did was ask us for the money to buy a one way ticket for thomas to fly away.when they moved in after the military..chas worked her butt off while tom sat in the bedroom playing video games.when she came home he would have the biggest attitued ever.calling her and her family names.moved to arizona put my name on the lease and told tome he had to work or he would have to move as long as my name was on the lease for 1 year.that low life worked for 1 year and that was it.chas went to school then to work then home and cooked dinner and did laundry while tom sat on the sofa and you got it...played video games.tom cried like a girl cause we bought chas a warmer coat for the winter and we bought tom one but it was not a leater jacket! yes this is the leather jacket that he still wears and has pictures in it while he was in michigan (that is where the one way ticket went to) i feel really sorry for his wife.if she is smart she won't put up with is games and lies for to long!YOU DON'T WORRY ABOUT CHAS, you didn't in the past and don't have one.she is sooo happy and doing so great...she pays her own bills and rent and most of all she is HAPPY.that is what i want for all my kids. so tom...go back to playing your video games and sitting on your ass and not doing anything in your worthless life.your worthless selfbeing has no right to check up on her at all. and if this is his wife checking on chas...GET YOUR SELF FREE..while you still have a chance.he is a compalsive lier and mostly is still a loser. chas is a great person who is strong mentally and is going for everything in life that she wants.I AM SO PROUD OF YOU CHASIDI.

Tulsa, OK

#17 Sep 27, 2009
i don't know any of you. but this guy is really dumb all the way around. and this girl must be really cool to have so many devoted friends. so rock on boys and girls. except the guy who invited all this conversation.
Jimco resterant


#18 Sep 27, 2009
remember what the indian said, AND dont ever forget!

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