Who do you support for Governor in Wi...
Your stupid Gov walker

Eau Claire, WI

#6787 Jul 22, 2013
Who Tee Who wrote:
Scott Walker we love you,live long stay strong.
And please try and keep your head out of the Koch brothers crothces

Madison, WI

#6788 Jul 22, 2013
jammmie tard wrote:
<quoted text>Are you a spaztic type tard or just the regular type? Oh look, the little men are taking Jammmie tard onto thier space ship.
The little Men? Which ones?

Uncle Toms Cabin off East Washington Avenue? Septic tank disposed sandwich bag condom family birth, yes I met them, his grandfather was a sick kind of a fellow and would take the sperm form man and inseminate it in animals or insect hives, no since listening to the sperm or ovum cry all night, it belongs to someone, better to be humane and give it legs and feet to fight for its own life, if its birthing wihtout family. Little Creek channel. I feed the stone by the rock that has the pipe and cabin seeds and leave string to make clothes with or partial knit project.

Or the little men that transmute out of the stones that have raised buildings under a microscope, YES I am familiar with the Indian nations Aztec atlantis hoard houses(917 burr oak lane My maternal grandparents lived ontop of that one, hoard house of Atlantians; Bank group came and piad them to look around and bought some golf balls, tried to purchase their hoard of clothes and toys ove the years for $25,000 and a Dutch Apple and bag of dirt it grew in they paid $25 but offered $25,000 grandpa thoguht he would have to pay back later and called them crooks took the limited amount and kicked them off the property).

Rabbit hole in the park had a mans dog tags from nam, a diamond ring, and a baby teething rattle. Rabbit talked and said he is human and was admiring a female down the street and the neighbors baby, and something happened and they all left the body as the rabbits watched them, and the rabbits replaced them in their home for life, RUTHIE's Husband was the man. The women down the street and the baby next door. They needed help.

Merlin Scorcery group Purple robes with gold symbols is flying hi in Madison Wisc. Most powerful and highest funded relious movement in the CIty fomr most all nations funders. Met him on the tracks, he called me Isis and said Oasiris loved me so much, I was a gofer girl, Oasiris had a wife, Isis pretended they did it and gossiped but his wife is Classified and confidential to public nobody knew he had one. She also had a head injury. I forgot her real name.

The other stone of Indians that micro-orgs formed like clone men, indians with flawless features and no scarring well tightened and tones physiques were found in Arboretum and they still roam, But to see them , DONT get up and walk anywhere, the scenery changes to their time period and it is open prarie. They loved Grandpa Arnie and thought soul unity kinship of non-tolerence of family violence and theft and noise, the creek is tranquilty and welcome peace of mind.

Madison, WI

#6789 Jul 22, 2013
As well to the above.

Pope John Paul came to Wisconsin. Mayor of Madison Wisc threatened to choot me and him the day if he touches me, back in 1976 or 77.

He then had a meeting scheduled as Catholic Diocese of Bishops Cove was being audited. The bank men were there, as he was inquiring about Atlantis hoard house. All the vegatation and road names were chenged around and it did not look like the maps he had before him, Mayor refused to help, bank men sat quit to not tip of local Mayors.

The Map was taking out so that the Bank group and zipcode ordinence men scould see, and given a direct contact # to not tip off the Mayor. There stood the HAwthorn tree, with the DUtch apple tree, the Cherry tree and the grape vines. The only house like it with a small orchard in South MAdison Wisc was 917 Burr Oak Lane Madison WIsc my grandparents home.

The men indicated not a problem they will not dig while the couple is there and their is over 250 million finds a day. So nobody is trying to disrupt life, we'd never go poor they indicated. BUt it is the land markings for the Atlantian hoard houses for their gold and their Aztec hoard guards.

I got to meet a Prince of that group, he manifested form the air by St VIncent dig and save, came out the base of a tree, it should be caught on film I was 6 years old or 7 I believe, back in the 1970s. He put a heavy object in my hand, one of the zipcode ordinence men was there, I was by Thorstad Chevy that day, checking out the underground tunnels off the side walk, my dad gave me permission, but to escavade enterence only to check supplies provisions and the drop to the bottom first, so I go in prepared. Big Gold coin, I began to cry and gave it back to him and placd my tear on his mouth and said that he will know me better that way, he disappeared and the man freaked out the coin went with him, I ran back and looked at the tree, and it only responded as it moved and exposed roots "when your ready Jaimie we will take you Princess"

The Zipcode oridinence man began shouting the tree was talking and was alive, he asked if I was going in, I was disgruttled and said you first freak.
Your stupid Gov walker

Eau Claire, WI

#6790 Jul 23, 2013
Jon O wrote:
When are you going to stop reenacting the 2010 gubernatorial election???
If the people of wisconsin have a say---2014

Madison, WI

#6791 Jul 23, 2013
Your stupid Gov walker wrote:
<quoted text>
If the people of wisconsin have a say---2014
Lets vote Ralph Nater That Green from the 1970s Presidential election ballets, I liked his bio in the local paper.
Way Too Tardy

New Lisbon, WI

#6792 Jul 23, 2013
Jaimie wrote:
<quoted text>
Lets vote Ralph Nater That Green from the 1970s Presidential election ballets, I liked his bio in the local paper.
Are you Zippy's sister/ Mom?

Madison, WI

#6793 Jul 24, 2013
Way Too Tardy wrote:
<quoted text>Are you Zippy's sister/ Mom?
Zippy? I'm not familiar.

Did you see Ralph profile in the elections column in Wisc State Journal in the 1970s for Presidential elections? Damn good piece of journalism. They used to have legal competant reporters.

WIsc State Journal also used to have a editorial in the back with all classifications of cirme and injury reports, and arrest count. They could nto leak all that information of daily details but we could see the numerics behind the cirme levels and injuries, they used to do a poll count only at the police department, Marshal, and Hosptial and clinic reports of injuries.

There since we have a new owner for the paper, It is still competative, although people get dead trying to compete for funds. The new owners refused to promote anyone or employ unles it was their kids friends or enemies or those families in the paper, so Madison made small press ops for each business to report whatever employees had on agenda, although nothing is grant patented or legal operations of printing, so Professionals form Capitol indicated do collective of all their materials and stories run out get a persons testimony and a picture and paraphrase their reporters work and patent it and print yourself when you aquire a license, nothing they have has legal backing or accreditments just racey journalisms of enthusists trying to create a portfolio with no legla competence.

Father said TO MANY memberships in Politic san dreligion and private occult, that nobody wanted Nader as a result they thought people wouold go into culture shock, and be spiritually judged and see things that were not there, and convulse(cellular convulsions water and mild tranquilier) DOOMSDAY to elect a Green Party

Father also indicated he was to fat for some voters and bald and Demopcrats and Hippie throw backs got pissed off becasue of weight variations, so competancy was irrelevant, he must look the part. AH the Scientific generations of genuis, sitting on rolling chairs all day at their work stations, illegal to roam the buildings they work in, sitting in a car or in a break room no talking and work stations are classified, butterfinger and roll to next work station is only friends. Yes they have weight issues, driving and sitting all day and body forms fat and muscle aroudn nerve cords that their bodies begin to shape and form as chair they get a "muscular conditioned behavioral defect", NOT Disability as a result 2 weeks to 2 years momemtum is all it takes to get motivated and muscles to work again.
Happy Wisconsinite

New Lisbon, WI

#6794 Jul 29, 2013
Scott Walker is the savior of the Wi. economy. We can only hope that Scott will stay with the people of Wi. Go Scott!!!!!!!!!!

Madison, WI

#6795 Jul 29, 2013
There used to be smoking at the job, filtering in the air, on your hair, and by your neighbor...

Although USA is screaming foul ball spell casters "someone stole my knowledge"

NO you were trained for employment with smoke in the building as a factor in the environment, something is missing, and your mind jogged itself to conclusions of someone stole your intellect job skills or cast a spell.... Go sit next to stinky in the family and get a good wiff of some smoke on clothes, or ask to cut up a old shirt for swatches of your smoker family members that are the most honest concern for people in geral, put the swatch in yoru pocket and wiff it at work, and now get reaquanted with your rules and regulations, and make reports DONT FORGET if it is illegal in life, it is illegal at the office too, make the police report with the office grievence, call 911 YOU HAVE TO CALL
Aaron Salmon

Kenosha, WI

#6796 Jul 29, 2013

Madison, WI

#6797 Jul 30, 2013
You can also send copies of all your paperwork at home to US Secertary of USA to order investigation on City and State funding and rental comprehensive rates and photos of the proerty you accululated and where you bought it for contraband investigations.

Most unlawful funding is speat shops like MOCK Community Liason workers, Little police shops or others, bidding on a building with unlawful embessled grant allocations from Mayor or private philanthropist funders to do nothing but pass out flyers of City and State Funding and substandard housing brochures. Then you fill out you application you picked up at State or CIty COunty Building and turn it in and they refer you to another source on the brochure of services that offer grants and income based housing, all refering you back to each other years go by and you are left sick, broken and unhoused and funded.
( each peice of paper, Reciept, coupons, brochures, library display materials and other services from local city or state charitble services is worth millions to the audits.....

PROOF of abuse and refusal to fund the civilans of the nation) Nobody goes unfunded as long as the service is offered, and if they run out of funds they have to petition emergence relief under bid numerics and it is distributed within 2 hours to 2 weeks for you to use. Proof of abuse or unlawful family or other predjudice or bias.... Family crimes is worse then other biases life in prison like a roll over occult hate crime......

They used YOUR Housing money and service money to allocate to support talk groups or brochure distributiuon locations an dleft you unfunded an dabused for years, definate grounds for US SUPREME court to take it all down and order Military assistence until Licensed educated professional graduate from college. A "completed" Degree takes 36 years to achieve REMEMBER 36 years. Not 2, 4, 8 or 10

Note to my daughters, dear Hayley and Paige and my sister Angela. My Degree is the foundation of all degrees, Not at a AA level though.

Human Services off braches all fields in most colleges, to obtain and Masters Upper Iowa Unniversity, can help assist Mastering in less then 4 years, get your AA at community college first it helps get feet wet for bigger crowds. But after Masters Degree; only 2 classes more to BAchelors in any field you want, and 2 more classes to another BS to professional in extra curricular angle, top expert authority on much. DOnt stop, you dont pay back until after college and that can be consolodated and a policy taken out on extra life insurence with a bank to pay debt after death. MOMMY LOVES YOU> I hope this helps.

Human Services does not assist people like Social Services; We audit therpist or malpracitce or abuse of a PERSON and assist fill out police reports and shut businesses down, it is the bottom stair way to becoming a FBI top TIPSTER THen after proof of abuse and restitution We create a rehabilitation policy for the individiual to reenter life healthy with medical needs met first then formulating life skills of their OWN interest never refering our interest for them and find acitivities and contests to promote the human being to being self sufficient in life and welfare.

But I am only a AA degree I had many offers for my wirk and referrals, my favorite was top female employee to Surgeon General of Wisc. Him and the medical review team was going to assist license my degree and I was to travel around state with Malpractice suits,$ figures and Attorney names already debriefed your case to be assigned to them and what is filed in court, and new medications and doctor. I delcined the offer, as a result MY daughters could not travl with me to any place confidential and fully armed travel. I said this,

"oh please Doctor, GUNS? yikes, maybe I will agree with a lazer gem cutting pen or a flare gun and blow a hole in middrift, but never a gun I get scared..." was 1 of 25 top females in state by records and DA FILE only legal

Madison, WI

#6798 Jul 31, 2013
Another part of being a Governor or Mayor for your local facinity is LEGAL COMPREHENSION, they are responsible to PARDON files and people in prison 60% of case files before them and consolidate and investigate accountability suits and fines.

Human Service field is comprehensive that LAWS apply to each perosn by medical file and discovery as well.

Meaning if a teacher or social worker or attrney was ignorent they go to prison for negligence of law and false allegations and attempt to prosecute innocence.

A fictiscious (fake) diagnosis of psychosis or assumption to mislead police or judicial officials. a Human Service worker finds medical conditions, INJURY Truama to injury that runs in Gentics cycle in blood stream and casues side effects throughout life to injury or trauma or scare. NOT MENTAL DETENTION reflection on injury an dreintroduction to THERAPY assgined by medical doctor per injury and list of side effects to keep you stable during side effect, mild ttranquilizer and off work for the day or a couple weeks. NOT Insititutional or cirminal for detainment or arrest or removal of children, CHildren are raised by therpist specific to injury of parents or grandparents to be a active caretaker for personal cares when they turn 18 years old, since they are legally accoutjable for their parents, grandparent or sibling or children UNTIL DEATH if their is a disbaility from injury. It takes a very patient and comprehensive perosn to caretake fo ryour own and active part of deteting when side effects may arise, NON controlable to your loved one, to get them in to pre therpy care prior to onset.

Any unlawful assumptions or non-comprehsion by a BOSS, teacher, Doctor, Social Worker or officer, THEY GO TO PRISON for harming your rights and unlawful profiling. They lose spouse, chidlren Home for spouse and children and finances whiel they sit in prison for unlawful observations that disrupted a human civilian of USA livlihood.

It falls under STALKING And profiling laws unlawful profiling you Stared cop more then "30 seconds" Formulated a opinion,harming repute, finance employment housing Illegal and prosecutable for negligence to law longer duration in prison then MURDER as a result you have no intention to refinance this person status or life from the damage,unless proven and arrested so their is NO TOLERENCE to this magnitude of cirme.

A Mayor or Governor for Wisconsin needs to be comprehsive on these legal litigations. If ignorant to these laws, they are not QUALIFIED for the LTE position.
Your stupid Gov walker

Eau Claire, WI

#6799 Aug 1, 2013
Happy Wisconsinite wrote:
Scott Walker is the savior of the Wi. economy. We can only hope that Scott will stay with the people of Wi. Go Scott!!!!!!!!!!
It's you Aaron Salmon and Jaimie. You run in packs,don't ya.

Madison, WI

#6800 Aug 2, 2013
Your stupid Gov walker wrote:
<quoted text>
It's you Aaron Salmon and Jaimie. You run in packs,don't ya.
Not familiar...

anyways competant Governor knows what a national security threat is, who is the ofunding families on witness protection in USA those names on the bank notes, us post master general from long time ago; they have names on land treaties and deeds with all kings seal and Washington, and the melted seal ont he envelopes?

I am one of them from many families unity. A FBI agent is assigned and prepaid to each one of us in USA never to be harmed, My dad was US NAVY and he indicated one time a FED permitted harm to a foudning family he was paid to protect and serve, he never gave $1 to the family and permitted them harm, he was supposed to pay for housing and land accomidations supplies and provisions and homested wherever they move to journal and protect when needed, since he refused the family International delgates caught disobedience on sattelitte and made their way to USA a US MARINE was ordered to reprimand the FBI agent assigned, when he got on the scene he saw the old dude pick a cigarrette off the ground and light it that someone discarded and stepped on, BLOOD BORNE PATHEGEON VIOLAITON ATTMEPTED MURDER was the charge for FBI permitting the harm to self, The US MARINE stomped on the FBI agents face because he permitted the man to put a stepped on cigarrette in his mouth.

I am of most all blood lines and classfied one of the Imperial Magestry, I have been waiting for my prints and signature on interantional affiars for a long time and search and rescue efforts. Full funded proesectutions of harm to the founding families that were never protected or served but FBI was PAID In advance to accomidate all their needs as long as legal. THey never did their job. Recoup all their money with 12% interest from first day of their first felony offense and get them in prison.

Governor has not ordered Military intervention to BLOOD TEST all in state and find real families we were kidnapped, raped poisened and alienated from our real parents. And permitted to be brian wahsed and labored and harmed form mock families cashing in on our families lands and making up deeds and mortagage to estates thet are not legally theirs by BLOOD MATCH to land deeds and treaties, I demand intervention and permit to house on concentration camps until peoples real land deeds accounts and wills and trust are in the legal sources.

I demand all life insurence policies on pets, cells, sperm, other peoples families completed fraudualnt applications and arrested immediately and loss of their families estates to legal victims of their attempted murder and conspiracy to hire and carry out bodily harm and death.

I demand a competant offical for Wisconsin and especially Madison Wisc. smallest CITY in nation and crime is at a high of WORKERS in the city harming people and leaivng to another state Take them in at the broders on their next scheduled work date, we were under attack and nobody can place a name to hirey because they are migrant workers in our city and surrounding areas. Steal our life documents we never seen and took to another state and sold information on black market scams.

get those real men out of prison now pay them $10,000 for each day they were subject to a fugative felons crimes of false arrest and kidnapping. Put them in FBI gear and mob squad and get them working and put these real felons behind bars.

PS I found a cat at my door last night, pet control piked it up this afternoon, I was sad to see her go, She is like a greyish black ad white striped cat, just dropped off at the humane society if it is yours I lived at 3033 Webb Ave #5 she was meowing at my door, Nice cat, small scratch on side of her cheek pts rump end in yoru face while you sleep though, she definately wasnt staying with me.....

Madison, WI

#6801 Aug 3, 2013
A governor competant to these facts.

Felon offenses; regardless arrested upon or not, ILLEGAL for them to make children. In the event of Federal, Military, Governmental, or International affairs.

1. All money and property is confiscated for the remaining legal families

2. All policies on life and will and deeds is annuled and forfieted to remaining families, military and Government affairs.

3. All illegal immigrants and Felons children people birthed after their parents felony offnses arrested or not, deported to a concentration camp colony out of legal residnets witness.

Meaning, all Mexican, Hmong, etc that are here illegally go with military for detainment as well ALL WHITE PEOPLE that were birthed after their parents committed a felony offense and knew they gave up that legal right to have children; until after arrest and rehabilitation. Not legal to be alive in these cases you go with all the illegal refugees in the nation to a city protected by dogs, guards and gates until arrangements and yoru parents arrest is achieved, then you get bid on for poverty sector living in all states, as to where you can be productive and build income and assets from $0 up.

I am Jaimie Drews I do not need a Mayor or Governor or President present to sign papers with Military affairs and place my foot and thumb print on it to make it Internaitonal Litigations.

My Interest is the Search and Rescue teams for:

septic tank births, species with human comprehensive systems part human, and lapse.

COnfiscation of manimal and mineral man or other species spliced gentics to hoard house them as a refuge haven in My state of Wisconsin.

My interest is US NAVY From 1960s operations of my fathers. Us Airforce Paid to protect and serve US NAVY during those operations, MIA, MIT and to breach portal to retreive all that was lost.

US MARINE SEALS wa equivaliant to my fathers training and programs, so definately equality conversation for him and their immediate deployment here.

My signature goes on these projects only and search and rescue and closure for the golden city under Madison built like a wagon wheels tunnels with all foudning fathers of magic form homelands and graments and role modeling life, with the real dead royals remains still in their office chairs under Madison Wisc. One access tunnel is under 518 Algoma street, Grandfather found the tunnels digging his land part of the house is ontop of the carport, and all newspapers from 1300s and prior were there of this city before the new developments they built ontop of when they killed the royals and all nations delegates. Good reading. SAD NEEDS ARREST of all people funded off the accoutns, and closure to validity of families accountable.

New Lisbon, WI

#6802 Aug 4, 2013
Your stupid Gov walker wrote:
<quoted text>
It's you Aaron Salmon and Jaimie. You run in packs,don't ya.
Carry me,I'm a parasite who doesn't pay any taxes,cuz I don't work. The world owes me a free lunch. Cry Cry Cry.I want my goverment teat!!!!!!!!! Make my way for me Cry Cry Cry!!!!!!!!!
Your stupid Gov walker

Eau Claire, WI

#6803 Aug 4, 2013
Zippytard wrote:
<quoted text>Carry me,I'm a parasite who doesn't pay any taxes,cuz I don't work. The world owes me a free lunch. Cry Cry Cry.I want my goverment teat!!!!!!!!! Make my way for me Cry Cry Cry!!!!!!!!!
Horray for the corporate takeover of education now our children will only be taught one side of the equation. And produce ignorant azzwipes like you. You corporate sucklings are the Taliban of America.
Zipptard More

New Lisbon, WI

#6804 Aug 5, 2013
Your stupid Gov walker wrote:
<quoted text>
Horray for the corporate takeover of education now our children will only be taught one side of the equation. And produce ignorant azzwipes like you. You corporate sucklings are the Taliban of America.
Teach our children to be non-productive parasites like me. I ride on the back of other hard working tax payers,then boast about how I don't pay any taxes. I'm a bottom feed'r,so teach the kids to follow my lead.

Eau Claire, WI

#6805 Aug 5, 2013
Zipptard More wrote:
<quoted text>Teach our children to be non-productive parasites like me. I ride on the back of other hard working tax payers,then boast about how I don't pay any taxes. I'm a bottom feed'r,so teach the kids to follow my lead.
whotard the bastard

Eau Claire, WI

#6806 Aug 5, 2013
My name is whotard who,I've never done anything to help my fellow man. You see everyone but me are just parasites. They don't understand that I am the only person that can save this country from my corporate cronies. People don't understand that the business man is a GOD,to feared and revered by all you lowly mortals. My self I have never had a real job, because I am above all of you lowlife working people.
Did you know that I have a penis and a vagina , so I don't even need those stupid lazy no account women. All they do is give birth to more parasites. I can even suck myself,because I have no backbone.

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