"Ghost Seekers" Looking for Haunted P...

Redmond, OR

#21 Jan 3, 2008
There is a place in Bend, Oregon called the Yardley estates - In the forest of the Yardley estates there are noises heard in the forests and some times if your playing games in the forest things will growl deeper then even a bear. Also you can hear footsteps coming near and more near you.

Portland, OR

#22 Feb 11, 2008
I live in pendleton Oregon, and I have heard that the prison is hounted. It is really old it used to be a mental instatution actualy it was aired on the movie "one flys over the coo coo's nest" It even has the old smoke stacks were they creamated patients without family.
keeper 90

Florence, OR

#23 Feb 27, 2008
Check out the Lighthouse Inn in Florence, OR. There is at least one "presence" that turns TVs on and off....and opens and closes doors.

Riverside, CA

#24 Feb 28, 2008
It makes me wonder,... there are far more complex issues that directly afffect this town in there forums but the ghost hunters get the most response.

Independence, OR

#25 Mar 8, 2008
I love ghost stories what an interesting story its kind of like that movie that just came out with eva longoria..email me as [email protected]
brenda in bend wrote:
i could use some help;my husbands wife died in house i now live in;Weird,strange things happen here;needles in carpet(she sewed)clock on wall falling,light going on;smell of cat urine in my room;(i have no cats)bright light when i go to cuddle behind hubby;(slashing between us,like seperatng me from him)So many neg forces,i'm scared,get hurt for no reason.husband says he sees flashes zip through house.Its obvious she has never left!we are fuding w/his,her daughters.Help!
The Ghost Seekers

Eugene, OR

#26 Mar 18, 2008
Anyone who needs our help,you may contact us at [email protected] (dont forget the dot between ghost and seekers!)
Our investigations are FREE,however if travel is involved we ask for traveling expences. We are no longer located in Redmond,Oregon,but we are just 2 hours away from Bend. And we will come there to investigate!But we will ask for traveling expenses. So contact us if you would like an investigation.
kooshdogg_at_hot mail

Eugene, OR

#27 Mar 21, 2008
I wont say my name,please dont ask. what i will tell you is confidential,noone really knows and I want it that way. I live in Eugene or. About a year ago I was camping in Alsea Fall,Up behind Monroe or. A month before a lady had fell of some rocks at the Falls and hit her head and drowned. I was camping with friends and we went swimming at the first set of falls where the accident happend. I took some pictures with my digital camera of my friends on the oposite bank. There standing next to them was a lady in a bathing suit,who wasnt there when I took the picture. I let it slide. When we were done we went back to camp to start a fire and relax for the evening. Later that night, a few friends went to bed and me and a buddy of mine stayed up. After about an hour we started hearing footsteps around the camp. It was definietly footsteps but no one was there. We sat for a bit longer and right behind me and my friend we both heard someone sobbing or criing, we both turned to look but nothing was behind us, we looked at eachother with wierd looks on our faces, as we turned to look at the fire there she was!!! sitting in a camping chair opposite of us by the fire. My friend froze and I stood up quickly. The sobbing started again, louder and louder. She rose from the chair and moved towards us, towards the fire sobbing louder as she got closer. Holding the back of her head with one hand. She started to walk through the fire, one of the logs in the fire popped loud, Like they do because of pitch or something, Right at the same time the log popped we both heard the woman say Im dead? Kinda like if someone said she is dead and she was answering back Im dead? Anyway, My heart jumped out of my chest. right when we heard the pop and she said that, she was gone!! We left the next day, I never went back!I dont want to get involved with anything after im done writting this. I left an email hope this is new to you,If you have heard simular stories around Alsea Falls Then you know already that its real scary there at night!
Ghost Seekers wrote:
We are the "Ghost Seekers". A Team of Ghost Research Group that investigates haunted Locations. We are currently looking for Haunted Locations within Oregon. So if you know of a haunted Location or have heard of a Haunted Location within Oregon,and or would like an Investigation please email us at: [email protected] with the name of the Location and the City in which it is located.
You can also view some of our recent investigation work at:
(We do not promote trying to investigate haunted locations on your own, this should be left up to the professionals.)
"Ghost Seekers"

Salem, OR

#28 Apr 13, 2008
Any body needing help with anything paranormal in the willamete valley please feel free to email us at [email protected] everything free

Portland, OR

#29 Apr 14, 2008
My friend and I are looking for a good place that is hounted, We live in Clackamas, OR. Are there any places around here. Does anyone about them?
Rob_London-OKane Bldg

Bend, OR

#30 Apr 18, 2008
I am an owner of the Summit Saloon in the O'Kane Building in Bend, OR. I have a very definitive picture of the ghostly smoke historically reported in the building. The "smoke" was not visible in the shot of the same person immediately preceeding the shot in which the ghost clearly appears. Anybody interested please email [email protected]

Brinnon, WA

#31 Apr 22, 2008
Hasn anyone heard or Mt. Bachelor bachelor being haunter?
Ghost Seekers Paranormal

Eugene, OR

#32 Apr 30, 2008
We have been interested in the O'Kane Bldg.
If you like we could investigate it.
If you are willing to obey our rules,
However, we always make sure that no Pranks are pulled nor happen,and if our clients are caught doing so during the investigation,we will charge you for wasteing our time,and the usage of our equipment!! Otherwise it is FREE!!
you can contact us at:
[email protected]
Rob_London-OKane Bldg wrote:
I am an owner of the Summit Saloon in the O'Kane Building in Bend, OR. I have a very definitive picture of the ghostly smoke historically reported in the building. The "smoke" was not visible in the shot of the same person immediately preceeding the shot in which the ghost clearly appears. Anybody interested please email [email protected]
karen a

Newberg, OR

#33 Jun 3, 2008
I lived in a way haunted house in sheridan oregon. I dont think anyone should live in that house, esp not women or children. The story is posted at guardiantales.com . What makes it so unusual, is the people that moved in after us had experiences too and posted them too. Also, there is the old Ebeneezer Chapel near Dayton oregon that is pretty scary. We got some good evp's there.

Bend, OR

#34 Jun 3, 2008
I rented a house on Clay st a few years back. It is a very old white 2 story house, well plus a basement. The first night I tried to stay there it felt as if something was telling me to get out and I did (slept at my moms that night). I would hear doors shutting when I was home alone, the walls would vibrate like someone was walking around upstairs and it really just had a very negative feeling there like someone was watching me all the time. I was told someone died there but I don't know for sure if that is true. I refused to stay there alone and always had someone stay with me and usually slept in the livingroom. Needless to say I only stayed for about a month and then got the hell outta there!
Gresham Gresham OR

United States

#35 Jun 19, 2008
Yet more evidence that Oregon is full of nuts and whackos and not even the good, original kind.

Bend, OR

#36 Jun 25, 2008
hey i work at a blockbuster and we have a lot of strange stuff going on in the store email me at [email protected]

Portland, OR

#37 Jul 9, 2008
If you want to check a place out that gives you the creeps you need to check out battery russel at fort stevens. there are tours, the guides tell stories as you go thourgh but you hear screams see movement all over and smell smoke from fires. i know the stories might make one thnk about it but once you step in it starts before the stories, just one vary creepy place. and I have had been there, and heard others stories from others that have been there and had the same stuff happen to them.


#38 Jul 10, 2008
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[email protected]

United States

#39 Jul 15, 2008
pinklady wrote:
Try the Salem Pioneer Cemetery in Salem, Oregon.
I am a member of a Southern California Ghost Research group and was in Oregon visiting my son and daughter-in-law- also former members of the So. Cal. Group. We explored and investigated this cemetery and came up with positive results. Not only was a man seen walking through the tombstones who subsequently disappeared, but we did EVP at one of the two mausoleums there,( I do not recall the name on it ), but it is the one with broken glass in the door, in the middle section. We got some responses to questions, thumps and bumps. I ran the recording by our group psychic who was able to discern it was a Confederate soldier in pain. There was also the spirit of a young girl in the cemetery, who came around when the EVP was being done. Very interesting place.
I visited this cemetery two nights in a row. The first night it was just me and a friend. When we walked in shortly after while we were walking down one of the paths we started to hear noises so we stopped. It was a scream that sounded close but at the same time distant. it when on for several minutes. then as we were leaving we were looking at a grave and saw a bright light flash behind it. we left shortly after. the next night we had four people we stood there and didn't see much and i was just looking around when i noticed a black figure about six feet tall walk from behind a tree. i tried to inform my friends but couldn't talk. i didn't notice it but i was slowly walking out of the cemetery then when i got out i sat down and started to feel sick. none of them saw it and they thought i was faking it. we w.ent back in and i instantly got chills. then we noticed a tomb that seemed like it would glow then disappear. that is the only things my friend saw that night but that was probably one of the scariest things i have ever seen. i would recommend going their

Shelton, WA

#40 Jul 30, 2008
The Klondike in St. Helens is haunted and there has been many reported sightings. I use to work there and have had experiences of my own.

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