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Northbrook, IL

#21 Dec 15, 2008
We too have been members for over 10 yrs.. He is a good Man , But what He did will Tarnish the Church .. People in postions of authority have a huge responsibility to the flock.. I'm glad he came forward all we know is what we read in the paper and heard in church yesterday of course he is forgiven by his congregation because he is so loved. But can he ever be trusted again ? We mourned as if we had a death..

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#22 Dec 15, 2008
Pastor Jim and Robin have been great to the community and are amazing people. None of us know what they were going through and we all must lift them up in prayer. They have put many years into the ministry there and have inspired me many times in my faith. If we were already perfect, we wouldn't need a savior. I pray his church will use the principles he has set forth in the church for many years to he and his family.
Jeremiah Willis

Conyers, GA

#23 Dec 15, 2008
Jim Bolin isn't a man of God and it shows by the fruits he bears. He needs prayer to get saved from hell
nonya wrote:
Touch not mine annointed...Pastor Bolin has won thousands of souls to Jesus. He is still a man of God and as a member of Trinity, I will continue to lift he and his family up in prayer. He is human just like we all are. I think that it is important at this time to continue in the work that he has started and pray that God covers our congregation. Let he who is without sin cast the first stone..... be careful people...God is still God now and forevermore.

Acworth, GA

#24 Dec 15, 2008
I was and still am devasted by this news. Bishop Bolin is a great MAN but he also is human. He made a mistake and he admitted it. He taught us Love, Acceptance and Forgiveness and I plan to stick by him the church he founded and continue to pray for him and his family. I will also pray that we who are apart of this awesome ministry will not pass judgement against him but will do what he has taught for so many years. I look to him as a spritual father and we don't know what caused this act and it really do not matter we just need to PRAY...JOHN 3:16

Atlanta, GA

#25 Dec 16, 2008
I just would like to know who leak this to the news media. It is sad to see this in the news, which only give non believers a way of trying and I mean TRYING to bring the KINGDOM of GOD down. BUT wait until Jesus arrival and then the media will have no clue what to SAY but PRAISE BE TO GOD KING of KINGS.

Woodstock, GA

#26 Dec 16, 2008
Bobbie wrote:
Looking In - You have really done quite a bit of assuming in your blog. Do you have the "inside scoop?" Who told you he had gotten "caught" doing anything wrong?? And if Bishop Bolin "committed a crime", wouldn't he be in jail. I agree, people in places of leadership should be held to a higher sort of accountibility, but you do not know what he has done. We are all human, and the ONLY man that is/was without sin is Jesus Christ. "For all have sinned and come short of the glory of God"...... So now tell me, who would you put in your pulpit?
I won't argue the details of this case. But it has been noted that he confessed he had sinned against God, NOT that he was caught doing anything....
Bobby, I know Bisop Bolin and the woman he had an affair with, this has been going on for a while, yes he did confess,but only after she came forward. I am not judging anyone,but Bisops and Pastors and Leaders in the church are held to higher standard.

Saint Petersburg, FL

#27 Dec 16, 2008
As a former member, I recall time after time when Jim begged the congregation to pray for him. He could feel the lack. When someone is ministry is on such a high position, it's so easy for people to find fault. Just like Todd Bentley. I was in those meetings too. When the body turns on itself, cannibalizing its leadership, it becomes an open target. I adjure each of you to keep your own leaders in prayer. No one is exempt. The three greatest temptations are these:lust of the eyes, lust of the flesh and the pride of life.

Rome, GA

#28 Dec 16, 2008
Zach19, its funny how you say it doesn't matter what he did... But if it were someone else on the news, such as a child molester, You would feel different. God doesn't say to pick and chose who you judge, he says not to judge at all.


#29 Dec 16, 2008
Everyone feels for the pastor and we know after the two years he will be restored back to the church as pastor, father, husband and all will be forgiven.
What about the woman? I am sure she has and will be destroyed. Pray for her as I am sure her pain is great as anytime you step out in an affair most of the time it does not work out as the promises were told,and you fell for all of them, it ends when they decide,once exposed,that they must go back to their wife and so called happy life an act as if you never exsisted after they have broken all the promises made to you and what you could of had.... and she can probably never return to the church.
Pray for her I am sure she is in great pain herself


#30 Dec 16, 2008
The congregation of the 7,000-member Trinity Chapel in Powder Springs learned Sunday that founding pastor Jim Bolin had stepped down from his position because of “inappropriate sexual behavior.”
Justin Harley, Trinity Chapel’s elder of counseling, later revised the church’s statement to officially include the phrase “inappropriate consensual sexual conduct with an adult woman” to explain Bolin’s departure.[of course we can't have anyone thinking he might be dallying with an adult man, now can we.....I can hear it now...."TELL THEM IT WAS A WOMAN FOR CHRISSS SAKE!!"]

Atlanta, GA

#31 Dec 16, 2008
Jeremiah Willis wrote, "Jim Bolin isn't a man of God and it shows by the fruits he bears. He needs prayer to get saved from hell."

Jeremiah, what kind of fruits are you talking about that shows that Bishop Bolin is not a man of God? Committing a sin does not mean you are not a man of God. You can get more explanation in all the other great posts. I have done some dumb things in my life but I’m still a man of God. That is the reason Jesus died for us was to pay for the worlds sins up until then and all the future sins. All we have to do is accept it. Our goal is to try to mirror Jesus but we will never be an exact reflection. 1 sin will not cause you to be thrown into hell (not saying that was his only sin because we all do things wrong daily.) It is strong words to say that someone is going to hell and I would be very careful.

Bishop Bolin said he has already repented before God and asked for forgiveness. He has asked his family and friends and church council for forgiveness and last Sunday he asked his congregation for forgiveness. And everyone seemed to be very receptive of that. He is now taking the steps towards healing and that is all he can do. He may have messed up but he’s taking the right actions now.

On another note, I am excited to see Pastor Jason Bolin take the reins and become better and better about getting his awesome sermons into our minds. I have seen him grow a lot in the past 3 years and he will do great in the position. Pray for the Bolin family and for the church!

Atlanta, GA

#32 Dec 16, 2008
"The word for you from Ashburn, VA" Thank you very much for posting that. Leaders who are truly connected to God are usually on the same page!

Charles Town, WV

#33 Dec 16, 2008
Jeremiah... I am not saying this in a jabbing way or judgemental way, just some food for thought. The ten commandments were given by God right? So if you break one you are just as guilty as breaking another because it is against the same lawgiver. Have you ever lied or stolen anything? Dishonored your parents? Taken God's name in vain? I am sure you are familiar with the commandments. According to God's word the only unforgivable sin is blasphemy. We cant forget that David was a man after God's own heart and he did worse than a sexual encounter!!! The Bolin family and my home church have my prayers, not judgments. This didnt take God by surprise and He still called Jim out of darkness into His marvelous light. So praise be to God for His faithfulness even when we stumble in ours!

Jacksonville, FL

#34 Dec 16, 2008
Billy... We are long time members as well. We can trust Bishop because we know his character. Aside from this incidence, Bishop has never done anything as Pastor of our church that would make me think otherwise. Obviously, he will face the consequences of his recent wrong choices, but he still is an honorable man. That he did the right thing and stepped down tells us so. We are grieved and saddened because of the loss of our Pastor, but we can trust him because he has received forgiveness and, I believe, will continue to be the man that God has called him to be even if his future looks different than he/we thought. He and his family will heal, by God's grace. They will step into the hope and future that God has laid out for them. And, we honor them through it. We support our new Senior Pastor Jason and Sarah and look forward to healing, growth and revival in our church.
Give me a break

Buford, GA

#35 Dec 16, 2008
I can not believe some of the comments that I have read. You all talk as if someone as done something to the Pastor. He mad a choice to have an affair, commit adultry against his wife! This is not a mistake it is a consicious choise to sin. Certainly, as Christians we should pray for Pastor and restoration of trust in his marriage. But to continue to say that people are passing judjement is rediculous. God has given us all a spirit of discernment. What he did was wrong! Should we forgive him, absolutely! But to simply say he is a good man because this is the only thing (that you are aware of) that he is done is not resonpsible behavior. He should be held accountable for what he did and after time of counseling and healing ( to restore trust) be restored to his position. Let's remember that being a Christian does not mean that we embrace sin. The bible says that we should hate all that God hates and God hates sin!

Atlanta, GA

#36 Dec 16, 2008
I am a member for over 20 years. In all that time, forgiveness has been extended to all that have done wrong and came for repentance. I have known this man and his family, just as you know your own families. Yes our reaction at first was anger.(but our eyes are clear to see the true enemy in this, he lies in wait until we are weak, not expecting to be attacked from that direction) We love and trust Jim, but I tell you, you must lay down that stone for you will find many more awaiting you. Listen to his past sermons, research what the church has done. There are so few churches Where in this racially charged world that I can sit beside my white or black brother and sister that truly stand and love each other, then together receive gods word through a man who has never hidden HIS faults,(and over 25 years people will have faults.) And where is the report he almost died and had just returned from major heart surgery. Additionally were is the thing we all know can be so true that the lust a woman can push on a man day after day , after day, who amoung you is a saint! look in the mirror I charge you, YOU man or woman with faults and problems. Learn, Listen, Pray, Seek his face. Get you mind out of the gutter. And to all you are concerned about the woman, that was first and formost the concern of the bishop and the congregation. God chastened him, he brought it forth, asked for her healing and for his family. Now go people bind your tongue and sin no more!!

Stone Mountain, GA

#37 Dec 17, 2008
So many People on this board are sounding so brain washed.. It's O.K if you Love your Church and everyone needs to be forgiven.. But Belief without Action is not anything I am proud of being a part of.. I am ashamed of Trinity being smeared all over the news. But I don't blame the press this is a Mega Church and People need to know what is really going on instead of being hypnotized by great music. But as leadership goes so do the followers and in this case leadership can't seem to do anything wrong it really is scary
The word for you

Newnan, GA

#38 Dec 17, 2008
The last three post of this devotional are for all of us
In todays devotional, Just change the name of Peter by yours or change it by Bishop's and see how all that has happened to Bishop can be applied to you as well. Please stop being so argumentative, there is no point to it, because in essence each of us are right in our own minds. Just put your self in Bishop shoes and just pray that you as a person be delivered from the evil one. My pray to all of you and me is that God keeps the evil away from us and that remind us that the tongue is the worst of the enemies. Prov 18:21
Anderson Powder Springs

Atlanta, GA

#39 Dec 17, 2008
Love, Acceptance and Forgiviness is what God provides to all of us daily. Who ask, therefore it's what we offer to Bishop Jim Bolin, God Blessing and Grace to him and his family. Especially Jason and Robin. We love you.. As we fix our eyes on Him (God/Jesus/ Holy Spirit)may we rise above this and grow in Trinity. May healing come to the Body of Jesus Christ...
The Anderson's (memebers...)

Atlanta, GA

#40 Dec 17, 2008
Jeremiah Willis: So by your standard, King David was not a man of God. "A Man after God's own heart!" is apparently in Hell!
I do agree however, look at his fruit! See the number saved, those healed, led through difficult times. See the works; the missions, the churches built, prayer and financial support of Israel, and it goes on. I know absolutely Jim is a True Man of God! But, he has proven to be human as well. This thing sought him out. He was weak! In most any other profession this would simply be a personal matter. Jeremiah, you should be such a man.

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