I am a previous employee of Bethesda who quit. I had to get myself away from the things going on that I had witnessed. These Dr.'s call themselves christians!!!! HARDLY!!!!!! Never once did I ever see this practice operate like a christian practice like they claim to be!!!! One Dr. he has almost all his elder pt's addicted to pain pills and gives several of his pt's several demerol shots a week, another Dr. she really doesn't know what she is doing. But I do have to say Dr. Jack Saltz is the best thing that practice has going for them. Also the staff needs ALOT of improvement!! These some of the rudest people I had ever worked with except for maybe 2-3 people who were just dealing with it to keep their jobs!!! I pray one day they can get away from this place too!!!! Seriously, if you are looking for a good Dr. for you and your family! DO NOT GO TO THIS OFFICE!!!!!!