Arbor Station HOA a bust??
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former resident

Decatur, GA

#201 Mar 27, 2011
One thing missing here is education about storm water.
Arbor Station has been impacted by storm water significantly in the past two years.
You are also impacted by water shortages.

Get informed this is a storm drain, built under a driveway that is on the verge of collapse, in a flood plain which I learn after 25 years of owning the home!
There is no way for the homeowner to fix this problem. Trust me I have spent significant time trying to figure it out, and gained an apparently useless education in the process.

I was happier before I knew all that I now know.

This will impact you. Really. It will. You have an opportunity to take a major problem, and turn it into a possibility for better, because I took stupid me, and became educated about water. You should encourage everybody in this community to do the same.

And one by one, maybe some of these problems can be solved.
I know you like the pool, maybe you could start there, to begin teaching people about water. Nothing has impacted people in Arbor Station more publicly, than water.
former resident

Decatur, GA

#202 Mar 28, 2011
Fix, monitor and maintain it, so I can lease it out, and get out of your way, and it doesn't harm you.

"When the heart is flawed at start", it must be identified, then monitored and maintained and helped to live. When you claim it,maintain it, then abandon it, then add harm, and count on stupidity to do nothing, then it perishes.

And it leaves victims in its path.
Get Informed

United States

#203 Mar 28, 2011
former resident wrote:
Fix, monitor and maintain it, so I can lease it out, and get out of your way, and it doesn't harm you.
Why are you putting this in this ASHOS thread? Start one about the WSA. Unless the utilities are owned by a HOA - and ASHOS does not own nor operate any of the utilities in AS - the HOA has no business being involved.

It sounded like you finally got a lawyer in an older post, what happened?
former resident

Decatur, GA

#204 Mar 28, 2011
This problem is not the WSA. It is a city/county/business/homeowner problem, and it is in Arbor station.

it is a problem that affects you, and residents of arbor station, and for that reason I post here.

Had I been a criminal, a lawyer would have been appointed. As a taxpaying homeowner its another story which I will not discuss here.

Pay attention to water in your community. You think my private property doesn't affect you. Let me assure you that it does. Ignorance is the only thing keeping residents feeling safe.

And it is in all of our best interests to fix this problem. Believe me, if there had been any way for me to fix this I would have. When you understand the facts, this story leaves you feeling sick.

Why do I post here and not at the WSA, because this will impact you first, and the citizens have a right to know what is going on here, whether you as a leader choose to or not.
Get Informed

United States

#205 Mar 28, 2011
If you have a WSA owned storm sewer under your driveway that has broken and washed your driveway out, it is a WSA problem. Crumbling infrastructure is a national problem, but please do not expect any HOA to get involved in it.

Quit posting here and go to a meeting of the ASHOS and let them know what your situation is in person.

Do not expect the WSA, The City of Douglasville or ASHOS to come to your point of view because you told the internet.

If you still do not have a lawyer, then I expect that you will never get anywhere with the WSA on your issue.

Unless you bring new information to this situation, I will not respond again.

Best of luck to you.
former resident

Decatur, GA

#206 Mar 28, 2011
Based on your screen name Get informed, I believe that you must value education, and getting informed.

Ignoring your infrastructure when it impacts you, and your community is not in the best interest of you or your community.

Telling those educated, and currently impacted, to go away,( which by the way I have done, but the problem has not) is not in the best interest of the homeowners living in Arbor station, and might be why somebody titled this section ( not me) Arbor Station HOA a bust.

Lithia Springs, GA

#207 Sep 15, 2011
hi, we are looking at a home for sale in the windwood section. we are worried about living under an hoa. can anyone tell me more about this neighborhood and its hoa? is it strict? expensive?
Hey Now

Douglasville, GA

#208 Sep 16, 2011
HOAs are for suckers !!! A good example of what's wrong with this still great country. Spineless, cowardly, sheltered wussies & turd - burglars. What happened to personal responsibility and personal freedom ? Our founding fathers would puke their guts out. The American Way is "It's my land, and I'll do what the hell I want!!!!! Once again, personal responsibility = personal freedom. The "property values argument is obviously bogus. Telling people what kind of flowers they can't plant ?? You've got to be kidding. Stop being scared of your own shadow, go out and get to know your neighbors. A tight - knit neighborhood is the best way to keep crime down & property values up.

Douglasville, GA

#209 Dec 24, 2012
mama moon wrote:
We have lived in a subdivison for over seven years of 300,- l.5 mil.priced homes. We do not have a community pool, so our HOA have only been $150.00 which mainly pays for the upkeep of the entrance. When we moved in it was 95% White - Now it is very racially mixed. We just received a letter that less than half have paid the dues and the HOA is broke. What do they do - make the people pay that still owe - NO!!!!- They send a letter out wanting the rest of us to pay 6 months early and they increased it to $250.00 Stupid - just like the government -
Just curious as to why you felt the need to mention the ethnicity of the people who reside in your subdivision? Are you implying that the HOA is broke because the demographics have changed? Just wondering because your statement made me question whether or not your are being racist!

Douglasville, GA

#210 Jan 8, 2013
Reenna96 wrote:
<quoted text>
Just curious as to why you felt the need to mention the ethnicity of the people who reside in your subdivision? Are you implying that the HOA is broke because the demographics have changed? Just wondering because your statement made me question whether or not your are being racist!
No, I'm certain she's stating a FACT that diversity isn't always a good thing and if people worried more about taking care of their own (momma watch all those kids, don't just nap all day!)and worry less about "RACISM" they might quit holding THEMSELVES back...noone is holding anyone's a piss poor excuse these days, thanks to racial diversity in the workplace. Hell I can be more qualified than a minority race but b/c of the need for a fixed # of a minority, I don't get the stop whining racism! SICK of it!

Decatur, GA

#211 Jan 9, 2013
Arbor Station, I think you should ask your leaders where are the downstream impact studies required by law. I believe that will help improve arbor station property values.
potential resident

Decatur, GA

#213 Oct 8, 2015
Get Informed wrote:
Arbor Station Resident:
I have reviewed some of my copies of the Village News Starting from November of 2000 (however, you said that you have lived here for about five years) and all I can say is if you find information on the front page "exasperating hateful" and “exceedingly offensive” you must not read any of the other threads on this forum. The November 2000 issue (#6) was strong in its wording to covey that yes, there are standards and the community wants them maintained. Hateful?? Offensive?? I guess I have different standards for hate and taking offense than you.
Mostly, the Village Newsletters contained information concerning completed projects, upcoming projects, budgets and yes, non-paying owners is on those front pages. The back pages had such "hateful" things as do not post bills on trees or on Village Signs, info about the most common complaints for covenant violations, do not steal the mulch, Neighborhood Crime Watch info, non-members cannot use the amenities, thank you’s to various people and companies for the services they performed, etc. Not exactly “hateful”, unlike calling the Board Members “thugs” and “silly jerks”. Additionally, if you found the information in the newsletters instructive in how to keep your property within the covenants (“a reminder to never allow my property to come under the influence of the thugs that came up with such negative material”) then publishing the information was successful in your case.
I am sorry that a neighborhood representative did not bring you cookies or flowers when you moved in. When informed of a new resident the Board has recognized them at meetings. When you have over 700 living units, real estate agents that do not report to the Board and no employees – just volunteers - it can be difficult to keep track of new residents.
IMHO, you are overreacting. And if all you want to do is vent your spleen about your perceived wrongs at Arbor Station, write a letter and send it to Santa. If you post misinformation publicly and slander the good people who take the time to administer the neighborhood you desire to live in while not doing a single thing yourself, a response is what you get.
Me, well I guess that I will rejoin ‘my people’ and enjoy they amenities at Arbor Station. It is not too late for you, relax and embrace you neighbors and join us – there is no Kool-Aide drinking required, only getting along with others.
Have a nice day.
Wow I am absolutely shocked! After reading all the post on this sight, I have found that this community is nothing but troubled!! HOA pretending to be a neighbor having nothing to do with the HOA and then you have the "real" neighbor doing nothing but bitching about what everyone else dont do.

In order to make things work 2 have to join together as 1. Furthermore, HOA fees being 200 a year is great! Ours is 500 per year. This subdivision is a great neighborhood and great access to everything. Get out of the house and stop being bitches both of you!

Fyi: Id never join for a cup of kool-aid either. It aint my cup.of tea!

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