The Red Cross Sucks.....
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#23 Sep 21, 2010
Whats next in here; why I hate The Salvation Army or " those damn Childrens Hospitals". The one thing I can agree with the conservatives on is that there is something very wrong with some of the people in this country and almost all of them show up at Tea Bagger rallies.

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#24 Sep 21, 2010
What is it about the Tea Party folks that bothers you so much? I'm not a member, but if they support smaller government and less taxes, more power to them. Seems like a good idea to me.

Singapore, Singapore

#25 Sep 2, 2011
when mr henry found fed cross he thought it would help people but instead it is making good profit by asking donation. it is all nonsense. but according to wat they teach it is all common sense and not at all worht a while spending time in it
ARCEmployee Cleveland OH

Mentor, OH

#26 Feb 26, 2012
I work for the Red Cross, so don't sit there and tell me that they have their act together, because nothing could be further from the truth than that! Your not going to get the true part of the Red Cross by taking a tour, so they can throw out all the stops for guests! Give me a break! You want to see the real Red Cross then get a job with the company! You'll see them for what they truly are, a bunch of greedy, self riteous, self indulgent individuals! Management could care less about the employees who make up the Red Cross! I'll give you an example and then let you decide for yourselves! I was working at a Blood Drive at Kent State University in Kent, Ohio about two years ago, there was a small fire in the building we were in, so we were evacuated. When management located in Cleveland, Ohio was notified of the fire, their first words out of their mouths was not how are all the staff and the donors, but and I quote " HOW IS THE BLOOD "! How is the blood, that was the only thought they had. On that day I lost the tremendous amount of respect that I had for the Cross! I tried to get the attention of the executives in Washington DC, but was told again and I quote " IF YOU DON'T LIKE YOUR JOB THEN FIND ANOTHER ONE ", this from the Red Cross! Well I'll let you decide if the Red Cross is worth your respect or not, because they don't have mine anymore! How sad..........

Minneapolis, MN

#27 Sep 20, 2012
I also work for the Red Cross. Yes, they are under a Consent Decree from the FDA, and yes, they do get fined large amounts every year, due to discrepancies. However, the ARC works very hard to ensure that all of it's procedures and policies work towards making the blood supply as safe as possible. And yes, they do charge hospitals for the blood, but that's because it's an expensive product to produce safely, even if it is given by a volunteer donor. They do not use volunteers to collect blood, we are paid staff. Each bag that is used to collect a unit of blood costs between $35 to $120 dollars. The ARC conducts over 10 tests on each unit of blood to check for various infectious diseases. The ARC charges the hospitals the production cost for a unit of blood. I'm not saying the ARC is perfect, but I can promise you, every bit of the extensive training we receive is about protecting the safety and potency of the product we produce. I work there,and I don't love my job, but if I needed blood, I would want it to come from the ARC, because I know how hard the people around me work to keep the blood supply safe.
ARC employee

United States

#28 Sep 27, 2012
I have worked for the American Red Cross Blood Services for over 10 years, and it has had its ups and downs. First I need to make clear to everyone the difference between Red Cross Chapter and Red Cross Blood Services. They both fall under the same 501c NPO just like the Air Force and Navy fall under the DOD. However, chapter workers are primarily unpaid and blood services, like me, are paid. I hate when people want to talk to me about CPR, having the utilities paid, reponding to a neighborhood flood! TALK TO ARC CHAPTER, NOT BLOOD SERVICES! Second, anyone talking about criminals working for other criminals... the Red Cross does not, and has not ever, worked for the government. I am not a government employee. Wish I was, they have better benefits. Now I want to discuss the FDA CONSENT DECREE. The reason we have been in it for 17 years is due to the way we put it upon ourselves. The ARC strives to be "perfect". The consent decree states that the Red Cross will have a problem management department that works with QA to track, trend and eliminate ALL promlems. Thats right, I said "All". A missing date on a form is a serious problem. Other blood banks would just fill in the date and call it a day. However, the ARC will see this as a critical problem and report it. Now that the date problem was reported we can not get out of the consent decree. Worst catch-22 ever! I would love to work for another blood bank because they do half the work I do and are problably union so they get more pay.
Time For Change

Republic, MO

#29 Feb 6, 2013
I agree with you! Please help pass the word about my site at
jonny wrote:
I currently work for the american red cross, I've been miserable since day one.. I work costumer service, I call donors house to see if they want to come back for another blood donation..
The redcross not only rips me off vacation time, they screw with your personal time. And rip you off with breaks. Instead of giving us 15 minute break they let us leave 15 minutes early but it goes unpaid for.. And get this the ARC takes the blood and sells it to hospitals for 300 dollers a pint.. What the fuck? If I were you just donate to your nearest hospital.. American red cross is a corrupt orginzation, as an employee in a major location I lost all respect for this company

Austin, TX

#30 May 22, 2013
I had always thought of the Red Cross to be an upstanding organization. Recently during the plant explosion in West Texas. We organized a large 24 foot box truck full of donation good and was told the best way to get it to the people was through the Waco Red Cross. After contacting the Red Cross they told us they really didn't know what West needed and if we brought the stuff there then it would go into their system and would be distributed to whomever wherever. The lady had a really bad attitude on the phone and went as far as to say they had a tent set up in West but no one was coming to it for aid. I talked later to a leader of a local organization in West who said just the opposite. People were needing stuff like crazy and all the Red Cross was doing was setting up a tent where you could get water and coffee. We ended up delivering ourselves to the local fairgrounds where I believe it was the church of Christ was helping people and actually saw the items being given to those in need that the Red Cross said didn't exist. Never will deal with the Red Cross Again
Corkie wrote:
I can remember Picture it 9-11 disaster in NY and here come RED CROSS well the big story a couple of weeks later was the fact that all this money went to RED CROSS but little or no money was spent to help 9-11 victims instead it went into RED CROSS bank account.
NOW 2010 Haiti comes along and here comes the media and President saying give to the RED CROSS. I wouldn't give a dime. I would however give to the organization: Doctors without Borders.
When the Red Cross provided help to a coastal US town after a hurricane had nearly devasted it. They were out there selling cups of hot coffee for a dollar a piece.
Wasn't here a huge outcry for blood? Americans were rolling up their sleeves but in never made it to NYC. Dead bodies don't need blood, and I believe the Red Cross used the disaster to replenish its supply. Blood has a 6-7 week shelf-life and I think most of the 9-11 blood was later pitched. Bring back any memories y/n?
Former volunteer

Landisburg, PA

#31 Aug 7, 2013
The. Red Cross is no longer needed and as an organization as they fail to deliver when called upon. Most community based programs run by Red Cross chapters have been shuttered by the national Red Cross. . All smaller town chapters were forced to merge. volunteers have no say and all monies from the communities were moved into national red cross bank accounts. If you protested you were forced out of the organization. It's run by short sited egomaniacs. .
Poopstained Dough

North, SC

#32 Feb 24, 2014
Someone called me from 888-831-0031 and wouldn't speak. When I called them, I realized it was RED CROSS, they put me in a never ending loop of options and pressing zero as they suggest to get emergency assistance sends me to yet another loop of pressing a zero.
Red Gross

North, SC

#33 Feb 24, 2014

Houston, TX

#34 Oct 30, 2017
Never donate to the red cross again. I have given so much to them. They didn't help me during harvey.

United States

#35 Oct 30, 2017
I use to give the vampires all the blood they want they call me every 2 month and want to drain my blood. O won give them not no drip of blood Iles they pat me a hundred dollars a onse

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