Lia Sophia Jewelry - Lifetime Replace...

Northumberland, PA

#289 Nov 3, 2011
where do i get the address to reurn a bracelet i bought from the liz sophia catalog

Northumberland, PA

#290 Nov 3, 2011
need address to return bracelet

Virginia Beach, VA

#291 Nov 4, 2011
my 16 year daughter received a necklace for her birthday. The necklace broke off her neck right after she put it on and fell into pieces on a rug, making it impossible to find all the light pieces. THAT IS JUST CHEAP JEWELRY. YOU CAN GET BETTER QUALITY JEWELRY OUT OF A CANDY MACHINE.
show girl NV

United States

#292 Nov 5, 2011
I had a missing item and I called customer service to send it directly to the customer & they said they would that same day now the advisor is hounding me implying that I lied & has sent an email to the company to stop shipment my question is do they send out the missing item immediately or does it take a week obviously if I wanted the item for myself I wouldn't have it shipped to the customer but rather on my doorstep
Jan in AZ

Mesa, AZ

#293 Nov 14, 2011
People who are saying that they feel this crap is good jewelry at a good price must purchase their "fine jewelry" at Wal-Mart! This is the worst, cheapest junk jewelry I have ever seen! I received a necklace as a gift. When I looked at it, I assumed the person bought it at a low-end department store. Upon looking at exchanging it for something I might even remotely be seen in, I saw the price that this bubble-gum product goes for! I wouldn't pay $10 for this necklace, let alone $98! I can only say that Lia Sophia has proven that quality means nothing! I sold jewelry for years and can honestly say I would be embarrassed to present anything of this nature to a customer. Junk, junk, junk... The more of us who warn others, the fewer people that will get taken by this scam. Don't book a party, and don't become a rep! You don't like this review, tough. Go check out some real quality jewelry!

Petoskey, MI

#295 Jan 4, 2012
I have bought hundreds of dollars of jewelry through my rep from Lia Sophia over the last 4-5 years. I have been able to return and exchange things without any hassle.
I have had occasion to be disappointed with the quality in the last year or two, but returned the item without any question.
Overall, I am satisfied with what I have purchased and I always get compliments on the jewelry when I wear it.
ohcal wrote:
I'M ONE UNHAPPY CUSTOMER...After waiting 8 weeks for an item I purchased for a Christmas gift,it came in with a small stone missing. I contacted company by phone - due to their overwhelming response from customers, they could not take any calls at this time (DEC 06), so I contacted them by e-mail - no response...Now, a second item I purchased back in November 06 - Birchwood earrings (purchased with matching necklace)- broke. I originally paid $23.00. I tried exchange through their "wonderful lifetime replacement guarantee" - wouldn't you know, this item is discontinued! So, if I choose a comparable pair, which are 26.00 I have to pay Handling fee $5.00,$3.00 difference in price, Shipping back to company, approx.$4.50, and here's the thing that really irks small print, if the item I purchase is more than the original item, I need to add $3.80 shipping!!!!!!! Let's see, for their wonderful LIFETIME GUARANTEE my replacement earrings are now going to cost me an additional $16.30! NO THANKS LIA SOPHIA - your guarantee STINKS!
Kelly from NJ

Wayne, NJ

#296 Jan 10, 2012
I purchased over 200.00 in jewelry and bc my advisor lied to me personally and an attitude from a lia sophia rep I ended up sending everything back and after not having credited me back in over 2 weeks I called my credit card company and just disputed the charge.
My advisor added up my bill wrong and when I asked for the 22.00 plus tax credit they said I had to return the item and then the advisor would have to repurchase the item at the correct price....what company operates that way??? Seriously, so all of this work for that! It's like they put these rules in to try and stop you from returning anything.
So in the long run, they lose bc I am going to bad mouth them to anyone and everyone that listens and even though I will lose a few bucks by having to return the stuff it was well worth it.
Never again lia sophia...yo are all frauds!

Las Vegas, NV

#297 Apr 25, 2012
I am so glad I'm hearing the truth. I met with a top sales rep here and all she talked to me about was selling jewelry, having weekly parties, which let's face it, that's impossible because everyone has a different schedule. The only thing that really bothered me was that she kept mentioning the more people I got to sell and buy, the more discounts I would get off the jewelry. Who cares about that. I'm in it to make money, not get discounted jewelry. That was what was so insane about the situation. Personally I don't like sales at all, but I had heard it was a good brand, etc., you get the picture. The more I thought about it, I backed out and said no..It's not for me. Sales just isn't for anything. It's like pushing someone to do something and making them feel guilty about it unless it's a must have like a house or car.. that's different. This was a joke to me. I'm glad I never got involved.

Elyria, OH

#298 May 3, 2012
Tracy Lia Sophia worker wrote:
I was sold the "Lia Sophia" package. I was told how no one has a bad party, all for one and one for all etc...But I have had 3 parties that didn't even get $250. My starter party the Advisor brought 4 other Advisors, and during the game one of them won the prize (they didn't buy anything to help my party) my party made over $600, which the advisor did nothing the day of my party, I did all the work and got nothing. In fact she fought with one of my guess. I go to the unit meeting, they do a lot of talking about how much money the original Utah girls get, but no training on how to get parties (they say recruit, use/guilt trip family and friends)...When I have questions, my up line does not answer, or takes a week to answer me. If you are looking into Lia Sophia, research a lot more then I did. Find out how many people in your area are already selling it, if it is less the 100 people sign up, you might make money. If you don't mind guilt tripping you friends and family into parties, and selling over priced fake jewelry. I only had 6 people order at my party and it made over $600 dollars. Some of the stuff is very nice looking but there is nothing expensive about it, and some of it is totally junk. Like the “Wired” necklace, the “Amour”,“Giddy”, and “Flight” these item sales from $21 to $28 and you can find the same type thing at the Dollar store. Look into it far more then I did. It is now my mission to help people think twice before entering into this company.
Lia Sophia sounds like any other scam "business" model that usually targets women who want to make money without really working for it, sorry ladies. Go to and read up about women who bought into Mary Kay's bullsh*t; the stories are the same type of stories unhappy Lia Sophia reps and customers are posting here.
Same deal with Amway or Herbalife. The only people getting rich from these business models are the representatives who are actually employed by the company. Here is a helpful link for anyone considering going into this type of businesses

Elyria, OH

#299 May 3, 2012
oh my wrote:
<quoted text>
Ok this is a mess from one end to the other- I have been with this company for over a year and I am a manager- this is not how I do business! Here is the deal that no one wants to hear- it is all about YOU! This is your own business and you either pull up your boot straps and make something of it or not! I respond to my girls in no more than a day- usually much less. However, lets be honest if you want to run an excellent business you will find a way and work right past these obstacles! I do have to say that this advisor should never have more than one person shadowing her and she should of asked you and the people that shadow are not suppose to be part of anything!!! They are to be a "shadow" no talk, eat or order!
Mary Kay "Team Leaders" say the same canned crap as you are saying. Lia Sophia is a scam, plain and simple. You are scamming your "girls" out of their money and time. You are taking advantage of women who are desperate to earn money and stay home with their kids.

You and your ilk are taking advantage of young, naive and sometimes desperate women who don't have any business savvy. Because if they did have a head for business they would realize that Lia Sophia, Mary Kay, Amway etc are scams.

Lakeville, MN

#300 Jun 5, 2012
I have been a hostess twice over the past 3 years. The jewelry I received from my first party (in July 2009) is still in great shape. I wear the silver earrings several times a week and they still look like new. The necklace I ordered looks the same as it did the day I first opened the box. The items I ordered last month arrived in great condition. All of my guests are happy and love their pieces. The only trouble I had was with my advisor this time around. I used a woman in my area I had never met before. She was flaky, didn't return some of my calls, I was always the one contacting her. She would forget to give me the items I needed (ie: party invites, catalogs, letting me know about the monthly specials). She told me the specific date I needed to close my party. I ran around collecting the last of the orders, told her I was ready to meet her and then 2 days later she actually got the orders from me (over the phone-I had to tell her everyone's name, number, address and item numbers!) and then told me she would send everything the NEXT DAY. The day the items came in I had to contact her and then almost 4 hours later she actually gave me the orders after originally telling me she would be on her way shortly. I had offered on multiple occasions to come to her to drop off the orders and to pick up the jewelry and each time she shot me down, making me wait for hours or days. It was terrible.
ugly and cheap crap

Loveland, CO

#301 Jun 29, 2012
I have had several friends get all excited and into lia sophia, only to realize that their friends and neighbors don't want this junk! But I have been dragged to numerous parties, and it's all the same. Shoddy jewelry, cheesy sales pitches, and all but a guarantee that it will change your life.
You'll find better made "jewelry" in the clearance section at Kohls or walmart. I have been given several pieces over the years as gifts.(Friends sign up for this stuff and then have way too much "free" product, so they give it away to try to hook you.) Each and every piece, without fail, has tarnished, broken or just looked beat up in under 30 days.(Sometimes right out of the box!)
Customer service is spotty at best. Isn't anyone else alarmed at how much of their FAQs are dedicated to how to return this shit merchandise? If it was worth having and me spending my $, returns should be rare, not par for the course.
Most of the women I know that have been talked into buying this stuff regret it, too. I have finally wised up and just said "NO" when asked to look at catalogs or attend parties.
Boston MA

United States

#302 Sep 11, 2012
Love it wrote:
<quoted text>
What you wrote makes no sense - they called you and told you it sat in their mail room for a week and then the jewelry fell out so they can't credit you?? and then you contacted them and told them to send back your return slips - what return slips - didn't you send in a COPY of the receipt and have the original at home? And extend what return policy - oh, you wanted more than 45 days to get your money back - yes, all stores do that. Like Judge Judy says - if it doesn't make sense, it probably isn't true. You probably sent it back 90 days after purchase in a tiny envelope that got messed up in the United States Postal Service, the company tried to piece it all together - but no matter what, they are at fault. Was it in a padded envelope with insurance? It only costs $1 to put $100 insurance on an envelope - nope, you just expect it all and won't take any responsibility for not taking the extra time to make sure you were sending it correctly and responsibly.
I'm with the first one here ... I just had a party and ALL of the jewelry that Lia Sophia shipped to me was just tossed in the box. Most of the jewelry had fallen out of the boxes and was loose in the bottom of the box! I had to sit with a catalog and go through each and every item (over $2000 worth of jewelry) to make sure they were put in the correct boxes. THIS is what I paid shipping and handling for?? Really?? Lia Sophia SUCKS .. plain and simple!! You may love them now, but try to return something and see just how far you get. You get to purchase overpriced costume jewelry and then when it breaks or tarnishes (badly)(and it will and does), you "get" to send it back (but you need to pay to send it back PLUS add $5 per piece!) to exchange it for yet another piece of crap that will break down the road too!! Seriously?? NEVER EVER AGAIN !! Way overpriced and once your party is over - you are basically on your own!! NO help from the advisor then! All they want is your party and your bookings from your party.... that's IT !!!

Madison Lake, MN

#303 Oct 12, 2012
I LOVE lia sophia! Every piece that I've owned/purchased is brilliant and beautiful and I always get so many compliments on wearing the jewelry from ls! I couldn't be happier! Rings do NOT turn my fingers green, which is good, earings are great. No complaints here. Great company. Great products! LOVE LIA SOPHIA! Customer for life!

Winnipeg, Canada

#304 Dec 1, 2012
I spent a 150.00 on this jewelry and it is so marked up in price! If you look closely at it a 100.00 ring or necklace is worth about 20.00 in a department store. I wore the pair of earrings once and my ears became irritated. I don't care that they have a lifetime warranty, who wants to go tracking down reps to replace them? I also purchased a ring for almost 50.00 only to find it on eBay selling for under 10.00. Shame on your company for ripping people off
Customer Service Question

Lafayette, IN

#305 Dec 8, 2012
Okay, here's a question for people familiar with the sales/customer service process... Honestly, I'm not a huge fan of Lia Sophia. It's pretty, it just isn't really my style. I did order a pair of earrings from a co-worker (I kinda felt obligated). They looked nice and petite in the catalog, and I really liked the antique look of the metal.

When they came in, the stone part of the earring was very pretty, but the "hook" part of the earring is really ugly and hangs down exceptionally low (much too exaggerated for the size of the stones). The worst part is the snapping closure on the back. It is HUGE. It's all you see when when you look at the earring because it is almost as big as the stones and a very shiney silver (the rest of the metal on the earring is almost black). When I put it on, it's the most noticeable part. This portion of the earring wasn't shown in the catalog, so there was no way to tell until I saw them in person.
Is this enough to warrant a return? I don't want a big hassle with the girl I ordered them from (she's VERY dramatic), but I know I will never wear these earrings. I'd like to return them, or at least trade them for something I'd actually wear. Any advice?
Kamber Denham

Portland, OR

#306 Dec 28, 2012
I bought a bunch of lia Sophia and the first time I wore my Voltage earrings one fell out and I had backs on them and all, I was so disappointed. They will not replace it. So if anyone is willing to sell one of the earrings that would be awesome!!!!

Mossville, IL

#307 Jan 15, 2013
sonia wrote:
anyone willing to give/sell,
single Chime earring(111). Needing just one.
Lia Sophia will not replace/assist.
The SAME thing happened to me!!! I need ONE chime earring also :(

Mossville, IL

#308 Jan 15, 2013
Shannon wrote:
<quoted text>
The SAME thing happened to me!!! I need ONE chime earring also :(
Please contact me at

Saint Thomas, Canada

#309 Jan 23, 2013
So sad to hear of all the unhappy customers! For Me, I have had nothing but excellent care from my sales rep!
Must be a Canadian thing!
My party lady had the jewellery shipped to her house so she could box it up for me and then she did a return for me when I didn't like what I got.
I have had 3 parties so far and loved every minute of it! Lots of free jewellery and I am not pressured to buy anything else.
I believe it has everything to do with your sales person and if they are willing to go the extra mile to help you out.
i have returned a couple of items and i am very pleased with the lia customer service in Canada.

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