I use this route now that im working in poway and live in el cajon. I saw a accident on way home yesterday. It was on the up hill side of the route , a car smashed against the canyon wall by a truck. Im thinking the only way this was possible is if the truck was trying to pass the car but when saw oncoming traffic had to swerve back.
I was shook thinking no way the driver of car survived. But i see nothing wwritten about this yet.

On my way to work that same day im going up the hill, almost to the headlight section when a car comes fying up eratically behind me. Im in left lane going aprox 60-63 and cars on right of me keepkng same pace. This ass behind me on my bumper swerving eratically wanting to pass. I stayed my pace and eventually he squeezed by.

I kept telling myself im not going faster just for this ass to get by, but at same time he worried me.
Stay alive drive 55 signs are a great reminder, if all will abide.