i just wanted to inform people that kendall adkins jr is a SNITCH and that is down here because he snitched the biggest druggies out down where he was from n if he goes back he will be killed so they come to this lil town. he is working under the table while frauding the government. sherry his girl friend is also doing the same except with food stamps. his son anthony has done got that girl brittany mullins pregnant sad things is he will not be faithful n he doesnt care about her or that child. now i say this because they are messed up people. kendall is on probation but yet sells his pain killers to every tom dick n harry he also was dealing in marijuan and he has delt with russel peaks i think we all know who that is! they act like they are better then any and every body but really they wipe their ass the same way all of us do so what makes em better!? so u guys if ur reading this i hope u are prepared for some shit n ya got ya boots and a shovel cause ur gonna start having to dig here pretty soon! so imma go live my drug free life and imma be happy see ya in hell :)