DNS stands for Domain Name System and is software that translates the "english" URL,( www.google.com ) into the numerical address that the intranet actually knows it by.(

Without going into all of the gory details, about a year ago a DNS Hijacker virus went around and modified the DNS service on a lot of systems. The FBI got involved and set up DNS servers that mimicked the hackers addresses and redirected infected systems to the FBI servers as a quick fix for all infected systems. The FBI servers have been in place and have been being used. They are being shut down tomorrow.

To see if you were one of the infected ones, go to http://www.dcwg.org/ Click on "Detect" and then in the table, click on the link for your area, probably the first one in the table: http://www.dns-ok.us/

Hopefully you'll get a "green" report and not have anything further to do. But if you are infected, there will be instructions on what to do to fix your

Good luck and I hope you're all "clean"