Norwood, NY

#1 Dec 7, 2012
You have got to be kidding me. She turns in the people that are loveing, nuturing, supporting and takeing very good care of her 1 year old baby, that she hasn't seen since he was only days old when she dropped him off there. Not to mention she has another child that she does not have nor has seen in years. She has had ample oppurtunitys to have visitations with him and failed to show up at any of them. Oh, I know why, cause she was too busy worrying about her next drug fix instead of her baby. Silly Girl, you are fighting a loosing battle with this one. If you had decided to be a mother from the get go you wouldn't be in this perdicument, now would you. I would think she would be grateful that her child is being well takein care of by two people that love him very much. Instead, she has to make it sound like it's someone elses fault that she is hooked on drugs and sleeps around and dosn't want to be a mother. Shame on you Kristen Miller. Karma baby.

Syracuse, NY

#2 Dec 9, 2012
This is just UNREAL!! How can a baby factory think she has any rights in our court systems? She apparently has NO emotional attachment to this child, she only sees a financial way to supply her drug habit and the child will be where? She has to stop this crazy shit she is doing and the court has to stop her!! This child is so beautiful, so adjusted to his grandparents, and he is just doted on and loved with enough love for 100 children. There are so many children in this world that are actually being abused and absolutely NOTHING is being done to even investigate them, but, get a complaint from a crack head mother, who couldn't even tell you the color of this child's eyes, and WOW ... let's go investigate this complaint. My question is this ... since all allegations were unfounded is Social Services going to have her prosecuted for filing a false complaint? This child is so well cared for that a piece of dirt would run from him. He is smart and well taught - what would he get living with a crack-head mother? Probably a can of spaghetiios once a day if he is lucky and a bath maybe only when he is finally taken away from her for neglect. I cannot believe that there is even a lawyer that would handle this crack heads case. Leave these people alone, and leave this innocent child alone. I would also like to know why everyone she seems to come in contact with gets busted for drugs and she comes out smelling like a rose? Hmmmm --- now that is a question to ponder when making a decision over the custody of this child. The grandparents are both hard working people who spend every single minute of their free time with him. Never do they go out drinking and partying because they are what is called RESPONSIBLE ... unlike the child's birth giver (can't even call her a mother here because she is not one) Keep on doing what you are doing grandma and grandpa --- you are such a constant for an innocent little child that would probably not even be alive if it were not for the two of you giving up your life out of love for him.

New Hartford, NY

#3 Dec 9, 2012
she is nomorther if you ask me a morther is someone who is there for there kids and she is not she needs to go a away and let him have a good life that he has with his grandparters that love him more they anyparter would love him he has everything he can ask for. and people that love him more then anybody would he does not knew you so leave them himbee.if you are any morther like you say you are then you would have been ther for him you have not you dont even knew want he like or how he is so if you do lqve him like you say you do then go away and let him have a life were he is love and taking good care your he is and he is were he should be with his grandmorther and grandfarther that live there life for him and that love him like he should be love more then anybody would love a child should be loved so go away and lte them live there live like they have for 2 years with out you thats want you can do foreverbody
loser kristin

Jamesville, NY

#4 Dec 18, 2012
i havent seen her in months thought she was in detox and rehab or is she still at her mothers n norwood
loser kristin

Jamesville, NY

#5 Dec 18, 2012
she was sucking and banging scumbag jerry disotele sr. for crack

Utica, NY

#6 Dec 18, 2012
So, I guess you are saying you don't think she is a nice mother?

Jamesville, NY

#7 Dec 23, 2012
the name is spelled kristin not kristen and to omg and omg2 and norwood who i say r the same person alisha welcher u r one to talk about drug use u and justin both use yourselves and learn to spell.

Oswego, NY

#8 Dec 30, 2012
I am me and am no one else! I just think it is a crying shame that you produce these children to have them raised by other people - which I think it is a blessing for these children that they have the people who are raising them. If they did not have these loving and nurturing people in their lives they would not ever know the meaning of the word love because they certainly would not get it from you because there is only two loves in your life - yourself and your drugs. You are constantly harassing these people who ask for nothing to help raise this child - they are doing it out of love for him - why don't you grow up and just walk on and leave them and the little one alone? Do you not realize the damage you would do to that child if you ever tried to be around him? He does not know you - you have had nothing to do with him since he was a week old and yet you want everyone to say "oh poor Kristen" ... you deserve NO sympathy - you walked away from this baby and no one but you have kept you away from him. Have you ever shown up for one single scheduled visitation? NO you have not!! Were you there walking the floors with this baby when he would not sleep? No you were not!! Were you there to sit up all night long with him when he was sick? Again, NO you were not!! I could ask you question after question and the only ones you would be able to answer YES to are ones that concern your selfishness toward yourself and your partying first and foremost - NOT one single time have you put either of your sons first in your life. You don't deserve the title "Mommy" and I pray that no judge in any state or county is crazy enough to grant you custody of any kind!! Your interest in the child is only selfish - so you can get a welfare check!! Do everyone a favor and move on with your life - get down those tubes as fast as you can - cuz that is where you are headed in the longrun anyhow!!

Rome, NY

#9 Mar 20, 2013
i would love to get into Kristin,played a few times with her. if she remembers it is the next thing lol. if she does see this and remembers she can stop by and get some. remember kristin we went for a long ride into canton and looked for your car that day and all that. you drank at my place across from you
a friend

United States

#10 Mar 30, 2013
She is cool And i would deff hang out With her again it was fün when sie spent The night With me Andi sie knowes Who i am And sie should get ahold of me

Ogdensburg, NY

#11 Mar 31, 2013
is perys big m open at all today

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