I remember in Hampton

Fort Worth, TX

#701 Jan 31, 2013
Springsteen Forever wrote:
<quoted text>
I'm so glad to know that Smitty's is still around. Their food was sooo good. I don't remember the Ranch Steak House. Where was it? Do ya'll remember the Aberdeen Barn? What about the (I know I'll spell this wrong) Hispanyola Restaurant in Hampton. It looked like a boat. We went there for dinner on prom night.
The Buckroe roller coaster was wood and scary. There was a movie made in the 70s where they blew that roller coaster up. Can't remember the name of the movie, but I know George Segal was in it.
The name of the movie, I think, was King Crab. It was a huge deal back then. They filmed a good part of it in Fullers in Phoebus.

Fort Worth, TX

#702 Jan 31, 2013
Justme wrote:
<quoted text>
WOW you are going back a long way. The only name I knew it as was Sonny's, that was when Wayne Hales had it.
I remember Sonny's and I remember Wayne. He and my father were friends. In fact, I learned how to drive in a car that Wayne sold my father, a 1976 Chrysler New Yorker.....longest car ever made! The electric seats were broken, so I had to take my shoes off an push the pedals with my toes!

Fort Worth, TX

#703 Jan 31, 2013
jim a callis wrote:
<quoted text>
Hey Springsteen, long time,....On Buckroe, I just thought of something I hadn't in years and years.
........Remember that booth or stand or cart or whatever, near the Tunnel of Love, that sold those greasy crinkle-cut french fries, and you poured VINEGAR or mustard or both on them in the box they were served in? I had never before heard of anything like that, nor have I since, but if my memory is accurate, they sure were good!!
No no no! It wasn't a box, it was a paper cone! I remember because the vinegar would soak thru to the bottom and the bottom fries were almost inedible. Almost!

Hampton, VA

#704 Feb 1, 2013
Calua wrote:
<quoted text>
The name of the movie, I think, was King Crab. It was a huge deal back then. They filmed a good part of it in Fullers in Phoebus.
Are you sure you're not thinking about the roller coaster in Ocean View? That was in a movie where it was blown up. I don't remember the Buckroe one doing that. Check out the facebook group about Hampton.

Hampton, VA

#705 Feb 2, 2013
Please come by the Hampton Facebook group. We love hearing your old memories and questions. Group is 11,000 members strong.


Group name: You grew up in Hampton, Va if...

Newburg, MD

#706 Feb 6, 2013
I remember Chellis Supermarket on route 17. My uncles parents owed the market then later sold it to one of their employees. I believed it closed in 1984.
Robin wrote:
Anyone remember Orange Julius at Mercury Mall? And Chellis supermarket on Route 17 - where the Wal-Mart is now.
Buckroe Jr High

Virginia Beach, VA

#707 Mar 21, 2013
Anyone go to Buckroe Jr High?

Chesapeake, OH

#708 Mar 21, 2013
Justme wrote:
Okay Hampton people, let’s go.
I remember when the skating rink moved from NN to the shopping center across from Langley Sq. Then the skating rink turning into Social Services, then a family dollar. Copeland Park. Riches on Aberdeen road. Selling pepsi bottles for .03. The ring ding (NN). When black folks weren’t allowed in Poquoson. Biggies Restaurant in Briarfield Rd. When 7-11 opened at 7 and closed at 11. The hippie house on Pine Grove Ave and across from Benjamin Syms Jr. High. Mr. Mckennley beating my tail with an open hole paddle for smoking in the bathroom. Hot Rocks on King St. When Sinclair Gardens was a great place to live. When Armistead and Mercury were a circle that you could get stuck in. Crabbing off the bridge that went to Langley, and didn’t need a license. Yama’s and Petes restaurant in Phoebus. When the Lee Theater in Phoebus showed porn. Fist fights, one on one. When Langley Village was Carver Court. The haunted house in Grandview. Walking to school (Barron, Syms). Pembroke High School. When Macy Carmel was a judge and didn’t slap you on the wrist when you got into trouble. When Chris’s restaurant was in downtown Hampton. Clyde’s restaurant in Phoebus. Being able to walk from Buckroe Beach to Grandview by way of water. Giant Burger at Mercury and Mallory. The ice cream/donut shop in Willow Oaks shopping center. The Langley Theater in downtown Hampton. Hitch hiking. Wearing loafers, plaid skirts, knee socks, white shirt and pull over v-neck sweater, and not going to Catholic school. Can’t remember the name, but the guy’s shirts that had the loop on the back of them. Scrap books that kids in school signed. Sonny’s restaurant in Buckroe. Being poor and not knowing I was. Watching Green Acres drive in from the bus stop in Copeland Park. The carmen(?) game that we played in Copeland Park on Saturday. And the last two things that come to mind are Fertittas hotdogs (the one in Phoebus) and the real cherry coke that were sold at Fullers.
Where exactly was Copeland Park?
Buckroe Jr High

Virginia Beach, VA

#709 Mar 21, 2013
Copeland Park is on Aberdeen Rd..past the Aberdeen Post Office. Do you remember the huge Mercedes Benz Corp as you entered Copelnd Park?

Virginia Beach, VA

#710 Mar 22, 2013
Great memories reading previous posts! Came to Hpt in 73 on the day before my 11th birthday and still live here. Yes, there are some negatives -- like any other city.

Road my bike in "the PIT" near Lakeshore before it filled with water and then spent multiple summers thereafter swimming in that PIT (didn't see anyone mention that!) Learned to drive when service roads still existed on Mercury Blvd (scary stuff!)

Also remember when Wendy's first opened... the most beautiful blonde hair girl (and I'm female) was taking orders, calling our orders into her microphone -- her voice was like music... and then the food came out. It was SO delicious, compared to McD's :)

Lastly, I saw mention of Horne's Coliseum Inn -- bro used to play in a band called JD Black. God Forgive Me for all the Wednesday Ladies Nickel Nights I went there...
Richard Simmons jr

Yorktown, VA

#711 Mar 23, 2013
Hampton is run by women and minorities now. They have torn down more Gov't houses than they built. It is not a city you move to but from in 2013, therefore 12,000 have fled in just the past 9 years(census).
Memories are great 40 yrs ago, but they livie in the now and it is worthless. It's a hell hole.
David Palmieri MD

Conroe, TX

#712 Mar 24, 2013
Russ McCullough wrote:
<quoted text> Too many years to remember every gas station BUT from 1968 -1972 I pumped gas at Gibb's Sunoco at the SE corner of Aberdeen and Mercury. We had a number of blends from Sunoco 200 to Sunoco 260. 260 was a beautiful blue color and was near jet fuel in octane level! Every Vette, Shelby, Baracuda, Supper Bee and 442 from miles around would come in for the 260. Most folks, however, would come in and ask for "$2.00 worth." At $0.28 / gallon, you could cruise all night on that! We would pump the gas, clean the windows (with shamies!) and check the oil "IF" the customer would let us pop the hood. Folks would also buy cigarettes and certain "unmentionable" items! We had a soda machine with glass bottles. Gibbs had a big tire business too. I remember that one day Bob Calvert, the WGH radio personality, pulled in with his motorcycle and I spilled gas all over it. He was not ammused! His over vehicle was a 67 Olds Toronado, the first American front wheel drive car. One scary thing was the fact that almost everyone around me smoked. One guy, "Rudy," would always have a long ash cirgarette hanging out of his mouth while he pumped gas! Both Gibbs and the Sunoco station are now gone... wish they were both back! Gibbs was a good man. Ex Air Force. He had a passion for his business, and more importantly, for his employees. He liked to hire guys when they got out of the service, just to give them a bridge back to society. A lot of those guys had served time in Nam and Gibbs was a huge part of their transition back to the states. He was one of God's special people.
I remember Gibbs Sunoco!
I married his daughter Melanie in '78.
I hope she found love and had a wonderful life.
Unfortunately we were divorced.
I remember Harold he indeed was a good man and helped me alot.
I worked their prior to going back in the service in '80
7432 Marcus

Hampton, VA

#713 May 2, 2013
Pidguy wrote:
Going waaayy back. Bluebird Gap Farm used to be on the location of the Coliseum. Did the first grade field trip. Recall that there was a contest to name a collie pup residing at the Farm; was one of "Lassie's" pups. Some kid won the contest; nammed the poor dog Hamptonius. Geez.
When Coliseum construction began, Bluebird moved across the Interstate to it's current location. Maybe 1967.
Best Products showroom used to be across the street from what is now Embassy Suites property. A former elementary school used to be located across from Best Products Showroom on Coliseum Drive. Can't recall the name. City Police used to store stolen bikes there for reclaimation.
I was in the Elementary School class when the little girl named the dog Hamptonius...lol! Thought it was stupid then and still do!
Fomer VA Beach Man

Yorktown, VA

#714 May 4, 2013
Many photos of Buckroe Amusement Park
Back in the Day

Odenton, MD

#715 Jun 21, 2013
What store or business occupied the building that West Teleservices use to have on 225 Fox Hill Rd Ste D8?
Fmr Hamptonian

Hampton, VA

#716 Jun 22, 2013
Buckroe Jr High wrote:
Copeland Park is on Aberdeen Rd..past the Aberdeen Post Office. Do you remember the huge Mercedes Benz Corp as you entered Copelnd Park?
That area,E st, F St. is a junkyard for empty buildings. I remember the ball fields went up and that was nice back then.
Cordelia Chase

Hampton, VA

#717 Jul 20, 2013
Back in the Day wrote:
What store or business occupied the building that West Teleservices use to have on 225 Fox Hill Rd Ste D8?
I believe the building was originally constructed as a "Rose's Superstore." It was an extra large Rose's store and I guess sort of a K-Mart or Wal-Mart type set up. It didn't last very long.
Fmr Hamptonian

Hampton, VA

#718 Jul 20, 2013
I haven't ben down Aberdeen in several yrs. I was cutting through due to a 664/64 backup miles long.
I noticed that the Mercedes plant was empty and someone told me today it has been several things, come & go.
The old post office I passed was there but empty looking. IMO, Hampton has too many free lunches and the property/business taxes have fled the city, only to move to a friendly-business area. Great thing about freedom is, you don't have to own a business where taxes pay for thugs. Hampton is and has been the past 20 years a dying city.

Yorktown, VA

#719 Jul 21, 2013
Hampton is just a smaller version of Detroit and Gary, Indiana. Only difference is the snow.

Alexandria, VA

#720 Sep 7, 2013
dkg86 wrote:
That was Coach Coleman who Coached the Green grunts.I played running back and linebacker for him for 2-3 years in the mid-70s..his son was our fullback.. parents parked lights on the field for late practices and I had to ride my back back To Eliz Lakes..went to CPT John Smith after we got split from Phillips.Loved those games at Gosnolds on Sat mornings -opening day was like the scene out of Bad News Bears on labor day always coupled with the Hampton fair at Gosnolds.. and we could pedal all the way to Burger Chef on Mercury for those great milkshakes they served..now a flower shop..Green Grunts-- stioll have my first trophy from 1973..we were tough across Hampton and played in the Clam Bowl at Poquoson's stadium! <quoted text>
Jack Coleman as the coach, my brother played on the team

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