Portsmouth High School Wind Turbine

Portsmouth High School Wind Turbine

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Bill Carson

Marion, MA

#1 Jun 14, 2009
Why was the new turbine at the high school off for a few weeks? The rumor going around the navy base is a hawk hit one of the blades .The blade took such a hard hit they had to fix the blades.The other is why do the blades at the high school go so much slower than those at the Abby ? has the news reported on the failures ?

Portsmouth, RI

#2 Jun 15, 2009
Don't know what you're seeing, but I live right near it, and the turbine has been turning whenever there is sufficient wind. The speed difference compared to the Abbey is by design, and was described in several newspaper stories. Working fine.
Bill Carson


#3 Jun 15, 2009
Thanks ,I owm shares in that company AAER . Hope it goes up .

Barrington, RI

#4 Jun 23, 2009
Bill Carson

Marion, MA

#5 Aug 9, 2009
What's going on with this turbine I thought it was making money?

Subcontractors on Portsmouth wind turbine sue parent firm

01:00 AM EDT on Sunday, August 9, 2009

By Gina Macris

Journal Staff Writer

PROVIDENCE — A company responsible for installing Portsmouth’s much-celebrated new wind turbine owes subcontractors nearly $250,000, according to lawsuits filed in Superior Court.

Greenville, RI

#6 Aug 11, 2009
Sold my stock in AAER .Looks like they may not be able to support their equiptment
Bill Carson

Mattapoisett, MA

#7 Feb 4, 2011

We believe only positive information has been presented to the residents of Marion,Massachusetts .The negative information about ice throw,shadow flicker,noise issues,blade throw from over one ton blades,fire department issues over fires and how to put the fires out at 400 feet,three phase power lines from the turbine to the grid,power loss to the grid, cost of extending warranties over two years .

There appears to be a lack of a quailified third party to review the long term economic benifits to a single commercial wind turbine .

Many are well aware of the studies done on the SouthCoast by a semi-quasi state agency for the installation of the residential wind turbines of which many if not all failed to produce or broke down in wind storms . The history alone of the residential wind turbines and the fines handed out by Attorney General Martha Coakley over the installation of those residential wind turbines should be enough to be very cautious spending millions of dollars on commercial wind turbines.
Bill Carson

Mattapoisett, MA

#8 Feb 4, 2011

"“The Division’s investigation has had a chilling effect,” said Karina Lutz, deputy director of People’s Power and Light, a Providence-based green power company and a key supporter of the Portsmouth turbine.

The investigation was initiated in response to a complaint from Benjamin C. Riggs Jr., a retired manufacturing executive who lives in Newport. Riggs has testified in regulatory proceedings against Deepwater Wind, the company proposing to build wind farms in waters off the Rhode Island coast, and is skeptical of the economics of wind power in general.

The Portsmouth turbine is a perfect example of how the numbers don’t add up, he says. The Canadian-made AAER turbine was installed at Portsmouth High School in March 2009 at a cost of $3 million. It was funded through $2.6 million in federal Clean Renewable Energy Bonds that have an interest rate of 1.15 percent and the borrowing of $400,000 from the state Economic Development Corporation at a 2 percent interest rate.

Standing 336 feet tall, it is the largest of four wind turbines in Rhode Island. It had been operating smoothly for a year and a half until technical problems temporarily shut it down last month. It is expected to start working again by this week. "
Bill Carson

Mattapoisett, MA

#9 Feb 4, 2011

Aug. 9--PROVIDENCE -- A company responsible for installing Portsmouth's much-celebrated new wind turbine owes subcontractors nearly $250,000, according to lawsuits filed in Superior Court.

The largest creditor is Hallamore, the heavy equipment operator, which in June filed suit, seeking $201,363.

HB Welding of Pawtucket also has filed to secure $38,296 it says it is owed.

Both companies say they have not received any money from the defendants, AAER Wind Energy of Canada, AAER USA, and Wind Smart LLC.
Bill Carson

Mattapoisett, MA

#10 Feb 4, 2011

Breakdown stalls Portsmouth wind turbine
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Credit: By Bruce Burdett, ww.eastbayri.com 16 December 2010

PORTSMOUTH — Portsmouth’s turbine broke again last week and this time it could be shut down for awhile.

Gary Crosby, assistant town planner and the man who oversees the town’s wind turbine operation, said he is told the problem is a slip ring.

The mechanism is located in the turbine’s nacelle, and while he said he is not clear on its purpose,“I am told that it is important, that it is broken and that we need to get a new one.”

Lumus Construction, the Woburn, Mass., company that has taken over the turbine’s maintenance, has put in an order to a German supplier for a new one.

“I asked them (Lumus),‘Are we talking days, weeks or months,’” Mr. Crosby said.“They haven’t replied yet so I don’t know,” although weeks seems the best bet.

Mr. Crosby said the malfunction happened last Tuesday, Dec. 7. Lumus technicians were just wrapping up work on a previous problem that had plagued the turbine for some time, a problem that required Mr. Crosby to go to the turbine and manually restart it after frequent mysterious shutdowns.

“They started it up and it ran just great for about 45 minutes,” he said. Then the technicians “started getting all sorts of crazy electrical readings” so they shut the turbine down and discovered the broken part.

Mr. Crosby said the technicians believe that there is no connection between this latest problem and the earlier shutdowns.

It’s a part that wore out, he said, a problem that is made more complicated by the fact that AAER, the company that supplied the turbine, went bankrupt earlier this year. When AAER was still afloat, technicians there could monitor the turbine remotely and make any needed adjustments, usually without even visiting the site.

“Had they still been in business, who knows, they might have had a slip ring on the shelf and it would already be installed,” Mr. Crosby said.

The Town Council voted in September to hire Lumus for $30,000 to take over the maintenance operations that had been provided by AAER. Lumus has since been licensed by turbine builder Wind Tech International to handle the turbine’s maintenance and has been to town frequently in the past few weeks.

Mr. Crosby said he expects that, under the new agreement, Portsmouth will have to pay for the replacement part and its installation.

Despite the recent frustrations, the turbine has remained profitable for the town, he said.

Up to last Tuesday’s breakdown and despite the earlier shutdowns, the turbine had still produced 104 percent of the projected power for this fiscal year (since July 1). Back in mid-October the turbine was 22 percent ahead of projections.

“Had we not had these problems, who knows, we’d still probably be at least 10 to 15 percent ahead of estimate.”

Entering the windier winter months, Mr. Crosby said he hopes the slip ring repair is a quick one.

“It would be too bad to miss out on the winds we expect to get at this time of year,” he said.
Bill Carson

Mattapoisett, MA

#11 Feb 4, 2011

Breakdown stalls Portsmouth wind turbine; Part must be flown from Germany
Portsmouth's turbine broke again last week and this time it could be shut down for awhile....The mechanism is located in the turbine's nacelle, and while he said he is not clear on its purpose, "I am told that it is important, that it is broken and that we need to get a new one."
December 16, 2010 by Bruce Burdett in Eastbay RI
PORTSMOUTH - Portsmouth's turbine broke again last week and this time it could be shut down for awhile.
Gary Crosby, assistant town planner and the man who oversees the town's wind turbine operation, said he is told the problem is a slip ring.

The mechanism is located in the turbine's nacelle, and while he said he is not clear on its purpose, "I am told that it is important, that it is broken and that we need to get a new one."

Lumus Construction, the Woburn, Mass., company that has taken over the turbine's maintenance, has put in an order to a...[continue via Web link]

Web link: http://www.eastbayri.com/detail/140211.html
Bill Delaney

Mattapoisett, MA

#12 Feb 6, 2011
A few questions for the Town of Portsmouth :

Re: Portsmouth High School Wind Turbine Failures 2/6/2011

One of the major issues for wind turbines is fatigue failure. The length of time for the AAER wind turbine located at Portsmouth High School is that it has had many breakdowns within the past year and the turbine is new.

The news is reporting along with the many breakdowns that the RI DPU may place a limitation of net metering. Will the loss of revenue be for over-sizing the on-site generator and overproducing clean electricity?

What action is contemplated if the wind turbine continues to fail as it has almost on a monthly basis? Has the Town of Portsmouth had any meetings on the ongoing maintenance issues with this turbine?

It appears that there are no ongoing maintenance issues or negative news stories with the Vestas wind turbine at Portsmouth Abbey across the street. Do you feel the AAER type of turbine was the wrong choice?

How much longer before these breakdowns get into the national news media ?
Bill Carson

Mattapoisett, MA

#13 Jul 9, 2011
How exactley do you make a "registered complaint" against the Portsmouth High School wind turbine? What department in Portsmouth has the forms for making the "registered complaint"?

Advocates of commercial wind from Portsmouth ,Rhode Island have been at meetings in Falmouth ,Massachusetts telling local residents that they have "NO" registered complaints against their wind turbine .

The Falmouth wind turbine is making national news over the shadow flicker ,noise and setbacks to residential homes .

It appears the pro wind turbine people in Rhode Island left out the Net metering issue,lawsuit over the construction of the base,wind turbine company going broke,no warranty,doesn't meet projections prior to installation ,breakdowns and who knows what else fro the two year old turbine .

We do know that the wind industry expected these gear driven turbines to last up to twenty years and that's starting to look like 5 years before the 50 ton motor needs replacement

Three years from now we'll see Portsmouth raising the taxes to buy a new 5 million dollar motor .They will tell you the new motor id direct drive ,you'll get more money form the new motor etc !

The bunco scheme continues. This called the dumbing down od society !
Bill Carson

Mattapoisett, MA

#14 May 15, 2012
Portsmouth ,Rhode Island -Second Turbine Has Issues


Two turbines have trouble this week

By Melanie Hirshberg

As of Tuesday, May 15, 2012

#PORTSMOUTH — The Hodges Badge Company turbine on East Main, plagued by issues from the start, finally spun all day for the first time May 4.

#But it hasn’t spun since.

#This time, at least, it was the choice of the company’s president, Rick Hodges.

#“We're going to add a week to it [not spinning] because I’m waiting for a part to show up," he said last week.

#The part, which is not required for the turbine to spin, measures the power it creates, he said.

#"It's a fixable problem," he said. "The good news is that it does run."

#It was questionable whether the turbine would run for long, as the company ran into several issues with the 250 kilowatt machine from the get-go.

#The project had been in discussion for some time at Hodges and the turbine they wanted finally arrived in August 2011 — minus cables needed to transport the electricity. They also discovered some pieces that were not quite right.

#The parts had to be shipped from India and the project ground to a halt.

#In January, the machine was finally erected and it was hoped it would be turned on permanently on Jan. 23, but the engineer found several smaller tweaks that had to be made throughout.

#“We never found any really big problems," he said, but there were enough that it took awhile to fix.

#He’s now looking at anywhere from a day to a week for the part, depending where it must be shipped from.

#But, he said, at least the test run went well.

#“[We] can't hear it inside. It hums. It doesn't seem to 'whoosh' very much," he said. The sound is no louder than the traffic from East Main and other background noise.

#There are no buildings within the flicker range, either, he said. Only the parking lot is affected by it.

Town turbine stops turning

#It has been about a week since the town turbine at the high school has run, said Finance Director David Faucher Monday night at the town council meeting.

#Engineers have inspected the machine, but he said the cause was not immediately clear to them. It could be a software problem.

#He did not have an estimate of the time for repair.

#Meanwhile, every day the turbine does not turn, the town loses money, said resident Larry Fitzmorris.

#Mr. Faucher also said that next year, National Grid will lower the rate of credit for the energy produced by the turbine to 5 cents per kilowatt hour.

#The turbine will continue to be profitable in spite of the decrease, he said, at least as long as it runs and the wind keeps blowing.
Sally Reynolds

Mattapoisett, MA

#15 May 19, 2012
Portsmouth Rhode Island Commercial Wind Turbine

Please review Video at the 170 minute mark until the end about 15-20 minutes. You will find the 170 minute mark on NB3 after you click on the url .The 170 minute mark is the start of the turbine discussion .

AAER Commercial Wind Turbine Breakdown plus Gearbox discussion.

Portsmouth Rhode Island High School 


Portsmouth Town Council
Joint Meeting on Budget with School Committee

NB 3. Town Budgets – All Remaining Budgets

Proceeds to Wind Turbine budget discussion
Bill Carson

Mattapoisett, MA

#16 Jun 15, 2012
6/15/2012 - BROKEN DOWN AGAIN !!!!!!



Portsmouth Wind Turbine Goes Offline Again

The wind turbine generator stopped spinning again on Friday.

By Sandy McGee
Email the author
2:53 pm

The wind turbine at Portsmouth High School is spionning again after workers installed a new oil pressure sensor. File Photo

For the second time in two months, the Portsmouth Wind Turbine Generator has stopped spinning.

"Due to recurring problems with oil pressure monitoring in the gearbox, the wind turbine is currently offline," Assistant Town Planner Gary Crosby said in an e-mail Friday.

"We are awaiting analysis and recommendations from our operations and maintenance contractor and the gearbox manufacturer. The turbine will be back in operation the instant the problem is resolved."

In May, the wind turbine, located at Portsmouth High School, shut down for several weeks after town officials were unable to find a "specialized part" needed for the turbine.

The turbine began spinning again in late May after workers installed a new oil pressure sensor.
Jack Kelly

Jamestown, RI

#17 Jun 13, 2013
Just found this info on Portsmouth Wind Turbine

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