#64 Dec 18, 2012
exmember wrote:
<quoted text>
Well said!!!!
ive noticed alot of the members r going 2 the 471 legion and the ports eagles
joe moose member

Delaware, OH

#65 Dec 19, 2012
now thah 3 officers have resigned this week lets see three good loyal members take these spots and fix the problemsand put the moose on the road to cleaning up the problems
The Informer

Zanesville, OH

#69 Dec 20, 2012
joe moose member wrote:
now thah 3 officers have resigned this week lets see three good loyal members take these spots and fix the problemsand put the moose on the road to cleaning up the problems
What 3 members resigned? It's a shame that all the comments and facts that the whole board would step down and as far as the bartenders if people have proof bring it to the Moose Heart. The squeeky wheel gets the grease. Force them to do something it belongs to all of the paying members, it's a good place to go let's get it back where it should be!!!!

United States

#70 Dec 23, 2012
whatever wrote:
<quoted text>As long as Tracy & misty keep ripping place off nothing is going to change!!!

Minford, OH

#74 Dec 24, 2012
Traci wrote:
<quoted text>she did thanks :) blahahaha one the biggest one I even put from all the Moose members Lmfao
Thanks Traci for keeping my thread going lol. U would think u would let it die down. Just crack me up! Thanks for the good laugh

United States

#75 Dec 24, 2012
bt wrote:
<quoted text>
Thanks Traci for keeping my thread going lol. U would think u would let it die down. Just crack me up! Thanks for the good laugh
your welcome anytime I'm always up for a good laugh:)
Jizz Stain

Columbus, OH

#76 Dec 24, 2012
moose lodge? IS that where you hilljacks go to bang mooses?
Brown Eye Girl

Celina, OH

#81 Dec 25, 2012
Tell me how Ron,Paul,Jack are running the place into the ground can you answer that because they help the members out alot You really need to get a life and quiting bitching about other people if you dont like whats going on dont come into the moose an as far as the bartenders go they are the best bartenders in town an for you to say they deal in drugs usually the accuser are the guilty ones need to stop pointing fingers you think by putting all this crap on there is going to stop people from comeing in you all are wrong they do make pacifier for people like you all also they will serve you some cheese to go with ( wine) boo whoo JUST SAYING!!!!!!
Brown Eye Girl

Celina, OH

#82 Dec 25, 2012
How is Ron,Paul,Jack running the moose into the ground all they do is to help the members an they are so nice can you tell me how? And as for the bartenders they are the best in town they are so sweet an nice an they do a very good job how can you say they sell drugs an you know good an well they dont i guess all you guys know how to do is whine you know they do make pacifier for people like you an if you are nice enough ask the bartenders if you can a piece of cheese to go with your wine im sure they would be glad to give you a slice (boo whoo) cry us another river JUST SAYING
Brown Eye Girl

Celina, OH

#83 Dec 25, 2012
fact wrote:
Misty does anyone with $80 or more
If that is the cast why is she working at the moose why dont you get your facts right she is a very good person and she dont do that we all love you misty
concerned member

The Plains, OH

#84 Jan 3, 2013
mooseheart finally got smart and got rid of all the thieves that were stealing the moose blind, good by thieves
concerned member

The Plains, OH

#87 Jan 4, 2013
sounds like deisel is part of the upset crooks that were running the place glad there all gone maybe they can have a meeting without drunks falling asleep

Lucasville, OH

#90 Jan 4, 2013
jackie wrote:
<quoted text>did they really get ride of Negro lovin Tracy & peter sucking misty? Both dealt pills and stoke from drinks sold and tip ticket sales...they get canned???
Yep both gone as are all the rest.
what about

United States

#91 Jan 5, 2013
what about that rude old bitch that worked the door.. hope she got the axe as well....

Ashburn, VA

#94 Jan 5, 2013
what about the witch Jan is she still around....

Cambridge, OH

#95 Jan 5, 2013
No her and her drug dealing brother are gone also.


#97 Jan 5, 2013
I guess it is good Mooseheart came to town. They have to deflect any attention to the child loving leader that is under investigation in Chicago. They need all the people to renew their dues. They have legal fees you know. The people of Scioto County need to kick in to support their lodge, or their leader. They replaced management and closed the lodge down. They appointed a new trustworthy group to run the lodge. I for one am glad, they tried. They re-appointed three people that voted in 2008 to give $3000.00 of Moose Lodge 762 members money away to spend freely at the Las Vegas National Convention. Thank You Moose Rider Members. They also voted to pay for their rooms.
Get a life

Tucker, GA

#98 Jan 5, 2013
I feel sorry for all of the ignorance of the ppl commenting about things they have absolutely no idea all just go off of rumors and hear say... im gonna give you guys a little advice that i learned at a very young age and has reslly helped me in life in more ways then one.... believe none of what you hear and half of what you see......why do you guys care who Traci or misty is with or has been with or what they have or have not done are you guys just jealous you ain't gettin none of the pie? anyways I hope everyone is happy that wanted them got what you all should really look at the bigger picture now they can't pay their bills or take care of their families you guys are cold hearted and selfish you all don't think past your ignorance. I am gonna pray for you guys and I sincerely mean that from the bottom of my heart. Just try putting yourself in their shoes how would you feel not knowing how your gonna pay your bills or buy your next meal. It's okay though I know them ladies well they are very strong willed good hearted hard working independent women they will figure it out and hold there own god will see to it that they have what they need. You all just need to think before you speak and try to have empathy for ppl but really who am I to judge you guys. You will get yours. One last piece of advice that has also helped me along my life's journey.....if you don't have nothing nice to say don't say nothing at all. Ty

Marion, OH

#100 Jan 6, 2013
what about wrote:
what about that rude old bitch that worked the door.. hope she got the axe as well....
Why don't you post this with your real name?? I would so love to know who you are. That woman happens to be my mom, and she did her job well! Are you mad cause she wouldn't let you back in for some reason or another??? The guy they left on the door was the one lettin people in left and right. Ya know, idc much who talks smack about me, but my mom, nah. I'm glad she she doesn't have access to a computer. She doesn't need to see crap like this. She just lost one of her daughter's (one of my sister's) back in July. So, to whoever you are, keep your mouth off my mom! If you have somethin to say about her, come to me and say it.
Good Lord

Marion, OH

#101 Jan 6, 2013
What about the members who have paid their dues in good faith and occasionally stop in for a drink? Some of us are not a part of the drama. Some of us bought into the idea that this was a charity organization worth supporting. Are we now just out?

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