City Solicitor calls for mayor's resi...

City Solicitor calls for mayor's resignation

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Owingsville, KY

#1 May 10, 2010
When will the good ole boys learn.The people love her.wait till city solicitor runs for election agian,ha ha ha
say what

Marion, OH

#2 May 10, 2010
that's terrible! I'm glad I didn't vote for him. Who put him up to that anyway? She is an elected official and so is he. Looks to me like he is overstepping his bounds. How ethical is that?
what do they want

Marion, OH

#3 May 10, 2010
They want control back and keep the taxpayers in the dark all they want is your money and care less about the citizens.
When Kalb was in he ws high on weed and they did anything they wanted now we have someone thats to smart for them and they can't take it.
Shes wants to clean up this city and they don't they profit off the corruption and the dirt in this town.
A Scioto County Citizen

Marion, OH

#4 May 10, 2010
Jones in a woose, can't do his job, not mature enough yet, if he ever gets mature enough, so he wants to blame in on the Mayor, of course one of "Gah buoys" and I'm told he's a JAG? Are we sure our country is safe with flakes like him. Even bring back the Previous Solicitor Kuhn? Get another attorney, do you see how many lawyers that town has, go count. That Mayor is not perfect but she is out of "Gah Bouys" league, watch her, the electorate are elderly but not stupid. Jones is still trying the SOGP Taliban insurgents playbook what they tell him to do, like they have for decades but guess what, not workie anymore, sorry Jones. Perhaps like Duncan, Murphy, Saez, et al. Jones should get his resume out in the mail. And Jone's got two young kids too, is he doing a better job at parenting or let his wife do that like he tries to do his vocation? And look how much weight he's picked up since he's been elected and the "Heavy" City Auditor too who's got young children too? Not good for your blood pressure bouysl Oh, well.... Ptown is a hoot. Watch 'em, Monday night at the fights. The fools want a resignation, cause they know the people will not recall her, and then they will have more egg on their faces. And guess what, what will they do with that council budget when they run out of money in the Fall? There's no controls whatsoever by the City Auditor, none.
I agree

Marion, OH

#5 May 11, 2010
with you A Scioto County Citizen. It's very obvious what they are doing to Mayor Murray. We weren't born yesterday. It's a wonder they have any self-respect left.

Marion, OH

#6 May 11, 2010
Who's pulling the solicitors strings?

Lucasville, OH

#7 May 11, 2010
I am so sick of hearing in the local news outlets about how horrible our mayor is. No such thing as journalistic integrity here. I am with you all, SICK of the CRAP that has been left by previous corrupt administrations. It's obvious that these people do not care about Portsmouth or they would not turn around and slap the city with rediculous lawsuits. Go cry to your mommies! That's what I say. Also, some in the city government are whining about the city building again and wanting to move into the old marting's building again. How many times have the voters told them NO!? And they don't listen. The Marting's building is old and in disrepair just like the city building. Sounds like a waste of taxpayer money to line somebody's pockets to me. That's my opinion.
all of you get a life

Marion, OH

#8 May 11, 2010
Are you people nuts? Mr. Jones is not part of the good old boys club Kuhn is!! And as for Murray doing her job well that is to be interpreted in many different ways. The people have already started the petition to get rid of her!!! She jumps into things without researching things and then expects everyone to back her up. If she is as intelligent as she claims then she would have taken a step back kept her mouth shut from the get go and handled things one at a time. She trying to mulitask to many things and not investigating them enough. It's like she checks it out just enough to hear what she wants to then runs with it. I can only hope you people respect Mr. Jones for trying to stop the bleeding!!! He is looking out for the best interest of the entire city. Just in case some of you forgot what number is she now up to in laawsuits?

Columbus, OH

#9 May 11, 2010
I'm afraid I told everybody this before it all started... There were too many axes to grind in the first place. There will never be an open line of communication between Mayor Murray and our council. Without council cooperation, the mayor has no real power. We needed someone who had not already sued the city, made enemies throughout council and alienated most of the city employees through constant complaints against them. I have to say, there was a better choice in both the Primary in May and in the November election. I think either of these men would have handled things much differently and had much more cooperation from council and the rest of the city. I am rooting for anybody who will lead our city away from the path we are headed down. Whether it be Mayor Murray or someone else, I would just like to see some progress toward a better city for all of us. One thing that scares me is, if the Mayor is recalled or resigns, we will be stuck with David Malone, who finished behind Murray, Kalb and Book in the primary and would have finished behind Skiver as well had he been there. Just last Spring, at a council meeting, Mr. Malone was amazed when he found out the city has a web site. Give me a break! This is our President of City Council and possible replacement for Mayor, should Murray be recalled or resign from the position. I decided to get behind Mayor Murray after she was elected. I had truly hoped that she would go in with clear eyes, ready to work on our city's problems. However, my fears have been realized. Coming in, swinging the axe, without doing the research necessary to see the whole picture, has gotten us into some deep crap! For all of our sakes, lets hope she gets on the right track, council begins to work with her and that we don't waste money on a recall. Just do what you are supposed to do and make this city the place it can be. PLease!
in the know

Marion, OH

#10 May 11, 2010
The Solicitor is not the Mayor! Asking our Mayor to resign because of lawsuits that aren't even settled yet? Who and how many are afraid of what will be brought forth? Inquiring minds already know!
Be careful

Marion, OH

#11 May 11, 2010
People be care full for what you wish for, because you will get David Malone as your mayor if there is a recall!!!!!!!!!! I remember David Malone not knowing the difference between an income tax and a property tax, enought said.

Columbus, OH

#12 May 11, 2010
Be careful wrote:
People be care full for what you wish for, because you will get David Malone as your mayor if there is a recall!!!!!!!!!! I remember David Malone not knowing the difference between an income tax and a property tax, enought said.

I agree! David Malone is not the person we want! I'm not sure if Murray is either. What a shame that the people of our city did not see through all the crap to someone who's intentions were pure. Again, give the people better choices and they are unable to handle it. The scariest part of it all is that I'm sure neither of the better choices will run again. This mess would scare even the bravest away!

Piketon, OH

#13 May 11, 2010
A Scioto County Citizen wrote: two young kids too, is he doing a better job at parenting or let his wife do that like he tries to do his vocation?... who's got young children too?
"A scioto county citizen" also known as Russ Doyle should not be talking about how many kids city officials have and how old they are. That's none of his business. How would any of you like that information released on topix about your kids. What are you trying to start, Doyle? No wonder your church dumped you. You're a freak. It figures someone like you would be supporting this lying mayor.

You CAVE people will be the death of Portsmouth.

Columbus, OH

#14 May 11, 2010
I know Mike and see him volunteering his time with his children all of the time. Great family! Period!

Lucasville, OH

#16 May 11, 2010
I don't know about cave people but I for one am very tired of Portsmouth taking my tax dollars for nothing. My street still floods, there are still nasty abandoned houses in my neighborhood, and last but certainly not least is we are still the laughingstock of Ohio because of our drug problems. Someone needs to do something. I don't think the solution is recalling the mayor because then I agree we will be in a worse situation. Portsmouth's problem is no one in a position of power actually cares about Portsmouth.

Owingsville, KY

#15 May 11, 2010
From what I have seen,The Council wants to keep things the way they were.They forget the people have already voted,We want the new change the Our Mayor is bringing, New business,Cleaning up the place!
Shame on the Council

Ashburn, VA

#17 May 11, 2010
roll on mayor.i love our mayor.she will not let anyone run her over.jones wants her out because he is kuhn's flunkie.they are just mad because she will not be bullied!she is tired of the "clicks"downtown.mos t of them are crooks,and their mad because she is no croock.there's alot of ppl behind her.more power to the mayor!!!!!!!!!!
portsmouth citizens

Columbus, OH

#18 May 11, 2010
call for city solicitor's resignation and take city council with you

Ashburn, VA

#19 May 11, 2010
right on "portsmouth citizens"

Hayesville, OH

#20 May 11, 2010
Here is what the Chillicothe council decided last night. It might be a good idea for Portsmouth.
Council also passed changes to rules during council sessions.

The changes will allow public comment at council review sessions, provided the comments be relevant to the topic being discussed.

Committed legislation that returns to the agenda for a third reading will be on the agenda but it will not be read until the next meeting or special session.

There will now be a sign-up sheet at council meetings for those who wish to make public comments. Those who wish to comment and did not signed in can still comment at the end of the comment period as long as they provide their name and address

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