they are all MISSED R I P
could you please


#21 Apr 13, 2011
I understand how people think that addicts act of their own free will, but after a point, I really don't believe they have free will anymore.....its all about the drug; it literally consumes them.

Think about kids who start; they can't really understand the danger involved and when they do, its most likey too late unless they get intense help. Even older adults can and do become addicted via legitimate prescriptions (like after a serious injury or major surgery). What I have never understood is why they don't ask for help as soon as they realize its a problem. I'm not making excuses for them; I just really believe that after a certain point they cease to become fully functioning and the drug is running them (straight into a grave or prison, sadly).

I do feel sorry for all the friends and families who have lost loved ones to drugs.....

Aston, PA

#22 Apr 13, 2011
I guess maybe it is bad for people's family and I really am sorry I know I sound rude and I really apoligize. I am just getting sick of everywhere I turn people are acting like these drug addicts are heros and stuff. Especially the woman I mentioned. That bothers me the most. Iread articles and her name is everywhereand her picture is too. I addded a relitive to facebook and right on her page was a picture of the woman's tombstone. I am all for helping drug addicts. I know its hard not from personal experiance but from having come across quite a few detoxing. I've seen people spend days in the hospital taking meds and being so sick, and making plans to stop. And so many ended up back out there. Its their choice though. I just hate so much to see people put out like they are heros and to see their pictures. I'm so sorry for the families that are morning the death of these people, but please put some responsibility on the people, I agree pill mills are bad but if no one went there or used them the way they should be used there wouldn't be a problem. Please quit blaming everyone else. Like this womans mother who makes a huge deal out of this even the govenor please morn her and I met her a few times, she seemed nice. She wasn't aweful. She was friendly and helped people but she is not a marter for this cause she did everything to herself. Also did she even fully die from the drugs wernt there cercomstances where she probibly could have lived if not for the stupidity of others. Anyway I am sorry for being so rude. I apoligize that this subjects makes me upset. I am sorry for so many typos. I will tey not to say anymore about her because of her family. And just wanted to say it took me 2 years before I found out about Wes Workman. I was truley upset he was a young good kid. It was such a sad drug induced accident. People who get kids on drugs are truley the saddest of all people(right with rapest and other horrible crimes) anyway so sorry for going on.
could you please


#23 Apr 13, 2011
I agree that addicts have to accept respobsibility for their actions and they have to want help to get and stay clean.....personally, I have always thought they had some sort of sickness in their lives BEFORE the drugs.....maybe abuse, neglect, etc that led them to...self medicate, I guess you'd call it....I just can't believe anyone happy and healthy would start putting that shit in their bodies...its not even logical....even the young kids that start....if they were happy and well balanced, I just don't think they'd be out snorting pain pills in their spare time, but maybe they also do it b/c of peer pressure and to fit in...I guess there a great number of causes....
Chris Webb

Bergholz, OH

#24 Apr 13, 2011
Joey Estep David Adams Wes Workman Brian Webb
Kevin Clark Brandon Eldridge Dustin Bryant Jason Moore Theres So Many More Just Hard To Type Them...

Edison, NJ

#25 Apr 13, 2011
Sony Maynard, I miss you buddy.
We all make mistakes sometimes, but yours cost you your life. Some people want to blame you for having made a bad choice, but I'm quite sure that you aren't mad at them.
I wish you could have known what it's like to have lived as an adult, to have known your son, and seen your sisters grow up to be the wonderful women they are. I think about you a lot. I know your family still hurts, and would give absolutely anything to have you back.
We were young, and thought we had a lifetime to live, but I guess that wasn't part of His plan. You're with Him now, and I have to believe, that you're eagerly awaiting the day when you can see your family again.
If anyone wishes to start a cancer thread, or any other type, I think that would be great. However, please don't allow your hearts to be cold, and please understand, we are just hurt, and searching for some hope.
compassion please

Columbus, OH

#26 Apr 13, 2011
yes wrote:
I know bad people are people to and it is sad their family will miss the, but please don't start a lot of news articles and take a pitty story to the govenor and expect me to be sad she died. I hate the news coverage. Why not put Wes Workman's name up half as many places for drug awarness. I mean HE was a kid. He was sweet and kind and had a great family, that is a sad drug story, not the one woman who knew what she was doing, it makes me so mad she is being turned into a marter(or how ever you spell it) everywhere I see drug inervention I see her face and name. It makes me mad, she was 30 something and did everything to herself and even our govemor feels pity for her. Its pathetic!!! She did nothing but get high and kill herself why make her so important? I just do not feel sorry for people who do stuff to themselves. I know people that dies due to alcohol it was accents due to drinking they were close relitives. They will be missed but they made the choice and theyy didn't overdose from being pill heads and they dint get reconized by the govenor or have the place that sold the alcohol blamed. If we are going to go crazy agianst everywhere that sells pills then what about bars and stores that sell beer and stuff. Why not go after them for killing people. At some point people have to put the blame where it goes!!! Quit making heros out of drug addicts!!! They are not special they are sick of their own making!!!!
I think you're just jealous this lady who died is getting so much news coverage through and by her still distraught mother, and you feel like she doesn't deserve to have a family member and community missing her more than somebody you knew who overdosed. I think you're a Solace member in disguise angry because governor Kasich didn't hold your hand. I have a Solace bracelet given to me to wear in remembrance of that 30 something woman and I wear it often and will have you in my prayers as well. Try to feel some compassion for her mom who is trying to make a difference through Solace and is speaking out against drugs and pill mills !!!

“Jewish Zombie”

Since: Feb 11

Tel Aviv, Israel

#27 Apr 13, 2011
This is where the Native Americans got it right. Once they were dead they were never spoken of again. Move on and lead a good life. Stop dwelling on worm food.

Edison, NJ

#28 Apr 14, 2011
This post was to honor those you missed who have passed before you. The title does not say "just druggies who died." You people want to turn everything negative. RIP all those mentioned above. God bless the families.

Aston, PA

#29 Apr 14, 2011
I am not a solace memeber.I do not have anyone near me who does or has done drugs. I have been around them yes, but not in everyday life. I am not jealous of this woman. I think she knew what she was doing. I just hate to see her name everwhere. I hate that pics of her tombstone are everywhere. I do not think she is a hero at all. I think she got state funded medical care and reapeatily went to the er for pain shots and pills. I think she ussed money tax payer give to the goverment to buy her prescriptions and pills. That is the kind of person our govenor feels bad for. If they just drug tested soacial security people and people on walfare they would help prevent deaths. I just get so sick of heariring "my daughter died of a drug overdose" wow yeah I'm sure you miss her bu my goodness she wasn't. Anything but a user of the system and a drug addict. I am not jealous of her or her mother, there is nothing to. Be jealous of my life is much better then her's. When I go to church I do not lie in the house of God or put on a frount of a kind christian while I go home and use the tax payers money for the pills I put put up my arm (meaning what she did I wouldn't touch the stuff). She did die a horrible death though. I feel bad that she didn't have to die. If certain people would have noticed she was sick and not walked over her and left her lay there she would still be alive. That would be horrible knowing you were dying and a person you love and trust and am trying to ask for help from steps over you a few times and goes to bed. I feel horrible about that I wouldn't wish that on anyone. I just wish she wasn't made out to be a marter for the cause she isn't one. She abused the system she died. People do everyday. She needed her mother to notce when she was alive. I think people feel bad they didn't catch the problem or care enough when to help these addicts. There is a guy in ky. His family doesn't care that he has an addivtion he has tried to ask for help many times. I bet if he ever dies they will cry because the awful drugs killed him. Not that there not caring does him any damage. She is nothing to be jealous over. I have a wonderful life with a wonderful son and am very happy except for these whiny drug addicts families always everywhere.

Edison, NJ

#30 Apr 14, 2011
Well you better consider yourself lucky. As for seeking help, if they are adults you can not force them to do anything. You should be greatful that nobody in your family has fallen to drugs instead of dogging those who did. Quite frankly you do not sound very christian to me.

Edison, NJ

#31 Apr 14, 2011
I'm not even going to bother reading another one of 'yes's posts because no doubt it's just another repeat of what she's already said four times, and look how long it is! Get a life women jeez.

Aston, PA

#32 Apr 14, 2011
Because christians should all help the druggies? My relationship with GOD is my own and only I can be held accountable for what I do and do not do. I do not have to prove to anyone anything about me. I take care of me and my life. I dont have to explain my self. I'm done here. Sit here and keep crying. The person that started this thread was heading toward missing the drug addicts though. That's how this started. I will keep on the drug threads now, you stinking bleeding hearts.

Edison, NJ

#33 Apr 14, 2011
yes wrote:
...I dont have to explain my self. I'm done here. Sit here and keep crying. I will keep on the drug threads now...
Which is it? Are you staying or leaving?
If you stay, please keep using the same nickname, that way I know which posts are retarded and need not be read.

United States

#34 Apr 14, 2011
I miss Anthony Webb the Jimi Hendrix looking guy.
missing you

Minford, OH

#35 Apr 14, 2011
I miss you, mom...Mary Louise. (My mother did not die of drugs) Dusty Pelfrey, Charlotte Worstell, Ed Bell and Rob Bell. R.I.P. You are all loved and missed.
missing them

United States

#36 Apr 15, 2011
Beverly Shoemaker Taylor.. Aurthur Sprouse. Steve Nolder, Warren Barker, Greg Maynard..Charles Buddy Bricker 1967.

Edison, NJ

#37 Apr 15, 2011
When did Gred Maynard die? I knew him when we were kids. Never knew what happened to him.
missing them

United States

#38 Apr 15, 2011
Elaine wrote:
When did Gred Maynard die? I knew him when we were kids. Never knew what happened to him.
In 1969, he was from west ports. he was Stabbed to death, at the 52 club.He was John Mitchell's bbf 1969..

Aston, PA

#39 Apr 16, 2011
I miss John Monk.

United States

#40 Apr 16, 2011
Christopher Foster, Marcus Hicks, Andy Bray, Wes Workman, storm Bratchett, Courtney Clifford , Tom Grashel. Tony Diaz, Josh Swayne

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