What is the Nic name for Wayne hills ...
crazy women

Marion, OH

#21 Dec 14, 2009
oh I'd never put anyone down that live's an any pmha house I have ones. I'm talking about the drugies. I'd never put anyone down for living there. It's just when to he!! from the drug dealer's. You never know when you have to take one of them homes you many not beable to keep there homes.

Severn, MD

#22 Dec 14, 2009
yea every where has drugies ~ the manor,the ville,the hills all of them.they may not be the best place to raise ur kids.but anywhere ya go.its there.this world is heLL..my babies are at my side 24/7 and i keep them in with me. i luv my apart and mind my bizz. wtf they do w.e they can keep it away from me and my family ya kno. times are tuff and everybody needs some help and low income helps out alot~ Ya feel me~!!!!

Park Ridge, NJ

#23 Dec 14, 2009
PMHA housing is a blessing to many good families. There are drugies and dealers everywhere you go these days. If you have to live in one of these places the best thing to do is keep to yourself. Don't be trying to make friends or help the others. Help yourself all you can. Take advantage of the educational programs available to you and work your way out. It's a slow, and sometimes lonely process but well worth it in the end. Keep your children close to you and teach them all you can. Hard times teach us the hard lessons. Being poor and being of poor character are two different things. Don't let being poor break your character. Right is right and wrong is wrong no matter how hard things get. May these residence all find a way to better their lives without losing their integrity. God Bless them all.

Ashburn, VA

#24 Dec 16, 2009
thank u.i live in miller manor and have lived her for 3 1/2 years and me and my family keep tou our self i have learned about lettin the neighbors and all that n and it dont help at all.i work my ass off everyday to provide for my family and i~ i live n burg and drive to ashland just to have money to support my family.life is hard and everything in it but that makes me a stronger person and i think god for pmha cuz some caint pay 600 700 dollers n rent and all those bills

Marion, OH

#25 Feb 7, 2010
i live in wayne hills and it upsets me that you dont know me and asume that ima whore,dope head and a worthless mom! Sorry you feel that way but you dont know me to say anything of that mannor. Actully i feel safe down here and the office dose take care of the drug prob... but its no better any where els when i go to the manor like every one on the block walks out and ask me for cigs and rides, just like they do in new boston or the vill or any where... people are people and every one has thier ups and thier downs... every one has to work thier way up and work for what they have... im actully a realy nice person grew up going to church and i go to college, when i was pregniat i worked untill they put me in the hospital... no one realy cause trouble up here, and the gangster wanna bes are like that cause they wasnt raised with common since.... but i see people like that every where!

Bronx, NY

#26 Feb 10, 2010
hello , i live in the hills ,so, i don't do drugs & my kids were raised in here & they don't do drugs either. they r good kids ,went 2 school & college!!!

Marion, OH

#27 Feb 11, 2010
Yea, The nickname for Wayne hills is Sh it Hole Slum's!!!!!!

Marion, OH

#28 Feb 22, 2010
Yes when you have people like Robin Pitts living in Farley, selling pain pills and crack,

Marion, OH

#29 Feb 26, 2010

Columbus, OH

#30 Mar 16, 2010
call it portsmouth city dump

Dallas, TX

#31 Mar 17, 2010
I'm so tired of hearing about people don't have a choice and not everyones rich. Get off ur ass, wipe the pills out of ur nose, go to school, and better urself! Everyone has a choice on where they wanna b in life..
U can't better urself sitin in the hills.
Yeah some people are trying to better themself and are staying there temporary, but for those who are not trying, ur TRASH!
And people why r u taking up for this place, yes it's a starter home but nit to mooch off tax payers forever.. Everyone knows it's not a good place to raise kids, it's nasty!

Since: Jul 10

Marion, OH

#32 Jul 16, 2010
everyone has the right to say what they want but realy if you guys had to live our lives and know what someone else has been though then you might not be as guick to judge everyone esle for what to do with there life yes there are alot of druge here and yes there are alot of thinghs that needs fixed here to but when you cant work cause of your health there realy is nothing else you can do but deal with what you got and try to make the best of it i went to school and had a realy good job and my sugar keeps me from being able to keep a job cause they cant keep it in control like it should be and every time i get a job within three or four months im right back in the hositpal for a week or more and i would rather be in some what good health and be able to be here for my baby yes this is not where i wanted to be with her but it is where they put me so all i can do is make the best of what i have and try to raise her so she knows right from wrong and keep her away from all that so before you jugde me or my family think what you would do if things didnt end up for you the way you thought it would cause anything could happen at any time and you lose everything and end up here

Marion, OH

#33 Jul 16, 2010
I think that Wayne Hills is a very pretty complex. I would like to see more flower beds in front of each apartment. It could be made beautiful. It does have possibilities! Window flower boxes would give it a nice touch too. Good luck to those of you who live there. I've known many who have grown up there and go on to live very fulfilling and productive lives. People who have made a positive difference in society live in a variety of places.

New York, NY

#34 Jul 16, 2010
i know a crack hoe that lives theee- jill vaugn- she sells pills to live because welfare aint enough for drugs

San Mateo, CA

#35 Jul 17, 2010
You tube rapper

Marion, OH

#36 Jul 17, 2010
There was a utube Rapper a couple of years ago that called it the Ghetto behind the Police Station, I liked the beat and you can dance to it. Also, while on video, there's a video, I think it's Lexington, who invites Buckeyes to get out of the cage and come to Lexington, good beat, all dated but no one's said about it.......

New York, NY

#37 Jul 17, 2010
Rappers friend

Marion, OH

#38 Jul 17, 2010
&fe ature=related

This is the video, with the quote ghetto projects behind the police Station, don't know if you can play it slow enough huh.
And here's Lexington inviting Buckeyes to there. Oh, sorry for the confusion, it's Louisville, the capitol of KY. Now I know why you huh'd ha ha,..


You know some in this world you have to do everything for them including reading, that's why we need entitlements and prisons. Spoon fed, no leadership there maybe there is no more than is there? Sorry you spent so much energy adn time on this, Huh.......You're Welcome......Now you do something.....
rappers delight

New York, NY

#39 Jul 18, 2010
You think Huh is one thats a retard? You make no sense.
Huh Huh

Marion, OH

#40 Jul 18, 2010
What? "Stupid is whst stupid does.
Name calling and bashing should have been grown out of in grade school. Bet you are one of those baiters.
Did you know there's going to be Graders Ice Cream in Portsmouth in August? But what would you care ranter and rager, seether........waste of healthy wholesome people's time.
Was "retard" used, must be in your working vocabulary?

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