Judge orders Bales back to prison for...
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Marion, OH

#96 Aug 7, 2012
"he should be burned"sorry

Clyde, OH

#97 Aug 8, 2012
i knew wade very well.. i used to go to church with him, i find it funny that everyone keeps saying 25 - 16 isnt that bad maybe it isnt but here is the thing when wade was 18 he liked 14 year olds when wade was 20 he liked 14-16year olds when wade was 22 he still liked 14-16year olds now wade is 25 and guess what he still like 14-16 year old so let me tell you something when wade is 40 and he is still taking advantage of 14-16 year olds everyone of you will think its wrong so we need to fix his problem now and punish him before more girls including your children get hurt. wade is a very very good liar he can make someone think he is the best christian or the nicest person but truth is he has a serious problem and needs to be locked up where he cant get to anyone... second thing i feel sorry for his wife that it disruots her life but truth is she knew before she married him how he was ppl told her he cheated on her she yas young and nieve and still needed to grow up, and with his parents i feel that it isnt there fault but they did enable him they let him live under there roof and turned there eyes to the tings ppl told them i know this for fact....they should have NEVER allowed him to join in on youth activities and should have monitored him in the church to keep the youth protected if they had had a girl and wade was someone elses child they woul have made for sure he wasnt around her, but as parents if you knew a sex offender was in the church and was allowed arounf your child would you not just leave the church??? um i did.... as a parent you have to keep your children safe and they wernt made to stay at that church there are many others that dont have sex offenders in them.

United States

#98 Aug 9, 2012
You are sooo right any normal person that had children would have left but people who have this problem stay the preacher & his wife new what there there son was should have never allowed him to be around kIds !! As for his wife she knew what she was marry i do not feel sorry for her same as the Mosley case stephine knew what Jarod was but stil choose to marry him then came the children that she never protect from him wade will always have this sickness t!!! When he gets out if his parents allow him back I'n the church around kids and this happens again they should charge his parents and send them to jail !!!!!!!

Charleston, WV

#99 Mar 6, 2013
Christianizering wrote:
<quoted text>You'll not listening to the Father and the rest of them. They are, at the very least trying to wrongly apply God's Laws to Caesar's Law.

"We or not of the world, we live in the world."

"give unto Caesar's what is Caesar's"

And what steers them wrong finally is, "Hate the sin, and love the sinner."

What other parts of their lives have they mis-applied their religion?
So you don't believe that we should all hate the sin but love the sinner? We ALL SIN. So therefor should we not all hate one another? Better yet, should God hate us because we're sinners? I think if that were the case we certainly couldn't be sinners saved by grace. Where's the mercy in that?

Charleston, WV

#100 Mar 6, 2013
Happy wrote:
I am still trying to understand why his father (The so called)preacher is not In a prision cell next to his son ,This man is the poorest & lowest excuse for a preacher that I have ever heard .This father helps sicko like his son get away with this crap at 1 time there were 4 sicko men that were menbers at that church !!!!!!! And one of the husband & wife menbers had 2 childern and the pastor & another menber & husband & wife all met at the church basement and the pastor & another menber delated all of the child porn off the husband laptop !!this happen a little over a year ago and was told in court by the husband!!!! this man got life in prision and wife got 3 years and lost both there girls but the pastor he got nothing!!!!!!!!!! Now I ask you what kind of a pastor is he . A Very sick one!!!!!!!!!!
You don't know the story very well, clearly. The pastor can't be held accountable for what his members are doing. Can your parents still control YOU if you've already moved out of their home? I'm pretty sure the last time I checked, the legal age was 18, and the age of accountability was 13. That means you should know right from wrong by then. That applies in more ways than one in this situation.

Charleston, WV

#101 Mar 6, 2013
THINK wrote:
<quoted text>Show me a church person & I'll show you the lowest scum on planet earth.

WITHOUT EXCEPTION. Some just hide it better than others.

The mere fact anyone would even claim to believe that crap only proves they are at the very least..... STUPID AS HELL!

Now excuse me, while me and the smurfs go pray to snow white and the 7 dwarfs so we can go to Disneyland when we die instead of spending eternity in school where we may learn a thing or two.

Sadly you've yet to experience the miracles that really do take place in the world. As if LIFE ITSELF isn't a big enough miracle! I imagine you don't believe in ghosts or hauntings, or anything that you can't see with the naked eye, am I right? Just because you don't believe them doesn't mean they aren't all around you, all the time. You'll be amazed how much you learn when you pass away. It won't be until that time that you'll actually be living. That's your eternity.

Charleston, WV

#102 Mar 6, 2013
Patton wrote:
<quoted text>Angie, oh Angie try counting calories before attacking a triple whopper you're a$$ is becoming biblical in size, yea we know who you are:)
I'm not worried that you know who I am...not at all. As far as my back side, lol, you can't hurt my feelings with that at all. Ouch, I'm a size 3/5...that's painfully large, don't you think? Especially to be 5'6" tall.

Since: Jul 13

Portsmouth, OH

#103 Jul 29, 2013
well that 16 yr old girl knew better...so why didn't she get some time in prison...because she is a minor...she knew what she was doing.....

United States

#104 Jul 29, 2013
I agree! She was just a little slut wanting some penis. Her parents are playing the card that she was ruined for life. Haha, they only want the money. I hope wade made they slut walk like she had a corn Cobb shoved up her butt!!!!

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